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  1. 13 minutes ago, Vulgar Monkey said:

    I rolled my eyes but also accepted that its consistent with SW, tonally if not logically.

    Yeah for me I think it's just a case of if the tone of the thing is consistent, if it's moving in a direction which feels thematically interesting and if the characters are developing in interesting ways then I'm happy to ignore some foibles. The foibles can even be funny! Like the cloak thing!


    For me Obi Wan is getting the basics right and moving in a direction that gives me an increasing number of awesome Star Wars moments per episode. It also gives me a few "well that's a bit fucking stupid" moments too but I care about those less because of all the other good shit the show is giving me. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Zio said:


    This. I really like Afterlife and it makes me a bit sad to see how angry it seems to get some people. Plus I guess there's the subtle implication with comments like "I can’t understand why anyone would enjoy this turd of a movie" that I must have some kind of mental impairment to have liked it.


    They're making a sequel to it now too!

    That's just lazy twats being lazy though. I thought it was an absolute straight out the bum turd but if you liked it then good luck to you! 

  3. I really liked Modern Warfare when it launched. It played a much slower, much more considered version of CoD. The guns all felt amazing and it looked absolutely cracking with it. Then they slowly started chipping away at what made it different to appeal to the people that want the same McDonalds Shootymans every year, added about 4,000 nonsense menus and gave it 80gb updates every other day and I just lost all drive to play the stupid thing. 


    Oh also Activision are bastards, if you needed reminding. I may jump in on this once a second hand copy becomes available and just sell it once they hugely overcomplicate/overstimulate my stupid old brain. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    I’ll preface this by saying I think the show is only okay and mostly carried by dreamboat McGregor. But the comments about Moses Ingram’s character “not being a convincing bad guy”, “being too young” and “trying too hard”. 

    You know that’s literally the point right?

    She’s clearly a displaced youngling desperate for acceptance and trying too hard to fit in with the darkside. Overcompensating because she knows she’s not the real deal but with nowhere else to go, angry and feeling betrayed because she was taken from her real family and then deserted by an institution supposed to protect her when the shit hit the fan.

    She’s another aspect of Obi-Wan and the wider Jedi Order’s failure. A walking nuclear bomb that’s fallen into the wrong hands through their hubris and naivety. Like Anakin before her, like Luke and Leia could have been. 

    The Vietnam war was fresh in Lucas’ mind when he made Star Wars and young, restless, ambitious people desperate to be taken seriously as adults being manipulated by old white men has been a theme since day 1. Moses Ingram as a young black woman is perfect casting for a modern version of this. 

    Yeah 100%. It's a good performance because the character is supposed to be try hard and over the top. She's trying to be the baddest baddie and failing at it. But it's the usual Star Wars fans + Subtext = Review Bombing/Death Threats/Racism nonsense. 

  5. I've got a pretty solid Int class where I'm using the Dark Moon Greatsword. Only issue is I've come upon a couple of bosses/enemies that just feel quicker than it/magic. I've got a couple of Dragon Stones so could quite easily upgrade a sword all the way. Any tips for a fun, quick weapon that'd scale well with Int, Int and basically just Int? 

  6. I just watched this on a lazy bank holiday Saturday and well... what an absolutely hideously dull piece of shit it was. I can't remember the last time I saw a more cynical, less original blockbuster and I went to a screening of fucking Morbius for Christ's sake. It manages to both constantly laboriously ape every single memeable aspect of the original and completely miss the point about what made it good. 


    People say it's The Force Awakens for Ghostbusters but it manages to even completely miss that as a thing. It more made me think of that bit in The Simpsons where Stan Lee is trying to crush the Incredible Hulk into The Batmobile. But in this case it's crushing Stranger Things into the Ecto 1. It's not funny! Not even a little bit! There's a kid called podcast who has a podcast and he's there as a sort of incredibly irritating comic relief but aside from that it's basically a completely played straight 80's teen movie (which were also pretty famous for having jokes) crammed into a Ghostbusters movie with the laser guns and Stay Puft and Gozer and who cares! Do something interesting with the story! It started off quite well! I liked some of the characters and was looking forward to seeing a group of kids go on an adventure but they just sort of don't bother and instead just show you things you remember and have the lads turn up at the end.


    I really liked the original Ghostbusters but have never been a "Ghostbusters guy" as such. To be honest it wasn't until the 2016 movie came out and everyone got so angry that I even learned that people were that devoted to what was for me one really funny movie about ghosts and not a huge amount more. So I was kind of expecting to not care about this too much and fairly enjoy it either way. But it's so dull, so nothing, just a memberberry head massage of corporate nothingness. It makes 2016 look like the most original movie ever made because at least that tried to do something different with the formula even if that difference was just "women" and "more farts." 


    I didn't care for it, basically. This was quite a cathartic typing session though so I suppose I'll give it that. 


  7. A friend of mine got stuck on Godson Duo for a solid 5 hours. This was weeks ago but he was sending me texts over days saying how shit and cheap and bad they were. I love these games for a multitude of reasons; the world design, the lore, the feeling of overcoming that almost insurmountable feeling difficulty. 


    The biggest reason I love them? Well...





  8. 1 hour ago, Broker said:

    Looks absolutely fantastic. I’m in the minority who absolutely loved XV and I’m always 100% in for a new FF. 

    Yeah totally. It's a shame XV ran out of XV half way through but that first half was as good an open world experience as I've played outside of the big two. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Delargey said:

    I enjoyed Vader meeting Obi Wan, despite the silliness with the fire but I kinda think it treads on their meeting in A New Hope.

    This is the thing, I'm treating the whole thing as a kind of "what if" comic book and enjoying it much more because of that. 


    4 minutes ago, Qazimod said:

    I don't know; whenever someone says that big franchises can't do turn-based combat anymore, I look at Persona (and Yakuza) which seem to be fine. :) 

    I had a feeling this would crop up. Yeah if you want to do Yakuza or Persona sales then I'm sure turn based is fine but Square tend to bet the whole bank on these big Final Fantasy games. A bit of wiki research has told me that Persona 5 has sold 5 million units. FFVII remake sold 3.5 million in three days. Final Fantasy XV is at 10 million lifetime sales. 


    I don't know, I feel like turn based games are out there and really well regarded ones at that. I like the idea that Final Fantasy is this huge expensive thing that goes off in a completely new direction every time. 

  11. 4 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    Fair enough. Note that I'm not saying the combat was the same as XV. I appreciated the differences. I just didn't like it. XV and VIIR are the only FF games so far with combat I actually dislike. My favourite combat systems are V, VII, XII, and XIII. So I don't mind something completely different but the XV style doesn't do it for me. :shrug:

    You're just not going to get turn based/RPG style combat in a game they need to make as much money as they do a mainline Final Fantasy these days I don't think. I'd say that it's a DMC 4/5 combat guy leading the charge on the systems is a good thing though. Those games had good fightin'. I personally think the FF7:R combat is about a good a hybrid of turn based RPG style combat layered over a great feeling 3D action game as you're going to get, so I'm excited to see how this plays. 


    Plus who doesn't love big Kaiju battles? I wonder if they'll be a more traditional turn based style affair? With Clive (because he's still called Clive) telling the big monsters what to do? We'll see I guess, I'm just very excited for a massive expensive mainline Final Fantasy from the guys who made that MMO everyone loves but I'm never going to play. 

  12. 12 hours ago, jonamok said:

    Don’t forget the egregiously unsubtle use of the Wilhelm scream. Overall, it’s just lazily written, first-draft-will-do, amateurish wank.

    It really is. Reminds me of another shoddy, first draft will do amateurish piece of work from my childhood. 



  13. I think the only thing tenser than the action scenes in Top Gun: Maverick is waiting to see who the first dissenting voice is going to be. We've not seen a love in for a movie like this since Fury Road have we?

  14. I really really liked Fallen Order. The maps were atrocious obviously and that's a big thing that needs to be fixed in the sequel but other than that and some weirdly uninspiring locations in its first few levels I thought it was a really great time and a fantastic use of the Star Wars license. There were a lot of people on here and elsewhere saying it was "only good because of the Star Wars license" but for me that's like saying jam donuts would be shit without the jam in them. Yeah. That's why there's fucking jam (/Star Wars) in there. 


    I felt like a Jedi. The story was great. I could force push and cut bastards up. It was probably an 8/10 but that's fine! 8/10s are fun! 

  15. 55 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Also, Reva is fine, I'm genuinely amazed at the level of criticism against her ... to the point I'd say hating on that character says more about the haters. :coffee:

    I think Reva's really good. She's supposed to be a bit try hard and out of her depth, right? It's that classic "if Star Wars characters aren't playing exactly to their archetypes 100% with no interesting deviation then they're shit" that we got with another excellent Star Wars film in the sequel trilogy. 

  16. 16 hours ago, K said:

    I’ve just watched both episodes of this, and thought it was great. I’m really surprised this is getting slated on here, it seems to me significantly better than the Mandalorian, which I found pretty soporific on the whole.


    I really liked the scene where Obi-Wan spies on Luke as a youngster, and sees him acting exactly like Anakin did when he was the same age. That humanised Kenobi nicely, in that you can see a kind of regret for failing Anakin so badly, and a wistful realisation that this is as close as he’s ever going to have to having his own kids. And, clearly, a chance to try again. The whole vibe seems to be the prequels, except done properly. The intro montage of scenes from episodes I - III made me think “wow, I’d love to have watched those films”, and it was fantastic to see characters like Bail Organa and Owen being given actual characters and proper roles in the story.


    Part II felt like the Coruscant underworld bits from Attack of the Clones, except it was good, rather than almost comically awful. I like this version of Kenobi - unworldly, broken and out of shape, but still unable to resist trying to do the right thing. I like this version of Leia - haughty, precocious and slightly annoying seems like appropriate characterisation for a ten year-old princess, and I enjoyed the way she was very astute in some situations, and hopelessly naive in others. And Reva was tremendous - deliciously ruthless and brutal.


    It’s a strange experience, watching characters from the prequels and somehow caring about them and being interested in their motivations and fates. I wonder if this might have been a better approach to those films, rather than the whole “shop dummies speaking in a monotone while staring into the idle distance” style Lucas went for, which I think in retrospect may have been a mistake. 

    Couldn't agree more. Everyone I've spoken to outside of here has loved it, myself included. 

  17. Also Mission Impossible 7 is one of the best action movies ever made. They ran out of ideas with MI2 but my God what a series it's turned into. 


    "Stop getting Tom wrong!" basically. 

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