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  1. tbb

    Football Kits 2020/21

    I really like that. I'm usually an away kit fan.
  2. tbb

    The Boxing Thread

    Yeah but Froch reckons he'd beat him
  3. If the Premier League restarts with empty stadiums, then all clubs will experience what it feels like to be Manchester City.
  4. EFL to keep promotion and relegation if season ended early. Another ridiculous decision from the FA
  5. Felix is a beeaaast. Even at the age of 85 he's setting world records. Brian Shaw is my fave though. He's so polite and humble and with a smooth Colorado accent.
  6. It's kind of annoying that all the secrets are visible on the map. They're not really secrets if you can see them. Original DOOM just had random walls that opened when you action buttoned them and were proper secrets that you really had to hunt about for.
  7. Whilst I enjoyed the show it didn't do enough for me. It was more like a reality TV show shot at a hillbilly zoo. Maybe I wanted to see Carol Baskin dead and a murder investigation or something. I did enjoy Joe's fake music though. Infact, I'm gutted for Joe in general.
  8. The Doom 3 art direction is horrendous. I also prefer most of the DOOM 2016 models over the DOOM Eternal ones.
  9. I played the first few levels on "Hurt Me Plenty" but had to drop it down in one section. Then unfortunately forgot to bump it back up again. Still found it pretty difficult anyway.
  10. So is the real world (the one with Jesse Pinkman in) actually the real world or just the Fu7ur3z0n3?
  11. Can anyone explain what exactly is going on. From the start please.
  12. Hate marauders. One of the secret slayer missions is to kill one in 30seconds too. Nope, can't do that.
  13. It's fucking brilliant. The only gripe I have is that it's year 2130 or something and there are buses and cars with wheels that just look like the vehicles of today.
  14. Mata is all about the grass roots.
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