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  1. Turkey day is great. I've done all the tasks now, got the DIY and now it's party time in Aurora! Also, I caught a tarantula if anyone needs one? I know they're pretty rare.
  2. Just sold my turnips for 630each. Rolling in it now
  3. That would be the illumiroom. Looked brilliant.
  4. Spunked 900k on turnips this week
  5. Always good to note the time a balloon arrives at a certain point, ie the beach, too. That way you know exactly when the next will arrive
  6. I've a shite load of duplicate fossils. Do we do fossil swapping or shall I just sell them?
  7. Yeah. Best price I have is 165 at moment. The exchange works perfectly and there were even some prices in the 500s last Saturday so don't feel like you need to do it tonight. Also, if anyone has a spare beard from Able's, could you send me one please.
  8. Do the balloon colours mean anything?
  9. I'll have to wait until I get a mushroom DIY then. Not had one yet!
  10. I've not got the Famous painting yet if it's ok for me to bob over?
  11. Click on "islands", then set the filter to "all islands". There were about 6 or 7 open. Edit, there are 8 open at moment.
  12. Just sold my turnips at 573 on turnip exchange. Only a small queue, prob 15mins. Fee was a seasonal DIY so I gave him a duplicate pile of leaves
  13. Football fish! New one for me, yet now seems as common as a black bass
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