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  1. On 18/05/2022 at 10:35, Ste Pickford said:

    The games does give you nice little story updates every time you start a new session, to remind you what has happened and where you're up to.

    The simplicity of its systems and the above touch is exactly why I know I will finish Dragon Quest XI and that it will enter my top 20. It’s brilliant and a wonderful game to spend ten hours on here and there and come back to every so often. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Sabreman said:

    @BitterToad How do you think I would fare, as someone who basically gets immediately and intensely motion sick if a camera so much as spins around? I'm really torn on the idea of seeing this at the cinema. Is it all loop-de-loopy in-cockpit stuff?

    There’s an absolute shit load of loop de loopy in cockpit stuff. It’s the main trick the film pulls and it pulls it brilliantly and often. The cameras are basically static, mounted to/inside the jets, a lot of the time but you’re seeing everything on screen inside them move a lot. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Picasso Of Pain said:



    Try telling that to the people in disadvantaged communities where football is the one thing that brings them together, local pride is a driving force behind most of the clubs in the lower leagues and the football pyramid would be so much poorer if we did not have it 



    How are the two remotely mutually exclusive? You can have fans of English clubs in other countries and sustainable lower league clubs. The issue is the greed of the big clubs and the way money is distributed through the leagues, not globalisation/foreign fans of English clubs. 


    13 hours ago, neoELITE said:




    For all that reasonable stuff.... nope.


    Through thick and thin, everyone who loves football, they should support the team local to them. Regarless.


    It's fantastic to be a community. I even went to watch Bristol Rovers for a year. 

    Speaking as a Fulham fan that grew up locally and is a season ticket holder; It just. Doesn't. Fucking. Matter. 


    It's definitely an excellent bullet to have in the chamber after otherwise dogshit Man Utd spank us 4-1 and we get relegated again next year and all my London born Man Utd fan mates lay into me. But it doesn't actually matter at all. 


    Football's either a day out to you or something you watch on the telly. It's one of those two things and it's fine to be either. 

  5. Where am I actually trying to get to in the capital sewers?


    I feel like I've been to the bottom with the lobsters and explored the catacombs but I'm yet to find either the frenzy flame your man on the mountain talks about or the dude in the Roudtable that wants me to kill him in the Gaol. 


  6. 17 minutes ago, englishbob said:

    "Lost" shouldn't even be on the list, never mind at number 19. Such a waste of time as a programme.

    Lost was fucking amazing. It's absolutely not perfect but it's easily one of the most consistently surprising and interesting shows I've ever seen. Watching Severence I'm reminded of what Lost could have been if they hadn't had to do 25 episode seasons every year. But then there's a part of me that thinks if they had had a bit of time to think about it it wouldn't have ended up the mad sprawling fantastic thing it was. It's great, and the ending only let people down because of how ambitious the show had been up to that point. 

  7. I think the series did a fine job of



    giving her a reason to be a baddie. I also think it's fine for us to have sympathy with her at the beginning and then not by the end. Look at pretty much all of the big TV hitters of the "Golden Age of TV." The issue is when you spend so much time giving someone the motivation to be a baddy baddie and then throw that out of the window and have her spend a whole film saying "my boys my boys I need to look after my boys!" 


  8. 10 minutes ago, odb said:

    Some of you people are projecting. On the flip side there are grifters saying this movie is woke, and feminist garbage and you get people here on the left saying the opposite saying its not going woke enough. You can't win.


    What you're saying is nonsense because it's two different things in the movie people are complaining about. 



    The mere presence of a pride badge and a character with two mothers is enough to send the right into a frothing mess. All people are saying on here is that the film's disappointing in its depiction of women. If anything it's worse because even though they're making these big strides towards progressive values up front, in the background they let their female characters down so badly just by doing the same thing Hollywood always does. 


    Men = Big fighters and clever thinkers. 

    Women = Sad Mums who just want to be mums. 

    The two angles aren't remotely mutually exclusive. 

  9. 30 minutes ago, Festoon said:


    Wonderful review. Spot on, I reckon about Wanda. And it also shares a patchwork quality with No Way Home of just bits that seem good stuck together in a way that doesn't make sense or is underwhelming.


    The MCU movies now feel made in a chop 'n' bop style like the way chart hits are now written by finding loads of 'hooks' and sticking them together, rather than as a coherent narrative.

    (I really liked No Way Home)

  10. So there was a lot to like about this in terms of take your brain away from what's actually going on "moments" and "sequences" but overall I wasn't a fan at all. Spoilered for length and... well... spoilers. 



    The storytelling is all over the place. It's naff macguffin after naff macguffin and everything flies around at such a pace that I'm still not really sure what was going on in the moment to moment for a lot of it, and certainly didn't care while watching it. We fly through Strange's motivation (barely), the fact that he tries to do everything on his own, there's a dark book, there's a light book, here's a very slight back story for Chavez, we're up a mountain now, forget about all of that here's professor X! Remember him!? And here's that thing that the internet wanted! Look the guy from The Office is wearing the thing! This is the movie Edgar Wright turned down. So squeezed full of connections to the past and the future that on a storytelling level it barely has a chance to be its own thing. 


    But in the few scant moments it is its own thing it's absolutely brilliant! It's this mad fantastic dark dark (for a 12a certainly) horror with Zombies and actual bespoke SAM RAIMI direction in a Marvel movie and, if taken at fact value, an awesome baddie that can make zombies of herself and crash through walls and is super powerful. If taken at face value...


    But if you think about it for longer than a second? Hoo boy. Hoo deary boy. I really liked aspects of Wandavision. This whole idea of somebody grieving for someone and them trying to ignore their grief to that extent, to the point where as far as I'm concerned she invented those children purely as a symbol for what she felt for Vision and as a way of keeping him around. It was, very clearly, a show about how dangerous it is to pretend everything's fine when it isn't. It ended terribly, obviously. All of that thrown out for a big fight and an evil shot of Wanda to set this movie up, but the way it handed grieving and love as a thing was pretty cool and surprisingly deep for a Marvel thing. And if they'd built on that and explored Wanda further she could have made an excellent baddie here. However...


    I don't think whoever wrote this understood any of that. At all. Because in this Wanda is just obsessed with being a Mother. That's it. Her whole motivation after all these movies is to mother two frankly incredibly annoying children. Vision barely gets a mention, Westview barely gets a mention. She is woman. Woman look after children. Woman so blinded by love for children she will kill and kill and kill to be woman. It's misogynistic if Wanda was a new character but considering we've spent all of this time in all of those movies building up to what could have been a really complicated interesting character it sort of fights against everything Marvel is in theory trying to do with the MCU. 


    And Olsen is brilliant which adds to how much of a shame the whole thing is. She's very good at the stuff we've seen her be very good at before but my God does she sell in the horror aspects. But when every other line is "my boys... I need to feed my boys!" who gives a shit?


    With a few tweaks it could have been really special but as is it's bit of a mess. 

  11. Maybe we do a commentary thread and just have this one as scores? 


    Anyway, still compiling my list but it's absolutely warming my heart to see a fair few high scores for Beatles: Rock Band. I think alongside Get Back it's about as brilliant a celebration of The Beatles   I've ever experienced. It's also a truly, truly perfect video game and the clear high point of the late 00's plastic tat genre. In fact I'm hovering over an Xbox 360 on eBay to play it again...

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