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  1. I think it's best when there's happy stuff for balance, though. Like when a game's compelling enough to keep you coming back despite infuriating you. When it's nothing but negativity it soon gets depressing. Like if someone forced me to watch one of Simon Cowell's things.
  2. There are some games I consider retro that are newer than games I don't! So for me it's largely based on a genre's rate of change. Like how 3rd Strike and Driver are both 21.
  3. Going into the pageturn I bet this'd be the third post, but you were straight in!
  4. It's just human nature to want to feel we're not alone in our experiences, and I'm most likely to say something positive about a thing I like if it's getting shat on. Likewise, if a thing's almost universally praised and I don't like it... But I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, just reaching out to see if anyone else is on the same page for a friendly chat. Except our views often draw the most responses from those who completely disagree, so I've stopped going against the grain when I fall into that hole. When I was depressed I used to get frustrated by people enjoying stuff I
  5. Yeah, because it was looking for the New World.
  6. I'd like to have seen... But grumbles aside (too many Saturday-arvo away missions, graboid excluded), I think it's the best Star Wars since The Empire Strikes Back (and better than both that and the original), has my favourite score since Game of Thrones', and I think Mando's a better character than they've ever had. A Luke/Han amalgam, really. But a Vader-tier villain next time, please.
  7. I've been listening to some cheerier retrowave this year: Love track 12^. 9's my favourite here.
  8. You say that, but when I was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar, I did often think to myself, ‘Why don't I star in music videos instead?’. I mean they're the same sort of job, just in a different industry. Or during my runs as a personal trainer, when I'd ask myself ‘Why don't I play a Rocky sort of figure in a big film?’. Because after all, it's really the same sort of job, only in a different industry. When I was flying a kite in the park... ‘If I'm able to compensate deftly for wind direction, why don't I fly jets instead so I've lots of free time for
  9. I looked him up expecting him to be an indie from that comment and he is, but I think there's probably a lot of agreement to be had if you add nuance. Namely, that millions of us aren't disillusioned with high-resource games at all, rather with how those resources are often misspent and exploited.
  10. Or a handheld (with HDMI-out) for £250, with a GPU dock for another £150, copying Microsoft's approach for the best of both worlds. The first current-gen Nintendo since the Cube, targeting 1080/60 on handheld, and 1440/60 with DLSS and light RT docked.
  11. What seems to be your toggle? I reckon Simon's an NTSC man.
  12. I haven't played any, but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the TV series. Whereas so much footage of this reminds me of the Riddick games. Drive somewhere, eff 'n' jeff a bit, and then punch someone. Feels like it won't be Deusy enough for some people, unless those bits haven't been shown yet.
  13. If only you could talk to these writers, then perhaps you could try and debate games with them, allege alliances...
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