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  1. This mad fucker is doing 120 stars on Mario 64 in one go blindfolded. 




    He just died and said "dude, FUCK THIS GAME." Now look for me two hours into a blindfolded 120 star run is a bit late to decide you don't like Super Mario 64 but hey I guess we all have different tastes, right?

  2. 10 minutes ago, Grobbelboy said:

    I don’t think that’s completely fair. The bad stuff, while annoying, is pretty much all separated from the content of the actual game (aside from the mega barebones multiplayer). At its core it is a surprisingly polished and fleshed out experience already at launch, especially considering the state of most other games on day 1. 

    You literally can't play it today because they broke it. 

  3. I've just realised what this bit where all of Sugar's friends report back to him reminds me of. You know that scene in Death of Stalin where they all go to his house and have to agree with him and laugh at his shit jokes or risk him killing them and their families? 


    It's that. 

  4. As a complete neutral... actually let me rephrase that, as someone who actively wanted Man Utd to lose last night that was one of the weirder refereeing performances I can remember. I don't think it was a fix, just a really terrible inconsistent performance from a referee. I think Utd were pretty poor last night but the ref definitely didn't help. 

  5. On 10/03/2022 at 09:47, K said:

    I re-watched the first couple of series a while back, and I'd also forgotten how funny it was. The episode where Chris & Adriana decide to get involved in the music industry is absolutely side-splitting, particularly the bit where you hear one of Adriana's group's songs, with the mad miaowing in the chorus.

    This right here is why Chris' intervention is the best scene in The Sopranos. It has literally everything you could possibly hope for and carries all of the themes, the drama, the raw comedy you could want from any television show, comedies included. It's the culmination of various storylines that took years to build up; Chris' drug taking being the main element obviously but you've got everything from his Mother's alcoholism, Tony losing his horse, Chris' difficult relationship with Paulie, everything is in this four minutes. And it's all shining a light on the key theme of the show throughout. These men and their violence and the way that interacts and bumps up against the modern world and the people that love them. And then out of nowhere Sil delivers possibly the funniest speech in any show ever!?!? All the destruction this character has caused and Sil's just annoyed that he had to look at him with his head in the toilet and that's not a very nice thing to see. It's utter genius and a big part of why the show is so good on top of all the unforgettable dramatic moments. 


    "I've said my piece Chrissy" 



  6. I'd imagine with DTS they get a fairly paltry set amount of hours throughout the season with the drivers. Then at the end once they've got a basic story for each episode down they get Will Buxton and Jennie Gow in for days on end to fill in the gaps. 


    I'd imagine Horner just waits around outside while all of this goes on, occasionally asking the producers if they'd like him to go in and say something smarmy and awful for hours on end. As much as I really like the show and think it's part of the reason I got into F1 last year I think the moment of him calling Perez is potentially the worst thing ever put to film. "Hey Sergio... welcome to Red Bull..." Fuck... Off...

  7. Capaign co-op delayed. 




    I think with Elden Ring out and a bit of distance I'm beginning to realise that Halo: Infinite's campaign was ultimately a bit of a disappointment. There's a lot to love in there and the gameplay loop is the best it's been in these games but the whole structure around it just feels so barebones and boring. There are two missions around the middle of the game in which 343 realise what they have and actually build missions in the open world and those are fantastic. If the whole game had been that it would have been so so good but sadly a lot of it is just clearing bases and running down corridors and that just feels like such a waste of Halo in an open world space. 


    I think those two missions definitely show the potential of the idea though, and a new game built from the ground up with that kind of design in mind would really excite me. It's just not what we got, which is a bit of a shame looking back a few months later. 

  8. 6 hours ago, RubberJohnny said:

    What's super weird is I don't even know how I got this reputation for shitting on the game? I gave it a positive review! I've not posted about it in months!


    I've read back through the Halo Infinite thread and I'm being helpful to people and posting about stuff I liked as well as talking about how weird some of the issues are, whereas there's people absolutely slating it throughout that thread without people (including moderators) following them around making snipey comments about them months later.


    I mean none of you have ever actually posted what's an issue in my posts, what I'm posting is incorrect, I am literally being attacked for posting about an update. So yeah this does feel like bullying, and I'd urge you to cut it out or I'm going to start reporting you.

    U ok hun?

  9. 5 hours ago, Benny said:



    You have not posted news updates in this particular thread before as far as I can tell, or indeed engaged with any of the discussion between people playing it or shared in this thread in any way. But what you have done is used a news update you found as an excuse to piss out some general negativity




    Which given your track record of stinking up the Halo Campaign thread as well, long after people were done with that discussion, considering you're not even playing the bloody game, makes it look pretty suspect that you are now posting that stuff in here, where people are actually posting specifically about their online experiences.

    Dude he’s just coming in to post every time anything vaguely wrong happens to Halo Infinite in a totally normal way. Why you being weird? 

    He’s just a totally normal chill guy being normal and chill and doing normal shit posting about halo at every opportunity big or small. He’s just reporting the facts like Huw Edwards. Is that not okay mate?

    Is it not okay to be normal and chill for years since the game was announced up until now at every given opportunity anymore?

    U ok hun?

  10. Just finished this for sort of basically the first time. I watched it pretty much all in my first year of uni but stopped in the slightly slow first half of season 6. Cut to 2 years ago and I can't remember why but I suddenly found myself with a little time on my hands. So I started it again and slowly since then dipped into a season here and there and that finished tonight. It's obviously utterly incredible throughout, and the idea that the ending was in any way controversial is an absolute joke to me. I knew it was coming thanks to a Family Guy gag I saw well over ten years ago but the power in that whole sequence is just utterly incredible. That's how you end the biggest show on TV. Don't try and explain every minor detail like Lost, don't just totally change the tone of the show in order to give us what you think we want like Game of Thrones, just keep doing what you're doing, end some of the big storylines and then make your point and leave it up to the audience to decide. 

    Peerless TV. The fact anyone ever wanted Tony to succeed in any way shape or form shows what a masterpiece it is from the top down. I'm not sure it's the GOAT, I'm not sure if it matters if it is or it isn't, but that right there is my favourite performance of all time from Mr Gandolfini. Time to let it settle for a bit and stay the hell away from any "David Chase reveals what happened to Tony" articles from last year.


    Don't. George. Lucas. My. Sopranos. 

  11. 5 hours ago, ph0rce said:

    Storm Castle - Courtyard with loads of enemies question:


      Reveal hidden contents

    There's a glowing statue near the big troll guy, obviously it's got something in it, and it looks like you could break it or more specifically, it looks like maybe you could bait the troll into smashing it.


    However, I tried that a few times & he doesn't seem to do it.


    All I want to know if if I'm on the right lines, if I'm not, no need to tell me exactly what to do thanks, I'll try something else.

    You are along the right lines but might need a slightly bigger bastard to come help you...

  12. 21 hours ago, Curtis said:

    I find it difficult to comprehend and articulate how grand this game actually is, so-much-so, i choose to only post the regular stuff about stats/parameters etc., of which i know plenty.


    The scope of it, is the sign of a super confident production studio at the top of their game, and what they've created is utterly mind-boggling! :wub:

    I couldn't agree more. Just a shame it's so easy really. 



  13. As a sometimes Mage mostly axe boy, is there any point in me upgrading my Faith? Like, do my fire spells get better the higher Faith I have? Or is it just a case of having access to better fire spells with higher Faith later in the game? Also is there any point in upgrading my Finger Snap thingy with Smithstones? Will my spells be better if it is?

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