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  1. The Mini's too light in my opinion, unless you do the mod below! You can get similar boxes from ButterCade on Etsy. If it really has to be small, an Alpha might be your best bet: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alpha-Fightstick-Arcade-Stick-PS3/dp/B01MU0LGWR
  2. It's a shame people keep mentioning the visual difference when it's relatively small as a hands-off viewer, while the interactive difference is potentially huge. It's about input lag (especially cumulative), not smoothness. 50ms is 20fps.
  3. It took too long and was prone to misreads. When they let us play with buttons instead no-one bothered any more. It just seems so obvious to use triggers to me, making punch-delivery and stamina-balancing immediately intuitive. My control scheme's not perfect (limiting to eight punches without a tie-up system through necessity), but it lets you transition between punching and blocking alongside full-body movement, with the ability to end fights with a single punch through calculation rather than lottery.
  4. They're still trying to capture the TV experience rather than the actual. I'd use a behind-the-shoulder camera, and then assign the triggers to your arms. That way you can use their range for power, balancing your stamina. Hold them both to block, letting you move at the same time; because it's stupid being rooted otherwise. Calculate power according to whether you and your opponent were moving towards or away, able to move and punch at the same time, losing power the faster you move away, or gaining it at the risk of a KO for flying in. And then lastly use the rightsti
  5. Excellent combo. I've always said I think it's Polyphony's best game because their handling became too ‘safe’ thereafter, reducing excitement by blunting that oversteering edge it was so fun to teeter on. Special Stage R11 — Gran Turismo Dragon Range — Enthusia The Amphiseum Reverse — WipEout Omega
  6. Viper was my first thought when I heard about his taunt-cancelling. A biggish recovery nerf wouldn't surprise me; obviously very different games.
  7. Sounds like they might rollback on their promise.
  8. The thing that trips me up with Nago, apart from my DualSense, is that he's a slow character but his cancels are quite fast. It'll take a while to get used to the visual disconnect for me. I'm at that stage of constantly trying to land the one combo I know! Raggo command dashes are my mixup, like. And I'm blocking high way too much, coming back to 2D after years with Namco. I'm used to ducking on reaction rather than anticipation and my eyes aren't seeing most of the lows.
  9. Ah, GGs! Couldn't get Leo's burst out. Just started mashing at the end when I should've waited for a gap. The round before was slightly better when I was patient enough for some mild footsies.
  10. Okey-dokes! Abusing Leo's crossthrough is all I've got with him. Had a quick go with Nago in training and he has surprisingly hard execution.
  11. I keep pressing a button that isn't assigned to anything because Tekken!
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