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  1. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on the Brentford Barnsley game for a similar feeling next season. What a team, what a club, what a feeling. No better way to go up. I don’t think the Premier League is the be all and end all, last year was awful and VAR is going to be interesting, but it’s a wonderful feeling to bear your rivals in a play off final.
  2. No but stories aren't just characters walking around saying exactly what they feel at any given moment. It's insane to say that we have to take everything a character says at face value because they've said it and we can't know otherwise. There's emotion, subtext, internal conflict, all sorts of reasons that someone saying something isn't necessarily their true feelings. You can't make a character feel what you want but you can absolutely look for shades of grey in what they say. When Ellie says "I wanted to die on that table" sure she could be saying that she wanted to save humanity and be the hero, but she could also be saying that she wanted the choice to make that decision. Or, and for me this is most likely, that she feels guilty and responsible for what happened because she's still alive. I never got the sense that Ellie would 100% have decided to die if she'd been given the choice, but what she's cut up about is the fact that millions of people have died when it could have just been her and she doesn't know what she would have chosen. Look at the exchange with the Doctor when he's so sure killing Ellie is the right thing, then when he's asked about if it was his own daughter he goes silent. The ending from the first game isn't brilliant because we're watching Joel Break Bad, it's because of the central questions it asks and the different ways the answers play out in your head. If you asked me what I would have done being given the decision I would tell you 100 times out of 100 that I would die for humanity. But would I? I'd certainly hope so but what makes it brilliant is that it's so difficult a decision.
  3. If you're playing with others 4 is definitely the one to go for, and it's a real looker too. But 3's got the better location/structure for single play.
  4. It looks exactly how you'd expect a Watchmen movie should look, but if you keep looking at it for longer than a second it shows how little Snyder has understood the source text. As much as people say a film could never have worked, the TV series shows if you take the idea of a deconstruction of the super hero myth and what that actually means and put it up against modern society there's still room for new Watchmen and adaptations. I think now more than ever, with comic book movies being as big as they are, deconstructing the idea of them and what they actually stand for could work really well. Or, you know, just recreate every panel of the original and cut two of the characters fucking to Jeff Buckley.
  5. By accident once. That's been released because the PS3 online community was so small they managed to get the nukes down to a suitable level. It's not 0 nukes but something along the lines of more being disarmed than built in a day or something.
  6. It'll be the Fortnite battle pass model for cosmetic unlocks, and then maybe weapon unlocks if there's another mode outside of Arena that'll use them in a Fortnite way. I have no real issue with that model, it keeps everyone on the same maps, stops random unlocks/ stuff like that weighting the game towards pay to win and it's not like I'm paying anything for it in the first place. Plus if it is like Fortnite and you can earn credits to keep playing for free, everyone's a winner. My only issue with Halo 5 at the moment is nobody playing and those that are leaving teams as soon as they go a few kills down. Hopefully the F2P aspect mixed in with the Halo name will keep things lively for a bit longer.
  7. That was legitimately horrible. We were pretty shit throughout. Unlucky @Ork1927, Cardiff couldn't have given any more and we just managed to hold out. Next week is going to be genuinely horrible. Parker is starting to win me round in the way we ground out games but Tuesday aside I can't say it's a particularly enjoyable watch as a Fulham fan. The away game against Brentford we didn't turn up at all, and I thought we gave them a good game at the Cottage before just crumpling in the last 10. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.
  8. Just give Dennis Kelly all of that money to make a season 3. The artist formerly known as Kerraig was bang on when he said the Britishness was a key part of what made Utopia so weird. Stupid.
  9. Yeah all in all it was more than I could have wanted from Scott Parker's Fulham. The first half took a while to get going, I'd say Cardiff had the better chances but we got into the game the longer it went on. Then we were pretty unplayable in the second half, with Onomah scoring one of the better Fulham goals I've seen for a while. I'm still incredibly nervous about Thursday, and slightly concerned that Mitro might be out for a bit longer than Parker was suggesting, but we couldn't have hoped for a better start. Now we just need Brentford to lose tomorrow...
  10. I am in a fairly similar boat in my corner of West London. I need to remember how little fun last year was and how nice it is actually seeing your team win every so often. On the other side we'd definitely lose Mitrovic if we stay down and hey, imagine if we weren't as terrible as last year and scraped a draw against Arsenal! It's the stuff dreams are made of! Parker has us playing pretty slow, frustrating, possession based football. The plan tonight will be to go one up and control the game from there. Hopefully, hopefully it works. We tend to be a bit shit at defending against good teams that try and play and we can't break down teams if they just sit back so I'm going to guess it might be quite a slog of a game. Best of luck @Ork1927, shame neither of us can be at either of the legs!
  11. Let's say it all together now. Fulham will not win the playoffs. As many of you as possible, come on now. .
  12. This thread today If we could all start talking about how there's no way Fulham will win the playoffs I'd be eternally grateful.
  13. Edited to save face. Please delete your post.
  14. Probably not the time for it, but one of my favourite football stories from recent years concerns the Cajones Derby. Watford had a couple of good results against Arsenal, and then the interview with Deeney happened. He said, as we all know, that the Gooners lack Cajones. Which pissed Arsenal off. Remember in The Last Dance when people said that Michael Jordan used to make up reasons to hate his opponents? Well, Troy Deeney gave Arsenal everything they needed, and Arsenal have all but one of their games since then (the other was a draw) but who knows what will happen in the future as football is mad and stupid. Cajones indeed.
  15. Absolutely this. There are now three pretty distinct options out there for gamers to choose between, which can only be a good thing. Want the ability to play games anywhere and for some of those games to be made by Nintendo? Switch. Want critically acclaimed exclusives on a traditional console model? PS5. Want access to hundreds of games out of the box, the most powerful console and lean towards more GaaS fare for your exclusives? Series X.
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