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  1. I'd love Polyphony to team with Google Earth, let us select up to 10 miles of road, and then run an AI scan over it to sharpen textures, importing the result to our game. Invisible barriers for side roads, obviously. I wouldn't mind waiting a while for the conversion process, and I'd be happy to pay a sub for the cloud. Google has the 3D data for amazing recreations, with all the correct pavements, elevations and walls, but they'd have to be convinced to share it for localised conversions, and Sony'd need the hardware to serve millions of requests.
  2. I'd love to play quite a few PS1/2 games with upscaling and boosted framerates (added MP and leaderboards if we're dreaming), but I think they belong to the cheapest package rather than the most expensive. And what with the PS Classic, it might be all we can hope for to get 60Hz versions, never mind improvements.
  3. I think I belong to both camps, insofar as I feel a lot of games have lost their purity to player-retention elements. I'd very much welcome paying £70 if it meant doing away with egregious grinding, with DLC limited to proper old-school updates. Uncharted 2's multiplayer was very basic, but it was through that simplicity I loved it. It needed much better netcode, but there was no fat. I'm currently playing Forza Horizon 5 using the ramp glitch, and it's still taken about 15 hours to unlock most of its cars. You could play through Gran Turismo 2 in that! Which is fine if you enjoy hundreds of hours without questioning your unlock sinkage, but I expect most of us do? I've played Tekken 7 that long, but just for the fun of playing. I think these big games knowingly prey on addictive personalities now, and I wish that through playing them we didn't indicate our collective support for that side. But I don't see how to avoid lots of gamers whinging if their favourites reverted to pre-DLC designs. We can get really invested in trying to hit a certain rank, and it seems worthwhile at the time, but then years later we might not even remember what it was. Gameplay memories endure.
  4. I sold my copy of Halo for that and PGR about a week after launch, but there's no doubt we're the minority.
  5. Apart from Crazy Taxi, I think they'd really struggle to update their classics with identities intact. If we were up to the third or fourth Landstalker there'd be a design trail, rather than a new adventure carrying its title that could be anything else. I think it's been too long to resume after their multi-gen break without a ton of genericism creeping in. Nobody wants another Beast Rider.
  6. Yeah, I skipped a lot for an anti-spoiler gist, but it all seems great bar the shouting. I enjoyed its first season more than Thrones' back half.
  7. Best since the original for me, but it appealed to a diminished audience, with Edge at a loss to compare it to anything newer than ICO. I loved the PS1 gen because sales data was much less guaranteed for copycats (Infernal Machine), while games were faster to make. You were as likely to create the next big franchise as coattail another. Through success, the 2013 reboot affirmed the modern danger of wandering off the latter's path. One of the first great CD soundtracks...
  8. They remaster everything nowadays, but I prefer the original... https://i.imgur.com/GQVxLRJ.mp4
  9. I played through the unpatched Ultima VIII: Pagan with its lottery jumps. https://gigi.nullneuron.net/ultima/u8/u8patch.php I think the patch was given away on magazine floppies, but you had to restart and I was a fair way in. They even animated your character losing his footing as he fatally slid off another stepping stone, completely removed from your control!
  10. You could run the first two at 480p on a chipped Xbox (with missing tracks on your custom radio!), and that really made a difference. Ditto triggers for stunting. San Andreas only supported 576i and looked worse for it, so that'll benefit the most from this if you played them on NTSC Xbox. Vice City was sometimes melancholic despite its frequent sunshine, romanticising a Miami we can't visit, whereas I think this update's too lurid for that. From my old Xbox: Like a Playmobil copy of a LEGO set. The original skyboxes were its visual highlight. If they'd updated it to PS4 levels I'd definitely have bought it, but I'll just carry on hoping that GTA6 isn't New York, LA, Vegas or San Fran. And because IV and V were contemporary, with Vice set in '86 and Andreas '92, if they returned to that chronology they'd land in the now-retro late '90s.
  11. Escape

    The Boxing Thread

    Had Corrogate said motivational edge I'd agree, because we saw it proven by Fury's slo-mo gut. Fury was clearly the most likely to have the mental edge going into it, but his lack of prep almost cost him. Fury would've ended it much sooner had he been fitter. He knew Wilder was on fumes but didn't risk it until the end was in sight. He didn't carry Wilder in spite, as Ali once did Patterson, but because it was the most sensible thing. Unlike Wilder at 238, which on his legs was madness. I think Uysk's good enough to outbox Fury, but unlikely to avoid Fury's tactics of leaning on him. Any extra weight would just hinder his ability to escape, while doing nothing to effectively bridge the gap in clinches. And I think Joyce could handle himself in that regard, with a great chin and engine to work Fury hard, but losing by UD because he can't match Fury's movement. Joshua's still a relevant fight for me, even if he loses to Usyk again. And that's because I think he'd be fired up for the first time in years, and big enough to come in at 245 and not get pushed around. The last time we saw real venom from AJ was against Whyte over five years ago, and the thing that Klitschko, Takam, Parker, Povetkin, Ruiz and Usyk have in common is that they showed respect. Fury'd trashtalk AJ like there's no tomorrow. Likewise, Fury-Whyte'd be a fiery affair, so let's have it!
  12. I'd love a driving version of Flight Sim (with Google's data instead of Bing's). A problem with remakes is when their series continued with diminishing returns, where they'd be using their most recent as jump-ins. Because I've wanted Gran Turismo HD for ages. I still play it and think it has the most rewarding physics in the franchise (and R11). Another one's Twisted Metal 2: World Tour, where sequels were made that weren't a patch on it. SWAT 4 ended on a high, never to return. And if we're going Amiga, the two-player game in North & South.
  13. No idea, but it's got me imagining Diamond on Gamezville.
  14. Every time someone taps their nose on Twitter we should add them to a database for future reference, for when we remember the rumours but not who said them. Like that megaton that was supposed to be reported in a magazine's next issue, where we'd pop into its thread months later to nowt.
  15. Be fun to have a one-off programme where they get people who failed on TV to try again. Like the You Bet! guy who tried to pop balloons with a spike on the back of his kart, or this lad:
  16. Maybe they asked him back for another go.
  17. No, they're both missing. I think it'd be fine to leave their graphics almost (or even completely) original, but I doubt anyone'd call 60fps sacrilegious when they were so compromised. Add them to the N64 Mini with online multiplayer and a framerate update. Not much to ask, is it.
  18. Escape

    The Boxing Thread

    He has a devastating uppercut, and when he started throwing it briefly I thought he might land one with his free hand behind Usyk's head, just like Len used to get away with. The pressure made him rigid, taking away his confidence to flow. He didn't need to let his hands go so much as settle into a nice, size-pressuring rhythm, and was either too tired by the time he realised, or knew he couldn't last the 12 with a busier workrate. I'll say this to his credit: he didn't resort to clinching. Very clean fight, considering. Fury won't have any worries making it dirty, should he and Usyk meet. As for Usyk winning, I'm really happy. I hope Wilder wins now, and that Joyce gets the shot he deserves. AJ and Fury would've held their titles hostage for the next two years, and potentially — rematch pending — this opens that up a bit.
  19. Escape

    The Boxing Thread

    AJ's gonna be respectful and focused on the first bell, and I don't think Usyk can do much at that point. I'd advise him to land a few big shots on AJ's arms and gloves early, trying to sandbag him into the tongue-out bully who's been guilty of feeling himself too much and paying for it in the past, open for Usyk's counters. Just because he's bigger and more powerful and there isn't a major skills deficit, I'd fancy AJ to win 7 or 8 in 10, and predict a late stoppage for him. Especially if he listens to McCracken and never stops respecting Usyk; never catches himself thinking it's comfortable. He can cover up and take Usyk's aggression 99% of the time, but he can't afford to forget his Ruiz lesson and start thinking his size and Usyk's comparative lack of power gives him a free pass to unload at will. Usyk's plan is to lure him into that.
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