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  1. Yeah fuck him and fuck his boring, overstuffed show. It’ll probably just be a newly cut twenty minute look at Deathloop like it is every year anyway.
  2. Obviously they look incredible on PS5 but are they really doing that much that you couldn't do on PS4? Maybe Ratchet with its portals but from what I've heard they weren't all they were cracked up to be anyway were they?
  3. Yeah I think they should definitely gate out millions of customers still on the old systems so that a bit of grass can move in the wind. We're a year into the new consoles. And Halo Infinite was started six years ago. Nothing I've played on either next-gen console feels like it couldn't have been played in a less shiny longer loading way on last gen systems. That's just where we're at now. And if releasing on both generations means I get a slicker version that loads quickly on my Series S and am still able to play multiplayer with mates of mine that either can't or won't afford to upgrade I can't see it as that huge an issue.
  4. Grapple hook's quite good for flanking/closing distance then. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bittertoad/video/147815988
  5. There's definitely a line of dialogue earlier in the season where Mrs Logan and Logan are talking and she kind of suggests exposing it and he says something along the lines of "some bombs can't be detonated without being caught in the blast." Anyway that was another fantastic episode of television that put character first and then cleverly weaved moving the plot forward in as it went. I absolutely loved how over the course of the episode Kendall went from being completely pathetic in a cringeworthy way to the worst cunt imaginable to someone you felt genuinely sorry for. Mad that they can continue to do that with their characters on a week by week basis and keep them all so believable.
  6. Yeah but as RubberJohnny says if it's not bigger than Fortnite and Warzone, the two biggest games in the world, while still in Beta it's an abject failure and they should just can it immediately.
  7. They've already said there won't be any new modes for launch, so get your hate mail ready. I just hope there's a playlist tweak to separate Slayer out from Objective games. I think that could still fall under "no new maps or modes" and would really improve the game for me.
  8. It'll be because they've spread the season out. New maps are coming but they'll just take a bit longer to keep people interested throughout the longer season 1. I'm nowhere near bored of what's there yet and hopefully new Playlists (hopefully hopefully hopefully) will put a bit more life into the game come launch.
  9. I'm finding it really funny how big the outcry is over progression and challenges because I'm such a stupid old man and the front end confuses me so much that I don't know how to see what challenges I have and how far through them I am unless they pop up after a game. I'm not asking to be told, by the way. I genuinely prefer it this way.
  10. Nearing the end of my trial now and I can say for me this is comfortably the worst Battlefield ever made. It's rubbish.
  11. I think I'm going to do a 180 in my thinking about all of this. Rather than getting all "stop getting Bond wrong" about people not understanding how brilliant The Last Jedi was, I will simply laugh at the fact a load of morons had Star Wars ruined for them by it. This seems healthier to me.
  12. I think my main issue is that I play solo for most of the week then have a Friday evening session with mates. On the Friday evening sessions having a big playlist of everything together is great! Objective games are so much fun when you can chat and organise and everyone's actually playing the objective. On your own though? Objective stuff can be fun. But I'd rather just play Slayer because there's no chance one person on your team doesn't get it and ruins it for the rest of you. People can suck, sure, but at the end of the day it's all down to your own personal performance and if you're good enough you can overcome a couple of shit teammates. That's not really the case with Capture the Flag if you're up against a good team and it kind of puts me off playing a bit that I can't easily jump into a quick game of Slayer.
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