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  1. JK Simmons was in The Tomorrow War and Batman vs Superman and Justice League.
  2. Recently it's been Robert Pattinson. He tends to pick a good mix of interesting blockbusters or totally mad out their indie stuff. Tenet was obviously a huge bag of hot wet shite but he was the best thing in it.
  3. I think that Into The Spider-verse is basically the perfect comic book movie. It does everything you'd want from that kind of film; it looks amazing, the action's great, it's packed full of great characters who all go on believable emotional arcs and it's hilarious! It has, in Give Me Danger, the absolute best moment in any super hero film ever made. I think you're basically on a hiding to nothing trying to make a sequel in any kind of similar mould. The remarkable, astonishing thing about Across the Spider-verse is that they didn't. They just opened up their perfect movie and threw a stick of dynamite in there and exploded everything out in every direction at once. There's just so much in here and it's all so diverse and fresh and brilliant and while it lacks that perfect simplicity of the first movie it just about hangs off the central storyline and themes whilst also being one of the most insane and inventive things I've ever seen. It reminds me a bit of what's happening with Zelda at the moment. Nintendo created perfection in Breath of the Wild. It felt like the only option was to give us more perfection with steadily declining freshness. But instead they just went mad with it and threw the kitchen sink (has Musk ruined that phrase..? Hmm...) at it. Is Across the Spider-Verse another perfect super hero movie? No. It's all over the place if you stop and think about it for longer than a second. But what's there is so absolutely incredible and joyous and just jaw dropping that I'm so happy they went in this direction rather than try to repeat the successes of that first movie. It's a mad, brilliant masterpiece and I can't wait to see how they tie it all up next year.
  4. An absolutely perfect ending to a basically perfect show. Wonderful stuff.
  5. Is there any need for this?
  6. This is very clearly one of the best pieces of entertainment ever but it's such a shame that horses are still shit. Link is a man with a magic arm. Give him a magic horse that appears whenever you whistle. As it is it's just a faff having to horse manage yourself if you want to make use of them. It's a very small problem in a really really great game but it annoys me that Novelty Bobble is just sat around because I'm not quite close enough to summon him when I could be using him to gallop all over the big amazing spaces.
  7. You absolutely can stop now. It's really easy. Just stop supporting them. Pick another team. It's football they're not your Dad.
  8. It's the opening few hours. FF7 is basically linear for the first few hours. They've talked about big open spaces and towns etc later haven't they? Combat wise, again you can get by in most Final Fantasy games by just clicking attack for a fair while, the tactics and suchlike come in once you're further in.
  9. I was playing on my Switch while my girlfriend was packing her things away after a wedding at the weekend. It is, I believe, the first time I have ever "gamed" in front of her. I was doing a shrine and cleared a puzzle and the switch made the classic Zelda diddle diddle diddle dee dee success noise very quietly. I then immediately followed this up with a tuneful little; "Michael you have opened the door!" The look she gave me was a mixture of humour, sympathy and I believe I detected a very small amount of revulsion. I have this morning realised that I have not been doing this little song in my head as I thought I have since, what... Wind Waker back in 2003?
  10. BitterToad


    New blur!
  11. But, like, if the option was a slightly shinier version with less moved on gameplay wise would you want that? It's a fair discussion point but it's clear they've put a lot of work into TotK and I'd much rather have what we have than a better looking game with less interesting stuff to do in it.
  12. BitterToad

    Edge 385

    It's really really really good.
  13. It has been proven in this thread that you can solve that shrine without the paraglider. Therefore all talk of "bad game design" should probably stop there because the game allows you to do the bit people are calling bad design because you can't do it without the paraglider... well... without the paraglider. I am finding this much harder than BOTW though. I'm getting killed pretty constantly if I go off the beaten track. It's sort of making me resent combat a bit? In Elden Ring when you go off piste you're getting into fights with big bastards involving the best combat system in gaming, the combat in TotK is pretty serviceable stuff made better by all of the experimentation but I'll still often think "oh no there's a load of blue guys that I could have absolutely destroyed in BOTW who can now kill me in one hit." I don't know, the game's clearly amazing and there are little patches of "oh wait this is like an even more special version of one of the best games ever made" but it's not quite hitting those heights quite yet constantly.
  14. Wait were Bournemouth in the premier league this year? Huh. Mad!
  15. The first ten hours are probably the most I've ever enjoyed a video game in my life. Exploring the world for the first time, hunting, cooking, living in this incredible space in the moments before the "gaminess" has revealed itself are, for me, better than anything in Breath of the Wild or Elden Ring or Mario 64 or anything.
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