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  1. I was surprised Caron failed so badly on the log press to be honest. He was looking really strong until the 3rd log. Would love to have seen Kieliskowski competing this year. His overhead is immense.
  2. I wasn't gonna put a fiver on just to win a fiver. I needed something worthwhile! (Besides, I had free bets) I'd be happy with 0-0 at Anfield.
  3. I've £25 on Liverpool winning for the same reason (shorter odds on Liverpool)
  4. Anyone know what he actually said?
  5. The Hercules hold really screwed him. Coming 9th was ridiculous. I found it kinda embarrassing that Novikov won the WSM yet couldn't even lift the 5th Atlas stone!
  6. The only way to cut down on penalties is to make the penalty area smaller.
  7. Marine are tier 3 and can have 15% capacity edit: maybe not. They're allowed in the NPL, but probably not in the cup. Who even knows anymore!
  8. Always nice to see some good publicity for footballers instead of the usual tabloid covid rule breaking, granny shagging, gambling irregularities, etc.
  9. Di Maria can fuck off though.
  10. Dr M is right about the schedule being shit for some teams though. Leicester suffered too and ended up having to make a load of changes resulting in only a draw
  11. Where's Brandon Williams nowadays?
  12. I'm not neutral. I hate Leeds
  13. What game is everyone choosing to watch? I've Burnley v Sheff utd on. Expecting 0-0
  14. Sent you a friend request and opening gates. If you head to the top of the east beach you'll find an easy access route to Redd
  15. Redd is in town today. He has.. Fake scary Fake scenic Real flowery If anyone wants in, let me know.
  16. Ok, so I'm quite bored of AC now. Open mailbox, find fossils, take them to museum to be told they're dupes, build snowboy, find burried money, give dupe fossils to residents. What else can I do to keep me interested?
  17. Me neither. Jingle asked me to craft some festive paper, but that's all.
  18. I just make the head a bit smaller than I would normally and it seems to work. I've had 4 from the last 5 days now.
  19. Balls, missed this. What's your afternoon price? Mines a ridiculous 22 Edit, just seen - 152
  20. Three tier snowman, yeaah! Those illuminated trees look ace!
  21. Leeds fans after 3 minutes of Sunday's game received_3752912808105521.mp4
  22. I'd like a festive tree recipe, or even just a tree, too please. I've nailed 3 perfect snowmen in a row now.
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