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  1. Hopefully they'll put out a cradle to put our analogue cradle in that lets you just plug 2 AA batteries in the side. Or a cradle that lets you play GBA games. Or some sunglasses cradles that cover the top screen when the sun is out. Perhaps a cradle to attach to your head to keep you completely in line with the console. Basically I think the problem here is too FEW cradles.
  2. Yet another Mark Gatiss episode which looked great from the trailers, had a really good concept (kid making the monsters himself) and then was just dull in execution. 6/10.
  3. If anyone's looking to grab this on console hmv are doing it for £40 with a free copy of blade runner on blu ray.
  4. Will go and grab this on my lunch. I remember getting the original Deus Ex on PS2 (I know...) for a birthday years ago. Played through it and was a bit confused and came away from it thinking it was a bit of an average shooter. Grabbed it on PC whilst at Uni and played through it as a stealthy awesome mo'fucker and it became pretty much the best game ever. Have we heard any news on which console version is better? Will probably grab 360 for the 'cheives but if there are any major differences I wouldn't be adverse to the PS3 version.
  5. Yeah, and nobody plays outside of Squad Deathmatch on Bad Company 2. What's that other one called? Was it Resh..? Rash..?
  6. In game currency model Bush: $5 Gate: $10 Ice Cream Stand: $20 Section of Rollercoaster Track: $6000000 $6000000: about 59p.
  7. Try turning the 3D back on and stop steering with your head?
  8. I have a feeling that iCade's are going to become the "Racing Wheels" of the iOS thread.
  9. Well I picked one up yesterday for £150 after using a friend's ASDA staff discount. It's worth it... just for Ocarina in 3D... it's worth it.
  10. How do you find the e3 trailers on the 3rd? Tried the eshop but mario and luigis mansion don't seem to be there?
  11. I think it's more declaring genuine dislike "Misogyny" that's the issue here.
  12. You've run so far past the point it's unreal. LOOFAH!!!
  13. Just downloading infamous now and it's taking literally all day. If I turn off my PS3 does the download have to start again?
  14. "They're so nice they had to... crisps... fuck it I can't be arsed any more..."
  15. Apparently back up! http://www.vg247.com/2011/06/02/playstation-store-returns-in-us-with-massive-update/ STILL no welcome back package yet though...
  16. Strong rumours it'll be back tomorrow! http://uk.playstation.com/ps3/news/articles/detail/item284695/PlayStation-Network-scheduled-maintenance/?site_locale=en_GB&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  17. Seriously? Shooting in corridors with Big Ben next to them is still just shooting in corridors.
  18. So if we download wipeout do we get HD AND the Fury update or just the update? I think I'm in the small minority who had bought a PS3 the week before, hadn't used my credit card details and basically see this as getting a couple of games I was a click away from buying anyway for free!
  19. I'd also like to take this bet if there's still space?
  20. Just quickly I swear I remember someone saying you could buy maps that add the locations of the Borgia flags to your map in this? If you can't I probably won't bother, tooany memories of swearing at feathers in the past.
  21. Yeah bit rubbish really. Not Victory bad just a bit dull. Also I wouldn't sneeze near Rory... it will probably kill him.
  22. Nice post, finally drove me to download the lite version of Dungeon Raid which I love! QUick question though, what does the full version give me that the lite doesn't already?
  23. It really is just great, and it's a shame it doesn't have more fans. Tell your friends etc!
  24. Been a big fan of Ray and Ed since the original Ray Peacock Podcast they did with Raji James of Eastenders and East is East fame. Far better is the Peacock and Gamble podcast, which can be found here: http://www.chortle.co.uk/raypeacock/raypeacockpodcast.xml. It's stupid, juvenile and offensive, but by golly is it funny. Anyone else been a long time fan?
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