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  1. Mine looks pretty much exactly like the blue one and is currently sat at 151. Should I sell, then?
  2. Yeah dude I think it's better that you either wait for people to play it for themselves or give it a go yourself with a bit of context behind it? Like, if I look at a movie like Interstellar; if you wrote the plot of that movie down for me I would not be remotely interested in it at all. It would sound like the worst piece of shit I've ever heard. Give me the two hours before whatever happens happens and with all of the build up and all of the emotion that's gone into it beforehand and those damn performances and I love it. It's one of my favourite movies. Build up. Context. Happy Mugman. What I'm saying is sometimes reading what happens in a thing isn't necessarily the best way to experience it. If someone said to me "Oh go check out the Mona Lisa! It's wicked, it's this woman and she sort of smiles a bit!" Nah mate. When I saw the actual Mona Lisa? Well that was just a lady smiling but I've never really been an art guy. I'm a games guy. And I'm very excited to see how Square have adapted/fleshed out one of my favourite games of all time. I'm also aware that plot wise, the original is a big hokey mess of cliches, bad translations and RPG tropes. It was the character and the quirkiness that shone through, so maybe that'll happen again with whatever they've done to this. I'm pretty confident it will given how much I love the original and how much people seem to be enjoying the new version, but either way I'd say it's worth waiting to experience whatever they've done in context before getting too pissed off about it.
  3. The thing is adding too much structure takes away from where the game is at its best; online. Horizon 4 has been built as this big server based always online beast. And when you're on with mates it's really great just being able to chuck a marker at one of the many many rally events you have open to you due to where you are on the map, go do it, end up somewhere else and have 5 or six different event types pretty close by. Now, there's an argument that you could have this be the case for the multiplayer and have a more traditionally structured single player mode but then you sort of lose that big asynchronous one big game world with loads of drivers going around at once. If that's not what you're after then unfortunately Horizon isn't the series for you any more, but luckily every couple of years Turn 10 have got your back with the mainline series. I wasn't a fan of Horizon 4 at first, I felt it took away from a lot of what made 3 great with its structure. But it's also the best racer of its type online by some significant distance. All those systems combine to make a really great multiplayer session racer.
  4. There's a specific thread for said elephant. Take it there.
  5. Oh no sorry I meant making posties walk around to deliver copies of games when people are being told not to leave the house... I'll edit.
  6. Am I being a bit delicate/over the top here or is the idea of making Royal Mail walk around everywhere with copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake a bit mad considering everything that's going on? Especially when digital's an option nowadays?
  7. I hadn’t. Now I have. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in ages and that 99p rent immediately turned into a £2.99 buy. Love love loved it.
  8. I still don't really know how I did that but I look forward to finding out.
  9. So I'm currently flying through work like a bastard knowing that at some point I'm going to need to do a long import before I can start my next project. If everything works out I'll be importing for 5 or 6 hours tomorrow playing Animal Crossing. Wish me luck, Rllmuk.
  10. So that was like the 3rd time I'd gotten to the last stage (if you couldn't tell...) and I saw that I'd rinsed through a lot of my healing items on the 2nd, so did a big breath and said (probably out loud...) "this isn't the one..." and decided just to learn him. Then I jumped in the air and accidentally caught lightning at the first time of asking, and we were off! I love it. I properly love it after completely hating it. That push and pull that you got from some of the best Souls bosses (Artorius, Slave Knight Gael etc) is there throughout this. It's been a wonderful second run through so far.
  11. Yeah it's sublime. I'm sure it's probably to do with everything that's going on at the moment, and it being something that really effected me last year, but the David Berman/Purple Mountains reference in the middle sort of made me burst into tears as I wasn't expecting it at all. Lovely stuff, music.
  12. So after playing this on release and it giving me massive anxiety AND killing my Xbox Elite controller, I recently picked it up again after a successful re-run through Dark Souls 3. First time I played it I felt like I'd just gotten over the hump and got gud, but then immediately hit the sub boss before Genichiro and he absolutely murdered me. Anyway, picked it up last Saturday and I'll just leave this here...
  13. This is a really beautifully put together trailer for Sekiro;
  14. I thought Edwin was the only person who called Outer Worlds right. That DOOM review is bizarre though. Weirdly sexual and really focused on how little he liked the story. Still, as I say, I thought he'd got Outer Worlds bang wrong for the first few hours before it became a bit of a trudge so maybe I'll spend all of this one annoyed at the cutscenes with a boner on. Who's to say?
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