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  1. From the Dharma Door pic ( I use THIS ONE as it has translations of all the latin, etc ) it is evident that the hatch goes in to a short-term lockdown when a food drop occurs. In a way, this seems to be an almost a counter-active measurement against "unknowns" occupying the survivors hatch - for instance, those who dont know when to expect a food drop wouldnt know they needed to place someone in the button room. Not sure though, all great stuff.
  2. With the new 1mill limit on everyones Delivery Box, I hope SE buy that million off the sellers and forget to collect it
  3. I answered this two pages ago, I knew people didn't read spoilers To repost without them: - The references to eachothers pasts are getting a bit much, especially with how Kate's dad asked Sayid in the back of the truck if he "had any family" and then looked at a pic of a young Kate. Oh, and the numbers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TitQjfaS3do&search=lost "The Egyptian hieroglyphs that came up on the counter when it got to 0 make up the causative form of "to die", as in "Cause to die" (Faulkner's Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, p. 218) . There was a single symbol missing, which looks like a little swirly, but that's only because the image didn't have time to flip into place before Locke reset it."
  4. As they span around on red/black backgrounds you can see there were a lot of different glyphs on those cards, too. Maybe more than one (programmable?) out come, which can be visualised in that countdown display.
  5. Heh, looks like its SeanR and I are to have a large SEGA Car Boot Sale soon then The only purpose of keeping my collection at the moment is so when I get the urge of "oh, remember that!" I can just flick an RF switch and plug the cart in and get my fill for the evening. Emulation through a tv (tv out from a pc, even) helps with the authenticity, and it'd be much cheaper and easier to manage that all those consoles under my tv...
  6. Oh noes... someone didn't just buy a domain name for that Flash animation did they... *clicks* - yep, they did
  7. Heh, only occasionally It all gets played, but I just dont have the time, and certainly wont after uni. Magpies like shiny things anyway, and there's not a Dave Perry game in sight
  8. I know I'd get more selling it seperately, it's just the hassle. Part of me wants one console under the tv and less of a necessity to want to buy lots of things when I go in to a games shop. Half of it isn't getting played, I feel like the fun is in the buying (adding good, playable stuff to my collection) as opposed to the sitting down and playing of it half the time, not sure if anyone else gets that.
  9. I've accumulated a stash of older consoles and games, but as I am about to finish university and go in to the big wide world, it may need to be sold. What sort of prices do you think my stuff is worth (a total per console/set of consoles and games, for instance)? All games boxed/have instructions unless otherwise stated. Mega Drive Collection Consoles Mega Drive 1 w/ official six button controller Mega CD 32X Mega Drive Games Ristar Dynamite Headdy Gunstar Heroes (cart only) Sonic Soinc 2 Sonic 3 Super Street Fighter II (cart only) Rocket Knight Adventures Strider Streets of Rage II (no manual) Sensible Soccer Talmits Adventure World Of Illusion Bubsy Alien 3 Aladdin FIFA 95 Mega CD Games Final Fight CD Sonic CD Batman Returns Road Avenger Silpheed Sega Classics Arcade Collection Cobra Command / Sol Feace 32X Games Virtua Racing Deluxe Virtua Fighter (cart only) Fred Couples 36 Holes Golf Metal Head Snes Snes Snes Games (note: carts only) Super Mario World Donkey Kong Country Super Aleste Star Wing FIFA International Soccer Nintendo 64 Purple N64 Console N64 Games (note: carts only) Goldeneye 1080 Snowboarding Wave Race 64 WWF No Mercy Star Wars Episode 1 Racer ISS 64 Saturn Saturn (second design w/ smaller pad) Saturn Games Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter 2 Virtual On Manx TT Superbike Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition Sega Rally Gun Griffon Resident Evil Doom Sega Ages Vol.1 WWF In Your House Wipeout Sega Worldwide Soccer 97 - I have rough idea's of what prices these would all be worth, but those may be completely different to what other's would be willing to pay for them. I am not selling these (yet) so please no messages over certain games, I'm just after a rough estimate - I would probably be selling each set of consoles with games together.
  10. There was a thread about this not so long back, I really regret not picking it up when I was in America - and although the box art is appauling the games are really very good indeed. And for £18..!
  11. To the OP: http://www.phoenixgamesgroup.com/de/games/deadeyejim.html Doesn't look like there are any screens for it at all Phoenix Games simply have the worst box art ever though. Their kids games are the fucking worst, they're just plain wrong - even the blurbs on the back of those boxes are ill-conceived (or perhaps poorly translated) and would offend most kids interlect. For example: WTF. How did that goat get up there? Why is herKules affraid of it? (it appear's the name had to be changed due to the Ancient Greek God's Lawyer's suing for sacrilege)
  12. Yeah, to think I had fears of taking the DOA:BV box to the counter, when there is cover art like One On One about.
  13. Greased up oily men on in "One On One" cover art shocker
  14. The pirates that board are usually in the form of skeleton's etc. However, a grubby pirate ship pulls along side the boat when they attack, and with hume "pirate" mages aboard. Be nice if this got a spruce up with the new expansion pack, which is generally pirate related, and therefore amazing. Almost amazing as Norg. Which is found behind a waterfall, and has pirate ninja's in it.
  15. redzero


    There's even a neat little space in the manual where you can write in your POL ID and password, make sure you check there too
  16. A little place called Bismarck. It used to have a /very/ nice economy... and then Christmas came and it feel's worse than Fairy server
  17. Anyone see the POL message? I mentioned in another thread how crazy the prices have been since everyone and their dog seems to have got gil for Christmas, well apparently 700 accounts have been banned and it's took 300 billion gil out of the economy (waiting to be traded to players who bought it off eBay, etc). Silk thread at 80k, Hauby at 16million, Walkures mask at 2mill, Jujitsu Gi at 6mill, hopefully these prices will drop down for my server now
  18. I've been toying with the idea of a second mule, I have an old char as a (Flee) mule etc at the moment, although it's getting hard to quickly drop gear between characters. Perhaps a mule for armour (head/body/legs/feet/hands/rings) and a mule for equipment (earrings/weapons/ra/ammo/food) will be a better idea, then I can log to both and send gear 16 at a time to my main instead of constant logging between char's.
  19. Same can probably be said for Silk Thread etc (which is 80k on my server at the moment). Prices rose exponentially over Christmas when everyone got gil on the 25th, or so it seems. To use specific examples, the Hauby peaked at 16/18million the other week, although is now down to between 6 and 8.
  20. Are any of you guys in Jeuno yet? It'd be interesting if you could get a few prices on items if you are (at the AH). There may be the option to migrate server's soon, and it sounds like you have a very low gil economy.
  21. Where did the Lions thing come from? I frequently saw Villa before I moved away from Tamworth three years ago, and never heard that once...
  22. redzero


    I read that page twice to try and find a UK-Resistance link, but it was strangely missing!
  23. Ah, not reading the manual, what foo's! Although yeah, I agree, it's a bit silly that it isn't made clearer. Does the game get to the start screen if booted in 50hz then?
  24. Ah, it's been years since I've seen the Army of Trolls site - would this be the artist formly known as Gunstar Red? I have a few friends who know Flash very well, I will ask them if they'd be interested in coding for you/offering to show how you could code it yourself (which would you prefer? I think they'd be more "up for it" if they got their hands dirty in Action script). Will reply again when I find out.
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