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  1. You can't use every wall glitch, so it's a matter of everyone working out what's optimal. Glitches are inherent in so many speedrun-friendly games, and my view on patching usually comes down to whether or not their best players achieve consistency. It's no good if it's a 1-in-10 lottery even for them. But I think the glitches in this are highly repeatable, I'm just not determined enough! Keeping it old-school here, I messed up my boxjump approach trying to land riiight on the edge to sneak past it, losing a couple of tenths (don't think it's possible). What's both interesting and a
  2. Brook have added PS5 support via firmware according to their site, but I'd check with 'em first. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mcbazel-Adapter-Controller-Switch-Keychain/dp/B07W7WP6YJ https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/53818657/ They also make one for the Elite 2. https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/43268489/ If USB charging's enabled, have you also set 3 hours (or always) for charging in rest mode? Those are my settings (with 3 hours until entering rest mode).
  3. Yeah, I've been using L1/R1 since Uncharted 2, even though 4's L2/R2 by default. The key thing for me is that haptics won't be used unless it confers an advantage, and increased recoil for snatching at semi-auto triggers is the most logical approach I can think of. Mad rumble for full-autos is an absolute no-no after a few minutes for most of us.
  4. If it were down to me I'd only enable haptics in shooters for two-stage sniper triggers (increasing recoil if you yank at them), and things like bomb interactions, where these haptics could be used for setting things up through feel rather than timecharge wheels. Having played with the DS some more, I think its mushier buttons might make it easier to coordinate simultaneous d-pad and button presses in fighting games, because they share a more uniform feeling than a DS4. I definitely prefer the shape of the DS, but find the DS4's buttons snappier (and I've a Battle Beaver d-pad). I
  5. That's an approximation of my unboxing face, yeah.
  6. I've spent £450 to dislike its pad and stinkeye its wobbling flaps, you're right. I only wish they'd had the balls to charge me the full £600 so I could moan even harder. I don't think I've ever bought a console revision, but this might be the first time I would.
  7. I've turned off vibration because it was making my hands uncomfortable, and I think the shorter-travel buttons feel more third-party than my DS4's. Maybe they'll bed in. I also have a grinding sound on my left trigger when fully pressed with vibration on weak. Huuuge, ugly console, but relatively quiet when it isn't spinning a disc, and apart from its horrible UI it seems really impressive. A 25% size reduction with straighter sides'd make a big difference, and I think its stand's the worst I've ever used in horizontal. I actually banged mine inserting its power cable, not realisin
  8. The team are on record as wanting to celebrate the barge-handling of those cars, whereas I think modern openworlders cast you as having supercar-racing prowess, and thus afford vehicles with the capacity to realise that. I thought GTA4's handling was quite good, but the game had a poor sense of speed, so you always understeered before it felt visually congruous. I rode the Sanchez as much as possible, because the danger of falling off helped attune me to the poorly conveyed speed.
  9. Tried turning off HDMI CEC if it's enabled (and you don't need it)?
  10. It's a bit annoying that I waited for an S to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Dirt Rally 2 and both have now left GP without me realising.
  11. Yeah, and that's why I went for the S, despite thinking the X offers better value for what you get. I'm not a total fan of the controller (clacky d-pad on mine), but I recognise the improvement from the textured handles and triggers. The console's cheaper-looking in the flesh (why the contrasting turntable?!), but it's a lovely size and reminds me of the GameCube. But sadly I'm not really feeling the GPU games I've tried. I was waiting for the S to try Kingdom Come: Deliverance!
  12. A local reporter could help right a fallen PS5.
  13. Depends on the game, doesn't it. Most of the time 3 minutes is enough, but if I play something like a fighting game and fancy capturing a few spaced-out highlights, I can just take mental notes on the PS4 and let it roll for half an hour in case any more happen. Yeah, I wondered if that might be an option. I know internal space isn't the best on the S, but I'd still like to be able to use a larger chunk.
  14. I redownloaded Forza Horizon 4 off GPU last night and started playing at the ‘ready’ point, but when my save recognised an undownloaded event as local it left me stuck on its installation screen, waiting for x% of the whole game until I've received that one event to continue.
  15. There's no way to record more than 3 minutes of gameplay at 720p on the S? That's a big, annoying comedown from 30 on my PS4.
  16. I've watched every episode of Miami Vice and they took so, so much from it. If it didn't come from Scarface it was probably from Vice. The other thing is that Houser was always hard for LA- and NY-based films and series, so it'll be hard to shake the feeling that Miami was simply due its turn in their limited rotation if they return. I'd rather a scaled-down Sardinia with Corsica and Sicily, offering similarly glorious sunshine vibes with a ton of new inspirations to work with. And if they set it around 2000 it'd also be a remake in that sense. Unoffic
  17. It's strange to say it, I hate to say it, but it's probably you.
  18. Yeah, the physics were incredibly disappointing, because it looked quite nice and the engine sounds were amazing. Pick an old video at random on YouTube and you're likely to find a player roleplaying at realistic speeds, which I think really highlights the appetite for sim physics in non-race environments (Red Bull Soapbox would probably get the arcade treatment and be exceptionally dull, for example). It was also a way of trying to maintain the immersion that was broken whenever you increased your pace too much, leading to the popularity of its delivery missions.
  19. I remember the Xbox being on the noisy side, but the PS2 was really quiet, and the only PS1 noise was from reading discs.
  20. I'm hoping plans for a fourth season means they've Shue on board. One of my main criticisms is that Daniel's wife really isn't his type, dick as he is. It's hard to believe there was ever a spark between them as written. They could use an affair with Ali to bring back some of his old more likeable qualities. Zabka's so good because he's almost playing himself. He was never the greatest actor, but as Johnny he had a really sympathetic charisma and was unlucky to fade away in the late '80s and early '90s. His acclaimed return after all that time is a big part of why I think Cobra Kai
  21. This and wanting to check the compatibility of my third-party controllers are the only reasons I've preordered! I'm giving it a chance to impress me with unusually high Sony build quality. But the fan'll be hard to judge without a game to push it, and they usually start off okay in PlayStations. If it's not almost silent I'll be gaming on my Series S for a good while instead.
  22. For several gens many of us have argued for an end to console exclusivity, and now we're getting hyped over its resurgence! Feels like nostalgia for a past where competition gave us better games, or at least that's how it felt, whereas I think a lot of the recent blame lies with Sony for resting on their laurels since they recornered the market. But then their hardware's always inferior in terms of build quality, and who'd buy a PS5 over an X if they shared games... I'd rather MS had bought Polyphony Digital and Team Ico and thrown money at them to shorten their turnarounds.
  23. Yeah, but if they put the Gran Turismos and Team Icos and Naughty Dogs on PC, how many of us would still buy PlayStations? Especially ones as big, ugly, and likely noisy as the 5?
  24. As someone who's never enjoyed the series, I saw the PS5 trailer and thought it looked much better on account of its faster, more realistic (yeah, I know!) combat. Then I watched that video and see they were using a massively levelled-up character. I'd definitely try a Souls again if they made its combat as pacy as Dead Cells', compensating for easier kills with more enemies.
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