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  1. The thing that trips me up with Nago, apart from my DualSense, is that he's a slow character but his cancels are quite fast. It'll take a while to get used to the visual disconnect for me. I'm at that stage of constantly trying to land the one combo I know! Raggo command dashes are my mixup, like. And I'm blocking high way too much, coming back to 2D after years with Namco. I'm used to ducking on reaction rather than anticipation and my eyes aren't seeing most of the lows.
  2. Ah, GGs! Couldn't get Leo's burst out. Just started mashing at the end when I should've waited for a gap. The round before was slightly better when I was patient enough for some mild footsies.
  3. Okey-dokes! Abusing Leo's crossthrough is all I've got with him. Had a quick go with Nago in training and he has surprisingly hard execution.
  4. I keep pressing a button that isn't assigned to anything because Tekken!
  5. Heh, I just randomly RC'd in neutral at the end! Fingers aren't used to the buttons at the minute.
  6. Gio's rainbow roll seems to get blown out by standard AAs. Simple character, but maybe not so easy to use...
  7. It's nice when I'm not the only noob so I can do the jobber rounds for everyone, but sure! Dunno how to follow anyone, but I'll be in park 6.
  8. When you're readied-up with your weapon and some random comes along... Everyone's gone home now?
  9. Was that the guy who kept doing the Oni crossthrough move? He bashed my Nago with it, but I'm sure I could've easily stopped it with the knowledge. I'd say this definitely needs a stick, or at least younger thumbs! Playing on a DualSense was pretty horrible for me, but YMMV. I'll have my stick ready again by the time it launches.
  10. I was trying to do the O+R1 thing! And then just walk away to either side. No dice.
  11. What the dickens?! Faust's pointy stick doing business.
  12. Dolphin abuse! I'm just going through the cast mashing buttons here.
  13. Ah, so Axl has a low and overhead grab, and I suppose he's weaker up close?
  14. Haha! Two lost rounds desperately trying to land Pot Buster!
  15. He has no airdash, and I just tried a super about ten years too soon! Poor Gio and her lack of space-control, though! A rare win.
  16. They had to give me summat! I've never played a GG before, so went with the big dude for mashed damage as a counter against perfects.
  17. Was that me utterly failing to get past his midscreen business?! I'm without a stick at the minute and the DualSense isn't my cup of tea. Nago does big damage but needs way more experience, execution and talent than I have to manoeuvre. First hit of his sword combo has massive range, though, so it's just a matter of covering enough ground to threaten with that rather than the whole screen.
  18. Is that an Axl low? The grabby thing grabbing my vampire lad?
  19. Where is everyone?! I've checked floors 6, 8 and 10 but don't recognise anyone.
  20. Your cable's probably 4K/60, but it might simply be too long if it's new enough for 4K/120. I use a splitter, and when I went from a 5m cable to a 10m I had to change it for a USB-powered one. 5m is generally the longest recommended unpowered run to avoid cutouts.
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