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  1. Mugman

    Outer Wilds

    I think, and there's no easy way of saying this so I'll just come out and say it... I think you might just be shit at it? I was the first time I played the opening few hours! I was messing up jumps and not really knowing where to go or what to do and it led to me getting annoyed and jacking it in. On my 2nd, complete playthrough it clicked and I understood a lot better what it was trying to do. I still found plenty of frustration in the game, yeah, but also I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. At times the time loop was frustrating or felt out of place, but there are enough brilliant moments tied directly into the fact the solar system is blowing up and, crucially, evolving, that it's madness to suggest it's just in there for the sake of creating difficulty for the sake of it. The whole point of the thing is that you're grabbing at snippets of information and looking back at what you've learned. Forcing you to reset every 22 minutes forces you to get back onto that ship and see that computer again. "Oh, maybe I should double check what I've learned? See how it slots together with everything." Take stock of what you've learned, start again. Also, it feeds into the fact that you're part of a world with a specific set of rules that change over each cycle in exactly the same way. So if you learn something on one cycle you've learned it on every one. I fully get being frustrated if you mess up a jump, or fall into the black hole, or crash your ship. And yes it's annoying that you sometimes have to wait a few minutes to be in certain places at certain times and can then fully lose that progress and that waiting time. But so much of what is so utterly brilliant about this completely unique thing ties into the fact that sand falls in exactly the same way, or a planet crumbles in exactly the same way, or that the stupid fish crash into you from the exact same locations every time. If Outer Wilds was a linear experience they wouldn't be able to do stuff like The Tower of Quantum Knowledge, and yeah that's one puzzle solution out of a lot of puzzles, but nobody solves that puzzle because it's necessarily that logical. They solve it because the game makes you think about time. Like how your character is thinking about time differently, like how the Nomai were. It's this amazing example of story and lore and character and mechanics all merging together to give you the solution to a puzzle that's also brilliant in its execution. And there are 4 or 5 of these in the game and I can't really think of any other game that does it once in that way... Maybe the Witness? The only advice I can give you is stop trying to race through it and spend a bit of time 100% getting to grips with the controls. They're pretty unforgiving and confusing, and there will still be times where it feels like the game is cheating you because there are bits about it that are a bit shonky and badly designed. But there's so much in there that's unique and amazing and that probably wont be seen again in a video game because of how damn specific this thing is that it's a shame if you let a few bits ruin the whole thing for you. Or, y'know, if you don't like it that's not a problem either. Go play Max Payne 3. You can't skip the cutscenes but it's still a fucking 10/10 belter.
  2. @Davros sock drawer slightly cheaper here! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tofu-Press-unique-stylish-transform/dp/B01698J0RU/ref=sr_1_1?crid=7L0GMGTPZ265&keywords=tofuture+tofu+press&qid=1579902396&sprefix=tofuture+%2Caps%2C256&sr=8-1
  3. And wasn't as good as Dark Souls, Portal 2, Skyrim or Skyward Sword, Wiper.
  4. No allies came to help. The idea of broom boy is that allies are out there to be inspired, they just need to get their message out and do just that. Preferably offscreen, by Lando from the old movies, who's then a total creep to a girl who only talks to black characters. It was all there in the ending if you watch closely.
  5. Wow, what a bloody year 2010 was. Mass Effect 2 was only recently replaced by Red Dead 2 as my favourite game of all time, and that last mission is still undoubtedly my favourite single part of a video game ever. I think it’s the sheer strength of the gimmick of that last level that sort of ruined 3 for me. By making it possible for anyone to die, you gave players a real sense of jeopardy unseen anywhere else in gaming. It also meant you couldn’t base too much of the sequel on any of those amazing characters that might not exist in certain player’s games. So you just got snippets of everyone, a greatest hits album rather than the cinematic epic I was expecting. Still, it meant that 2 holds a truly special place in my heart. It’s one of my favourite stories every told in any medium, with a cast of genuinely fantastic characters. An all timer.
  6. If a new Perfect Dark is coming and Microsoft have bought From, I'm VERY excited for the TCGS E3 special.
  7. But you're coming in saying "What makes this game fun?" and then people are saying "experimenting" and then you're saying "I couldn't see 'experimenting' on any of the to do lists... I guess I just don't like your silly pick up put down game..." Dekay's analogy is perfect. It's a fun Lego set that people with imaginations are enjoying pootering about being a Goose in. On top of that is a pretty fun Hitman esque puzzle game, but if the first bit doesn't work for you then you're probably not going to love it.
  8. Because sometimes it's nice to be given a sandbox and make your own fun? If you just look at it and think "here are a series of things I need to do, I will do them and then judge the game based on the other games I have played in my big book of what I think about the games" then yeah you probably wont get as much out of it. I looked at Goose Game as a fun little Hitman title in which you roleplay as an arsehole. Pick at the seams, piss people off, see what you can do with the sole purpose of being a massive fucking twat. It's rare you get that freedom, and for me it's what makes the game so special. There are multiple ways you can do most of the tasks, similarly to Hitman, so it feels like you're completely free to mess around and see what happens. And because you're not killing people or saving the world or whatever, the music and the graphical simplicity add to a sense of "look don't worry about it, have a laugh, honk at the kid and see what he does." It sounds completely stupid if you think about it too much but you're role-playing as a prick with no responsibilities, a bloody goose. And that's not really been done before and is fun and funny and great. Yeah, the marketing was great, but there's a really solid foundation of a game in there. The devs have also nailed the mood of the whole thing so that if you're the sort of person that's going to be taken by the idea of fucking about in a really fun sandbox and seeing what happens, this feels like a really freeing space in which to do that. Sure if you go through and just tick all of the stuff off on the list and put it down, it's just shit Hitman (Shitman). But for me the main difference between games and films is that films are stories happening to other people and games are stories happening to you, and Goose Game totally tickled my sense of "let's make my own story and have fun in this space." It's really clever game design that makes it so GIF worthy, not just a clever trailer and people being fooled.
  9. A dynamic UI would help but wouldn't solve the lack of navigation outside of the mini map. A breadcrumb trail that adapts depending on the quest you're on would mean you can get around the world whilst actually looking at it rather than a 2x2 circle in the top corner.
  10. It’s bizarre more people didn’t copy Fable 2’s breadcrumb trail. Brilliant design that meant you were actually engaging with the game world around you rather than a tiny mini map.
  11. Will it definitely be day and date with the Series X though? Wont we have to wait for a tweaked version from the 3rd parties? Certainly for games as big as Cyberpunk.
  12. Mugman

    Outer Wilds

    I didn't finish it on the first run because I kept dying and fucking hated it. 2nd run I loved because I followed where you're supposed to go and it's now my GOTY.
  13. Mugman

    Outer Wilds

    Go to the Attlerock first, the game basically tells you to do this but it can be easy to miss. My first playthrough of the game was exactly what you're writing about, but if you go to the Attlerock and follow the breadcrumb trail you get there you'll be fine.
  14. Mugman

    Outer Wilds

    Yep. Also you can't enjoy boosting around planets a little too much and smash yourself to shit and jam if you're not wearing the suit, so it's better to wear it.
  15. Mugman

    Nintendo Switch

    We'll find out before the end of the month in the direct.
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