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  1. My old company employed a Foley artist for a few months. He was never available when you needed any Foley done and you could never find any cutlery or glasses in the kitchen for the 6 months he worked there. Fuck Foley artists.
  2. You know what, sod the critics I thought this was fantastic. You lose a fair bit of emotion in some of the Lions faces in certain key scenes, but the whole thing makes up for it in sheer spectacle. It’s an Avatar level jump up in Visual Effects which just makes the whole thing feel so BIG throughout. The first third suffers the most in terms of it occasionally looking a bit beige, but I thought from grown up Simba on it was great! And I really liked what Chiwitel did with Scar. Much more menacing, Irons is brilliant but his campness wouldn’t have worked with the visuals here. It’s an easy one to be snooty about, and it probably isn’t quite as good as the original, but if you can go and see it on as big a screen as possible I thought it was really brilliant.
  3. Can you remember what level you were at going in?
  4. I've been working through it on the train into work for the last few months and my reaction to it has really surprised me. It's such a brilliant thing, and while being old and slightly creaky in places (all of the mini games and side bits are complete shit) it just feels so big and so adventurous. I love it, and am heading into the Northern Crater now with everyone's ultimate weapons. Like Stan, I've not bothered with any of the KOTR or Chocobo bollocks, but have done pretty much everything else. I vaguely remember everyone being involved in the final battle, is that right? Do I need to level everyone up?
  5. It's big. I've played for abour 20 hours and still don't feel like I've hit bits the reviews talk about yet. It's big.
  6. I got straight into a game of Slayer the other night. Finished 21 for 13 having not played it for around a year. Still a hell of a thing online.
  7. I thought this was really excellent. My favourite MM2 level so far, so well done!
  8. Nah. Just get involved. Anything linking back to the old games is shit anyway,
  9. We do. Keeping it as current as possible. We record Sundays and release Wednesdays, so assuming my normal editing job doesn’t screw me over there’ll be a new one for everything up to last week out tonight!
  10. Halo. All of them. Whenever I can't think what to play I stick one of those on and have a blissful old time of it. Also Mario Galaxy, because it's the best. Switch port, please.
  11. Ta! Start with season 2, which is obviously this year's season of the show. We'd never done anything like that before Season 1 and I think it shows!
  12. Hey everyone, mentioned this in the "what do you do" thread, but me and a friend are in the second year of our Love Island podcast, Isle of Hate! I don't watch it, my friend who hates anything pop culture does, and then essentially takes notes and reports it all back to me. It's not as piss-takey as I thought it would be when we started, I think the sheer length and amount of episodes pisses him off and this year he's really struggling with Maura, but aside from that I think he quite likes the show. Anyway, we think it's funny, and if you're looking for a slightly nerdy reaction to something you're watching every night then look no further; https://open.spotify.com/episode/389yGTe10hDOjWksKB3oF6?si=jWryk8l9RC6uZur6YyKqKA … https://t.co/EuugtELWNT https://pca.st/WB58 http://podplayer.net/?id=72941456
  13. Clarkson got sacked for more, but I suppose in a way the point stands. Flintoff's clearly an arse. I'd imagine the producers have told him to play up to this but it's based on something and he's acting like a prick and getting worse as it goes on. Orchestrated or not his behaviour is exactly the kind of nerd bullying shite that should have gone out of date years ago. As someone that was bullied at a slightly older age than you'd expect, it makes for uncomfortable viewing. Which is a shame because McGuinness and the always brilliant Harris make for a genuinely funny pair. I know Top Gear stopped being a car show years ago but "bullying the man who knows about cars because he knows about cars and is smaller and less cool than the cricketer" is far worse than anything even Chris Evans did on the show. And he was awful.
  14. Mugman

    Glastonbury 2019

    Yep. If you're saying Glastonbury has gone to the dogs/it was better in my day then for me, the festival is doing its job. Stormzy was one of the most impressive sets I've seen there and I'd heard one of his songs before the show. It's not my thing but surrounded by shit loads of different artists and acts that are my thing it worked perfectly.
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