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  1. Sent a request off to the club today if that's alright!?

    I hate it when a game as big and awesome as this comes out the week before a late shift. Every minute at work is another I could be spent driving a pointlessly souped up Ford Thunderbird around a track it's not suited for...

  2. Best would have to be my PS2 when I was about 12/13. I knew there was no way I was getting one for my upcoming birthday, and my jealousy of everyone in my class that did have one led to me and some friends setting up the "PS1 Defenders Club". We didn't need this shiny Playstation 2 with it's Gran Turismo and its Jak and Daxter. We had our PS1's, they were still releasing games for it! Good games! Spiderman games! We were strong, we were united, and most of all... we were PS1.

    We were also disbanded about a week later when I opened my shiny new PS2 with GT3 and Jak and Daxter.

    Worst... my parents generally used to be good with this sort of thing but the year I got my PS1 they thought they'd be funny and give me a game first. They always used to leave a few presents on the end of my bed as a little treat in the morning which I was allowed to open after 7am. I thought I was getting a PS1 and this was confirmed when I opened F1 '97. Unfortunately my Dad had bought it in a case that made the noise of an F1 car engine when you opened the cardboard sleeve, and, at 4am, this shocked me beyond belief. I jumped, rolling back off of the bed and waking the entire house as i landed on my head on the floor.

    Still, it was all worth it when I loaded it up and heard Murray Walkers commentary classic "Oh! And he's driven off onto the green stuff!"

  3. Lolz.

    No way that's true. Otherwise it's an admission of failure for the new system (that they left the old controls in there was anyway...) and EA would never do that. Because otherwise their much-hyped amazing new system that so many have raved about, and that the magazines have praised as super dooper amazing and the way forward, is shown up to be utter crap.

    Just in case it is true, I'll be waiting with my massive "I told you so" banner. :coffee:

    I fucking knew you had a banner!!!

    Maybe, rather than an admission that the great EA Swastika Printing machine has failed, it's just a way to let consumers who don't like the changes play with the play style they're used to with updated players and graphics and the new engine?

    Sum up, for us, what EA can do to make you happy?

  4. So this is a pretty mixed bag then. Whatever people on here say it looks worse than BC2, a lot worse (360). But it plays well (glitches aside) and fighting your way through the train tunnels is great fun, if possibly a little difficult.

    It's a day 1-er, it was always going to be, I just hope they fix it a bit and bump up the graphics to at least BC2 standards.

  5. But that has nothing to do with how defense works in real life. What you are describing is just one way of defending when you face a particular opponent (e.g. it's foolish to press on Messi when he has the ball, you must stop him getting the ball if you want to have a chance).

    What dino says is right and it has been happening for many years. People who claim this system is the next best thing are the same people who will start admitting that it was pretty bad when EA scraps it altogether.

    This system does not stop ping pong passing and actually nullifies pressing completely, thus failing on both of the issues that have plagued the series.

    Another issue, which is the lack of dribbling past A.I. opponents has been made possible because pressing has been nullified, thus creating an unbalance. Which in turn is even more evident online where good attacking players using the already unbalanced big teams and big players have a field day.

    At the same time if you want to have any success online it is imperative (with this new TD system) to use assisted controls, which makes the game feel completely on rails and creates thousands of Barcelonas. This is one of the major faults EA and Konami are too chicken to correct: they don't lock some settings for all players -e.g. all players should be using just a fraction of pass assist- under the pretence of giving choice to the players. Choice is good, sure, but only if it's beneficial. Here you can't even find a game with a player who uses no assists (and you have even more parameters).

    To tell you the truth, the defence system in PES actually works better. You press RT to jockey, RT+A to lock on to your opponent, A to try to steal the ball, X to call for assistance, B to tackle. You can really feel that you can control the attacker's movements and steal the ball if you press the button at the correct time. And it works a treat because players -for the first time in a football game- have momentum. Yes, even A.I. players can be fooled with a simple change of direction.

    Anyway, the whole system in FIFA seems like a labyrinthine because it was not properly thought out during the design stage, which is why it transforms it more and more to a marketing feature (this is what EA does the last couple of years).

    The intention is good but it just doesn't fix any of the serious problems this game has, so I really can't understand why they chose to use it. There were simpler things to try in order to stop ping pong passing and pressure abusers, like upping the error in passes by using a more manual system and creating a better stamina and position system to punish players who over press and stray out of position.

    At the same time we have an A.I. that hasn't been worked on at all and other systems that are still incomplete, like pro player intelligence, stamina system, my player mode (have they even looked at NBA 2K12?) and campaign mode (which has some minor improvements but it's a broken mode since the A.I. is so bad).

    So... you're not keen?

  6. I'm not finding the standard alternate controls too much of a problem. If I'm having to get used to a whole new defending system I've decided I don't mind adapting to some new buttons along with it.

    Then again every time we played Fifa before I had to reprogram my controls, which soon began to be known as "Mike's C**t Buttons".

  7. So I played Resi 4 on PS2. Loved it, stopped playing it, not sure why. I don't have a lot of time to play games at the mo' what with work and that, and I'm just about to pick up FIFA 12.

    Are the ports as bad as I've heard?

    Is it worth me trying again?

  8. I've got the Battlefield 3 Beta downloaded and am waiting to go out and grab FIFA12. Currently at work today and tomorrow and then am on a late shift until next Friday. So I'm playing nothing, for bloody weeks.

  9. I think the problem people are having is that when we come into a thread to find out new stuff or opinion about forza 4 we get page after page of wheel chat.

    It's not a big issue, and of course you should be allowed to talk about whatever you want in the thread but it's a fair point all the same.

    Surely a wheel thread makes more sense anyway? It stops people having to jump between the f1 and forza threads to find out about a certain wheel.

  10. I remember my first night on the Modern Warfare Beta. I'd always been useless at online shooters, and I wasn't really overly fussed about playing it. The download took ages, what with everybody downloading it at once, but after a few hours my slice of "I'll give it a go it's something for nothing" was downloaded.

    It was a revelation, a shooter I was good at and that was fun to play, with a novel (to me) unlock system that kept you hooked. Modern Warfare was a day one purchase, and I went on to buy many of the later games.

    Over the years I became disillusioned with the franchise, it felt too spawny as newer games came out, and the abundance of American (and English) teenagers began to grate after a little while.

    Luckily there was Battlefield Bad Company, a squad based shooter on which I clocked hundreds of hours online, and doubled that with it's near perfect sequel. Suffice to say the hype levels for BF3 were through the roof, and I got a pre-order in as soon as the option was there.

    I remember my first night on the Battlefield 3 Beta.

    "Connection to the EA Servers Lost".

  11. As a Fulham fan it's really bloody annoying how the media reacts to us. Yes we played well today, and it's always good to get a point against City but it's still only a point. The way it's treated as if we've just won and-


    No the champagne flutes... the long ones! Yeah you hold, I'll pour. Get together it's photo time because WE CAME BACK FROM 2-0 DOWN AGAINST BLOODY CITY!!!

  12. I thought either River or the same thing as was in Amy's room. Like a nice little twist at the end where the thing he fears the most is Amy alone waiting for him.

    Of course in the RTD days I'd have expected a gay Dalek.

  13. God that TGS trailer... it's like everything that was wrong with the games industry about 5 years ago. The gameplay looks fairly solid but it's just the whole vibe, emo'ey shite that takes itself far too seriously.

    I'm out.

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