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  1. sorry, peter kay is funnier than frank skinner and jasper carrot, as mentionned earlier, thank god jimmy shit eating carr isnt in the list, but it is deeply, deeply wrong, where is tommy cooper??? Simon Pegg??? and yes gervais DOES deserve to be higher, and connely and victoria wood do not deserve to be the top 2

  2. i had to read that article through a few times, how the hell can they do that to, anyone barrmore's already close to a breakdown, this WILL send him over the edge, it just shows what a shit state our countries televison is going towards, it shoudlnt be allowed!!!

  3. Masturbatory activity? What games have given him that impression?...

    thompsons always been a Sonic fan, but when he discovered he wanst a real person he decided to attack videogames..

  4. I meant in time line like -- recently got through IW and while deeply flawed in places, it was mostly enjoyable.  Flawed as in everyone gets killed by the same mechanism over and over again, mission choices are irrelevant throughout the game with the final decider being on Liberty City Island, pretty much all the physics being broken and the player being given the opportunity to over-power themselves very early on in the game (which goes back to my first point).

    Good fun mind.

    yeah,a long way in, before getting to a point where i had very little ammo, and there were loads of guards, accidently saved instead of loaded and now am stuck in an impossible position, oh well, wasnt as good as the 1st one anyway, which i completed many times

  5. Does anyone know if Highbury will be publishing Issue 2 of Go>Play (PSP magazine). Issue 2 was supposed to be out Dec 28th but still no sign.

    i'll assume the same problem means it'll be out next thursday to

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