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  1. Fuck The Wire with it's weak 2nd season.

    The Wire season 2 is the best season. Give me a pair of Frank Sobotka converses any day.

    Totally stoked for the 5th season of this, bit of a shame it's being split up but I suppose that just drags out the awesomeness that little bit longer so I'm not too bothered.

  2. Yeah it's a really great bit of kit. Any tips on setting up the controls for Peace Walker? All seems a bit fiddly so far!

    More than anything it's the idea of all these new HD collections getting ported that's got me excited. Anything confirmed other than DMC and MGS collections so far?

  3. I'd recommend watching it just to see how shit it actually is. To be fair, I managed to sit through it all just because each comedy moment kept drawing me back in.

    And yeah, he doesn't punch any wolves. Well, maybe one, but it's badly shot so you cant really tell and he gets bitten anyway.

    I'm amazed that looking back through this thread that everybody loved it. There's not a bad word said about one of the worst films I've seen in the last few years. Very odd.

    So... you were a fan?

  4. Dubious decision but Fulham got what they deserved, they could have hurt United a lot more if they actually got the ball in the box instead of passing it back from Duff to the keeper it a twenty pass more that looked nice but accomplished fuck all. Should have brought Ruiz on earlier too.

    Ruiz really hasn't been that good for us though. He'll take it round one player, try and get clever with it and then lose the ball time and time again. You could say the game changed for us when he came on but I'd call the Murphy substitution the turning point. If Murph had started I reckon we could have pulled back a draw.

    And yeah, probably a penalty but Utd were the better team and probably deserved the points.

  5. They need to sort out the prices on the store. £44.99 for FIFA? Madness! I take it there's no way to transfer games to the card if they're store bought?

    It doesn't seem to matter at the moment as the thing wont accept my card details anyway...

  6. This very moment I'm on my way home with a brand new 3g Vita. So thread, pat self on back cause you've made one more guy buy one. Oh dear....

    Just been told I'm going to be stuck at work bringing tapes into an edit suite until 2/3 in the morning.

    I'm going to buy a Vita guys...

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