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  1. I work in film advertising, so no, I don't tend to illegally bite the hand that feeds. Also, your analogy is totally wrong. It's more akin to breaking into a car lot, stealing a car, driving it around for the night and returning it in the morning. In theory what you're doing is a completely victimless crime, and as people have said Di$ney don't need the money from the £10 ticket you might have bought if you couldn't just illegally rip a copy and watch it at home. But from the tone of the above post I'm guessing JPL doesn't only download stuff he buys later and that's when you get into smaller films being nicked and it all starts to get a bit more murky. Anyway, I won't derail any further, Endgame was brilliant and I cried all the way through it so well done to everyone involved.
  2. Yeah if you wait a few months there'll be a 4k copy hitting the shops.
  3. Max Payne 3 Skippable Cutscenes. You then have the perfect game.
  4. So I'm not sure when this hit Netflix but Stuart Heritage wrote an article about it in The Guardian and yesterday I watched it all in pretty much one sitting. Tim Robinson was a writer on SNL a few years back and now writes and stars in one of the strangest, best sketch shows I've ever seen. It's 6 15-20 minute episodes on Netflix and I can;t recommend it enough. I'm already chomping at the bit to go back for a second viewing. It's incredible.
  5. BitterToad

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    I had exactly the same reaction and watched the entirety of the rest of it. It was mad, inventive, VERY silly in places, but overall it was absolutely brilliant.
  6. Yeah also I spent the whole match last night being chased by a team calling my mother a "whore and a morloc". So it might be worth not letting your kids on chat for this one. Internet's gonna Internet I guess.
  7. So I was really into Sea of Thieves last year. Not in the same way as others in this thread kept it going up until now, but I loved what I played of the game for the time that I played it. There were clearly rough edges everywhere and the lack of content was an issue in terms of it appealing to a wide audience, but we always had fun jumping on a boat and going and doing something. Then with the Meg and the Skeleton ship add ons it found its way into my top 5 of last year above God of War and Spiderman. It was brilliant. Last night a few of us got together to play the anniversary update and if you've been on the fence or bounced off SoT before I can't recommend crewing up and giving it another go more. My mates and I have dedicated Thursdays to Sea of Thieves night now, because it's just so much fun. There isn't anything else like it out there. The pull isn't a Destiny-esque loot chase, it's not an adrenaline fuelled Call of Duty competitive Kill/Death competition. It's not even A Left For Dead style coop thrill ride, although as I say with some of the later story inclusions there are aspects of that in there. If I was to compare Sea of Thieves to anything it would be Metal Gear Solid 5. It's a game that's fun because they've filled it with fun little activities and systems, that all click together in one big satisfying whole. Raise the sails, turn the sails, turn the wheel, check to navigate, load the cannonball, fire the cannons, reload the cannons, fire the cannons, get ammo for your weapon from the box, fire your weapon. It might sound like I'm describing all games here, but there's a very specific feeling I get playing Sea of Thieves that I've only really experience in MGSV and maybe Hitman before. Then when you add that to an online world playing with friends? It just becomes this incredible thing of everyone having their jobs and ticking all of these boxes constantly so that it's satisfying when it's slow, and incredibly intense when it's fraught. I've genuinely never played an online game like it. And the longer it goes on the more Rare are adding story content and other systems and tweaking stuff that's already there that it's just becoming this big, deep, brilliant thing. So yeah, I wasn't planning to type that much but I'll finish by saying if you didn't love Thieves due to a lack of content to start with, they've kind of solved that. And if you like system led gameplay from things like Hitman, MGSV, etc, then for the love of God find some like minded people and get on it soon!
  8. BitterToad

    Sonic The Hedgehog (Live Action) Nov 2019

    How the fuck is this thread managing to be worse than the trailer?
  9. BitterToad

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I uhh... Had the second horse following me for ages... it got pretty annoying... I was whistling for Jack Fantastic and this other horse kept rocking up... so you know that Arthur that I was talking about upthread? The one that I was roleplaying and living the life of and all that? He totally blew up a horse with dynamite. In theory you can't roll dynamite at your horse because the game stops it. So you have to whistle, work out where the horse is going, throw the dynamite and yeah.. He was a pretty messed up dude that Arthur Morgan.
  10. BitterToad

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I like a lot of Film Critic Hulk's work. Especially now that he's dropped the shouty all caps schtick. But in his article he calls some of the design of Red Dead Redemption 2 objectively bad, even makes a point about how it isn't subjectivity it's objectivity, and that's clearly bollocks. My biggest argument is that I hitched up my horse every time I got off it when the game allowed. This was a slightly cumbersome activity to start with that I got used to, but even then it added a lot of time and button presses to an already massive, button pressy game and yet I still did it every time. I probably, over the course of my 110 hours playing, spent an hour of that minimum hitching my horse. Even though according to FCH's article more button presses and more interactivity for the sake of realism = Bad design that impacts the player poorly. Did I do this because it was quicker? No. Did I do it because it got me 1up mushrooms? No. I did it because for the first time in a little while I was playing a game that really felt like I was roleplaying another character. I was Arthur Morgan and Jack Fantastic was my horse. My mate! And I'm not going to leave my mate knocking around the camp when I could hitch him up and give him a brush down. I did this for loads of stuff, I'd try and eat something every day, I'd sleep back at the camp and spend a day talking to everyone, eating a proper meal and drinking coffee. If I was spending a day hunting I'd set up a tent and camp out at night even though I could just press the snack button a few times and it'd bring back the same amount of health. And more often that not all of these over the top things like going through drawers and hitching up horses and it taking an age to walk across the camp actually added to my immersion. This might not be the case for everyone and it might sound like I'm making excuses because I liked the game but, well... that's kind of my point. There's no such thing as objectivity (aside from game crashes/bugs) in any medium that calls itself art. And I think that article is totally barking up the wrong tree by saying "you might like RDR2 but you're wrong because here's X Y and Z reasons that it objectively sucks and you're wrong." A lot of what he claims are objective criticisms are reasons I still love the game and can't stop thinking about it this far after release.
  11. BitterToad

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    Just did the Dragon and without thinking did that Ali G finger click thing for about a minute. Good game, this.
  12. Yeah you get over the controls. For me they added to the sense of being a hulking great bastard from the start but even that aside any issues were gone after 10 or so hours.
  13. BitterToad

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    First two are fantastic, third merely good.
  14. Right but what's a satisfying end to the Snoke storyline that hasn't already been played out within the Star Wars canon? That isn't just Snoke is related to someone we already know? I'm not saying that that Trope is totally dead in all fiction, but in Star Wars? The series with the most famous familial twist of all time? Nah mate. What are your options; Snoke's Ray's Dad? Bleh, a retread of Empire. Snoke's Han's Gran? It feels nice to say and it's a nice image and he did look a bit like one of those old women you see that look like they've had a fuck tough life, but I'm pretty sure the TLJ sucked crowd wouldn't go for it. What I'm saying with the above, sort of aside from all the Nan content, is that in the age of the internet it's quite difficult to come up with a series of twists that won't get thought up and shared around between the exact group of people that hated their beloved Star Wars baddies not seeming as important as they'd like. Nerds that like Star Wars a bit too much. So the bigger twist is to just throw it all away. Make the films about the characters rather than some tired DUN DUN DAAAAAAAH moment linked to a series of films that came out 40 years ago. This isn't about Snoke in the same way it's not about Rey's parents. It's about Kylo Ren and Rey. Two interesting, well developed characters that we've seen grow over two films. I'm much more into their story than that of unseen abandoner parents and big bollock head evil Andy Serkis.
  15. BitterToad

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy


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