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  1. Yeah, like when they manufacture faulty cars that kill people. They just change it a bit and it's fine.

    This could be my favourite thing I've ever read. And I've read bits of 50 Shades of Grey...

    They released it, a lot of people liked it, they improved it, a lot of people will like it more.

    I REALLY want this years PES to be as good as I've heard, I like FIFA but for some reason it just doesn't compare to the millions of wasted hours on PES 6 at Uni.

  2. Thought it was great. A nice slow burner to get the series started and good to see the show can survive without Malc and the gang. Reminded me a lot of first series Thick Of It, Manion gets better every episode he's in.

  3. It really is incredible and should be played by all. It's got that real "sod the wii Nan give this a go" as it's simple to play and totally intuitive. I wasn't a big fan of flowers as I'm not really into my waggle but loved every second of this.

    It was quite nice to be able to go through it in one sitting as well, something i've never done before with a game.

  4. You could Fulton people RIGHT NEXT to other guards and they wouldn't notice the body flying off into the sky.

    It was good gameplay wise and I have no issues with it at all but it wasn't remotely realistic.

  5. Nick Knowles on this Lottery thing looks scarier than anything I've ever seen on Doctor Who... Christ... he's like a wax Nick Knowles.

    Great episode, scary, funny and as clever as we'd come to expect. Nice to see Moffat flex a bit of muscle away from a story arc as well!

  6. "BBC Two Controller Janice Hadlow said: "I am delighted to welcome The Thick Of It back to BBC Two. It is an essential part of the BBC Two comedy offering this year. A new Coalition government, what better time for a new series of The Thick Of It?"

    Two years ago?

  7. Gutting this.. Was really hoping for a nice bumper pack with all the levels from the original games and maybe a few extras thrown in because it's essentially 2 PS1 games being sold for just over a tenner.

    Now, 7 levels of 2 PS1 games? And no school 1!?

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