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  1. Damn Legendary on this is good. Had an amazing fight with an elite today after the hunter section on Nightfall. I'd cleared everything else out but had no ammo or health, and it was down to me and this elite to slog it out. I'd pop out and hit him with two sniper rounds, but his needler would have damaged me enough to force me to retreat back and restore my health. He'd come up close to me but I'd pistol him enough until HE ran back. I had to go on two ammo hunts and it ended with him popping out, me hitting him with my last sniper bullet and him retreating. I sent my hologram round the other side of the rock, he took the bait and blam, assassination. Properly sweet!

    That's what's so amazing about Halo, it's not about enemy placement or numbers, it's about them outsmarting and outmaneuvering you. I found that single enemy (not even one of the big elites!) to be far harder and far more rewarding than any pack of 50 COD enemies!

  2. Just can't get into this at all. The whole thing feels like a constant midfield trudge, I was a happy World Class player in 10 and now I can barely do anything with '11 on professional. I beat Brentford 6-0 today as Fulham in the cup, in 10 I'd have enjoyed a victory like that, zipping the ball around and scoring enjoyable goals. In this I don't feel as if I've earned anything, I've got the ball up without the game deciding to pass to the feet of the opposition and managed to get a lucky goal... six times.

  3. If you want to do it the easy way, just plug in another controller, sign in as guest and do all the hard work with that one. You'll get the challenge completed on your first account even if the second one dies

    Brilliant... so this and skipping to checkpoints works and actually DOING the challenge doesn't...


  4. So it turns out if you die restarting in the menu isn't enough... you have to leave the lobby and kick start everything again. I didn't even die! Just thought it'd be funny to gun butt a civilian! It told me I'd failed so I re-started and then plowed through the level without dying in half an hour. No Avatar award, no challenge, despite doing the whole level through without dying. Although for the little duck and weave fight with the elite towards the end it was probably worth it, my Reach highlight so far without a doubt when I pulled the headshot off.

    Still... annoying.

  5. I'm exactly the same. His voice is fairly terrible but for whatever reason William's Last Words was my favourite track on JFPL, and I could say the same about The Future Has Been Here 4 Ever on the new album. Does he do much singing on anything else?

    But love the new album, really reminiscent of Send Away The Tigers which was the album that got me into The Manics.

  6. As much as I love this (and it is brilliant) the co-op buddies are just retarded. Although admittedly if I were invincible I'd probably drive a car into the back of Noble 6's head as he's only got 1 more elite to take out.

  7. Well I'm not getting it tomorrow...

    Sent to the wrong bloody address by shopto.So my old landlord is sending it back to me next week! I'm probably going to order another copy and just sell the first one to a mate, massive cock up though!

  8. Really regretting canceling my limited edition now. Don't give a crap about the box but it might mean I get a later dispatch from shopto. The way I see it the only chance I have of it arriving tomorrow is if I get my dispatch before 5:30. Urgh! Reach!

  9. Is there no way people could start using the Spoiler thread? A lot of people want to talk about looking forward to the game not certain things Elites do in the 1st level. There is a thread for people who have pirated the game... why not use it?

  10. I agree with And's original point (before all the mentalist stuff), piracy isn't really on and it's fair enough to be a bit peeved off at all these people getting to play it early just because they've got no morals on the subject.

    Still, it's only a week away, and the anticipation's all part of the fun I suppose.

  11. I've plus 1'd you for that.

    Though I'll happily hold my hand up to negging you and anyone else boasting of a yarred copy.

    What makes you so fucking special you can't wait for it to come out like everyone else? Or pay for it, like everyone else?


  12. It looks like they've got to control the passing a lot more though. If you watch there are very few one touch passes going on, it's all receiving the ball and controlling it before passing it on. The few times you do see a quick pass it either fails or there's clear space for it anyway.

  13. Cracking goal at the end as well. Looks great, excited for be a goal keeper as well. I can definitely see myself popping to a supermarket to pick it up on release if the prices are the same as last year!

  14. Yeah but randoms would totally ruin that. You'd be 2-1 up in the 3rd minute of extra time only to see your keeper sprinting past you with the ball because his mate's on the other team and they thin it's funny. Should be good playing with like minded individuals though!

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