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  1. Yeah loved the Galaxy 2 article. I also really enjoyed the Destiny stuff, good to see Bungie are trying some new stuff and not just iterating on what's come before.
  2. I tend to roll my eyes at middle aged people moaning about tech YouTubers in rllmuk threads but that guy really is just one of the worst cunts.
  3. It's free now and you've had a fair old while to get through it. It's definitely a shame because The Red War in particular was really great, but if it frees up space for new content (or recycled old content...) I'm alright with it.
  4. Someone should let both of them know.
  5. I think there's a lot of... what's the opposite of sugar coating? Shit coating? I think there's a lot of shit coating going on in this thread. Cliffy B is a fairly annoying character, true, but as K said his team took what games like kill.switch and Resi 4 were doing and turned it into the dominant genre for third person shooters for around 10 years. Resi 4 is better than any of the Gears games, yes, but its controls simply wouldn't have worked in a fast paced action games. Then Gears of War comes along and tweaks everything so that from the minute you start playing it feels fast, fun and flui
  6. No, gooner's right. It crashes every time you switch game, then you get acid reflux, then the Covid vaccine gets delayed a month. It's been happening on streams everywhere so I think it's clear PS54LYF2020 etc.
  7. So what, persistent parties that you just join rather than having to start a new one every time? Sounds alright to me.
  8. What's up with party chat? I've never used a playstation for online shenanigans.
  9. Right then, lets really nail down how we feel about Digital Foundry before moving onto the above.
  10. Yeah I got really into this around a month ago and then sold my PS4 Pro to pay for the PS5. I was at the start of chapter 4 and miss it so so much. It's not for everyone but for those it clicks with it's a very special experience indeed.
  11. There's no such thing as unnecessarily harsh on the battlefield of the console war. Tiresome? Yes. But too harsh? Not when there's a war to be won, soldier.
  12. I find this "Pixar just make films about people chasing things" to be utterly bizarre criticism. Like the kerraigs of the world worked something out that makes them sound like film critics and repeat it ad nauseam. "You know, if you look deep down, all Pixar movies are exactly the same..." Quite a few films follow a pretty bog standard framework. It's a good way of making new ideas feel familiar or identifiable. Inside Out is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. It's telling children it's okay to be sad. I saw it as a mid twenty something that's always considered mysel
  13. On Modern Warfare 2 launch day we all went to Asda to pick it up at midnight because we were students and that seemed to be the done thing at the time. We queued for about an hour, and just before we got to the front I thought of what I considered to be a funny idea. I gave my mate my copy and picked up a jar of £1 chilli sauce. I walked up to the person serving and gave a flustered sigh before saying "Christ, busy in here tonight isn't it!" They were up at 1am serving hundreds of students a video game so clearly weren't up for my bullshit. "Yeah. Xbox or Playstation?
  14. Peep Show. The trick is to make the getting together make the characters less happy than before.
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