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  1. Whilst watching one of the middle Harry Potter films in the cinema, someone in the row in front of me whispered "I'm not really getting this..." to their partner, then proceeded to look up not only the plot to that film on Wikipedia but the remaining books. Everyone consumes their media differently but this is the wrong way to do it.
  2. Really? Sure some of the lipsyncing is okay but characters all feel a bit 360 and just kind of wobble from side to side while they talk. And the less said about the goldfish lady on the Mantis the better. I took this clip purely because of how bad/last gen it felt. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bittertoad/video/81807803
  3. The thing is I think the Soulsborne stuff is the worst thing about the game, which I'm starting to really enjoy despite foibles. I don't think the environmental exploration aspect works that well with respawning at the last thing you happened to sit at. If you're just trying to get back to your ship you have to follow a shoddy map across massive, samey areas that are really easy to get lost in. You can spend 20 minutes making your way from one point to what you hope is the right place, only to get killed by an enemy and end up having to repeat the same platforming puzzles loads of times because you forgot to rest at every point you came across. Why do you have to do this? Because it's how Souls works. At least with Souls you're only really repeating combat, which in theory you're either getting better at through play or able to upgrade your lad due to XP. Repeating slightly shonky platforming bits and getting lost and having to repeat that just to get back to your ship isn't interesting. But the combat's great, and getting better and better as I unlock more stuff. It's a little clunky but since I stopped rolling around like it's Dark Souls and started just using the dash it's really clicked and in places I feel like a proper Jedi. The exploration is also brilliant the first time I'm going round. I didn't know I wanted Jedi Prince of Persia/Tomb Raider but it turns out it's ace.
  4. Yeah it's getting much better the more I play. Just out of interest I'm on the first proper Lightsaber fight, how many stims should i have? I'm worried I'm missing loads of side stuff.
  5. But then how will we know if it’s shit in a month’s time? Six months? A year? Please keep hold of it Iain, you’re doing Rllmuk a great service by occasionally telling us if it’s shit.
  6. This has turned my Xbox off twice today. Hard shut down and then I have to resync the controller. It's a shame because the game itself I'm starting to warm to, but... it's a shambles. I can't think of a single publisher that's had a worse generation than EA this gen. What have they done outside of Titanfall 2 and Apex that hasn't released bad, derivative or outright broken? As I say the game is getting a lot better though. It's a kind of Jedi Prince of Persia via Dark Souls, which wasn't what I expected but I'm more than happy to have it. Actual proper Tomb Raider Tomb puzzles, too!
  7. Yeah this stinks of being rushed out to meet a release date. Textures not loading in properly, sliding on nothing only for ice to load once I reach the bottom, incredibly long load times, mid level loading blips. It's a shame, because a lot of what the game does seems to go against what EA have been peddling this gen, but yet again they rush a product out and it harms it in the long run. A tip for those playing on the meatier consoles that are experiencing frame rate problems, turn off performance mode. It runs at a pretty steady 30 but blips when trying to hit 60.
  8. He's ginger. A ginger Star Wars protagonist. I'm living my 6 year old self's dreams. Anyway I've played up to the end of the first proper planet and am... concerned. I adore Star Wars and TItanfall 2 is one of the best shooters ever, but it all feels very loose and slightly off. It's stunning in places but characters occasionally look dodgy, a lot of stuff's cribbed from Souls without being given any context, frame rate's all over the place, it all feels a bit double A thus far. Hopefully I'm wrong, the characters seem really great and I like the little droid friend so fingers crossed when it all opens up it's more fun and the controls are something I'll get used to. I guess we'll see for sure in a few hours when reviews hit...
  9. From Polygon: The surprise in Sword and Shield is that I’m still finding things that surprise me, even after putting in so many hours. It’s in how Game Freak has made a linear game feel so much less linear. Make no mistake, Sword and Shield is not an open-world game. There are limitations. But the game’s designed for me not to notice them, and mostly, I don’t. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2019/11/13/20961309/pokemon-sword-and-pokemon-shield-review-nintendo-switch-nov-15-release-date
  10. I've got pretty terrible 10mbps Sky Broadband and haven't experienced an iota of lag on this. It takes me three days to download every time they decide that Shotgun's OP but it runs pretty perfectly.
  11. I have never seen such a frothing for a game to be a shiter in my life. Is everything alright? Reviews are out later today, if it's a stinker that's a shame but all of this sub JimQuisition "GAMERS DESERVE BETTER" madness because some Redditers posted out of context backgrounds is way over the top. Yeah, the animations on the previous page don't bode brilliantly but the hate for the game before we've even heard a sniff about how it plays seems way over the top.
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