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  1. How are the two remotely mutually exclusive? You can have fans of English clubs in other countries and sustainable lower league clubs. The issue is the greed of the big clubs and the way money is distributed through the leagues, not globalisation/foreign fans of English clubs.
  2. I kind of disagree with this. I don't think a fan in India has less right to feel like a proper supporter than a Manchester local. When a goal goes in that Indian fan could feel every bit as elated as a fan watching it in the ground, there's no cap on support. It's an emotion. Globalisation in football has absolutely ruined aspects of football and lead to things like the Super League, the World Cup in Quatar, and Manchester City and Newcastle being morally destroyed from the ground up. But it's also lead to my Dad somehow making friends with the Getafe Fulham supporters club. And once a year we get a load of Spanish lads come over who sing songs about "Fulham Getafe Friends (they say Amigos)" and making their own massive flags with a Spanish Flag, an English Flag, a Fulham badge and a Getafe badge on it. And then once a year my Dad and all of his lot go over there, watch a Getafe game and have a big old jolly. If you go into any pub around the Getafe ground there's a pretty high likelihood they'll have one or all of the following; a Fulham scarf, a Fulham shirt, a Fulham programme, a picture of my actual Father. It's great. And all of those guys are Fulham fans in the same way I am. It makes them smile when the man or woman kicks it and it goes in the goal. I personally find football something that's much more engaging if I'm there, but if you don't have access to a half decent league nearby why not get invested in an English club? Globalisation can be both a good and bad thing for Football at the same time.
  3. Speaking as a Fulham fan that grew up locally and is a season ticket holder; It just. Doesn't. Fucking. Matter. It's definitely an excellent bullet to have in the chamber after otherwise dogshit Man Utd spank us 4-1 and we get relegated again next year and all my London born Man Utd fan mates lay into me. But it doesn't actually matter at all. Football's either a day out to you or something you watch on the telly. It's one of those two things and it's fine to be either.
  4. Where am I actually trying to get to in the capital sewers?
  5. Lost was fucking amazing. It's absolutely not perfect but it's easily one of the most consistently surprising and interesting shows I've ever seen. Watching Severence I'm reminded of what Lost could have been if they hadn't had to do 25 episode seasons every year. But then there's a part of me that thinks if they had had a bit of time to think about it it wouldn't have ended up the mad sprawling fantastic thing it was. It's great, and the ending only let people down because of how ambitious the show had been up to that point.
  6. Seriously? Quite a lot of great art is essentially therapy...
  7. The idea that "good" and "cheesy" are mutually exclusive needs to GTFO.
  8. It's Marvel's world we're all just trying to watch more interesting films on lovely big tellies in it.
  9. Why are they showing replays? What's happening seems quite exciting.
  10. At least Corden's having a shit day.
  11. It's very boring this isn't it?
  12. My list. Cheers for sorting @Benny! 1. Dark Souls 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 3. Mass Effect 2 4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 5. Super Mario Galaxy 6. Final Fantasy VII 7. The Beatles: Rock Band 8. The Last Guardian 9. Outer Wilds 10. Resident Evil 4 11. Rez (video game) 12. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 13. Mario Kart 8 14. Halo: Reach 15. Grand Theft Auto IV 16. Titanfall 2 17. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 18. Returnal (video game) 19. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 20. Elden Ring
  13. I think this is thick and that you are thick for saying it.
  14. What you're saying is nonsense because it's two different things in the movie people are complaining about. The two angles aren't remotely mutually exclusive.
  15. So there was a lot to like about this in terms of take your brain away from what's actually going on "moments" and "sequences" but overall I wasn't a fan at all. Spoilered for length and... well... spoilers. With a few tweaks it could have been really special but as is it's bit of a mess.
  16. Ncuti's really fantastic in the properly excellent Sex Education. They're making all the right noises for the next series to be a good one!
  17. What time does actual qualifying start? Trying to juggle this with the Liverpool game!
  18. Maybe we do a commentary thread and just have this one as scores? Anyway, still compiling my list but it's absolutely warming my heart to see a fair few high scores for Beatles: Rock Band. I think alongside Get Back it's about as brilliant a celebration of The Beatles I've ever experienced. It's also a truly, truly perfect video game and the clear high point of the late 00's plastic tat genre. In fact I'm hovering over an Xbox 360 on eBay to play it again...
  19. I really like the new album. It reminds me, weirdly, of Halo: ODST. A sort of all new "Greatest Hits" package that gives you something you like regardless of why you like them and then immediately moves onto the next thing. As a result of this there's a couple of tracks I'm not as mad on as the rest of it but it's the closest thing we've had to a really great Arcade Fire album since The Suburbs, which is such a viscerally important album to me, so I'm happy!
  20. A quest log would kind of ruin the very specific experience I'm having with the game. Which is so singular and different from anything else I've ever played that it feels kind of fine that it exists how it is and there are a million other "Gary's in the lava world go get him his 50 eggs" type setups. In this, I have almost certainly missed hours and hours of quests and gameplay and other bits. But my journey feels real and interesting and singular to me. I've looked nothing up. And as I go around sometimes I'll be knocking about a castle and see someone I recognise and just basically explode. It's that dude! How cool! And the way they've designed the quests seems really intelligent in that you can, from what I can tell, miss bits of quests and catch back up with them later? And there's just so much of the bloody thing that I've not worried about missing anything at all. I'm 100 hours in and still don't feel like I'm anywhere near the end. So what if I miss a couple of quests? It feels like that first magical 10 hours of Red Dead 2 before the games systems revealed themselves a little more explicitly, but spread over the length of The Witcher 3. It's good. Good game. Don't change it. Good.
  21. Just absolutely astonishing really. Couldn't happen to a nicer oppressive regime.
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