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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC, Chicago Bears & the Montreal Canadiens, a bit of videogaming here and there and a slight obsession with all things Star Wars. All while dealing with the joys of parenting and being a Civil Servant

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  1. Grrrrr, this nightmares thing is shit, all I want to do is take out Doom & Stark for the last time each but instead I get some stupid fuck either take me out or comeback as a shadowtwat and get in the way. Fuck this mode, it’s crap!
  2. 8.0 update has broken party functions https://www.gamesradar.com/au/ps4-800-update-launches-today-and-will-update-how-party-and-messasing-works/ My son and his friends are unable to create a party as the friend list doesn’t work, just gives an error message. #slowhandclap
  3. Switch for me. I wasn’t an early adopter but once in, oh my. Odessey, AC, MK8, Zelda (yes, technically last gen because it was developed for and came out on the Wii U), sublime gaming. PS4 is second, but the only exclusive I’ve played is Spider-Man, it’s mainly a Fortnite/Star Wars device for me & my son.
  4. Just read this, such a shame. The man was a legend. Saw VH at Wembley on the Right Here Right Now tour and it was a great night. I hope he managed to clear the air with Michael & Sammy before he went. RIP #EVH
  5. Thanks, I’ll take you up on that as soon as I have re-subbed to Online.
  6. Ok, I need that in game Switch in my house. How do I get one??
  7. Ivanho


    Finally managed to find some time to watch S&M2. Its fanfuckingtastic!
  8. Going to wait for the PS5 Slim. Still loads of PS4 stuff to play, and Switch. Son wants a PS5, but will only play Fortnite anyway so I'm not spending £500 just for that!
  9. PS4 for me, but not with PSVR (as I don't have one). Just plain old pad & TV
  10. No, at the moment only Xbox, PS4 & PC.
  11. Nope, I like it too. It’s entertaining and has some great visuals. I don’t think it hits the heights of TFA but it’s a good fun film. But I like R1 & Solo so what do I know?!
  12. Birthday present from my Daughter
  13. My son’s playing this now. Looks ok, although the first thing he said was ‘the characters don’t look right) and it seems a bit QTE heavy but he’s enjoying it. It’s also crashed twice. It’s not a day one purchase, but will probably pick it up in a sale or from CEX.
  14. Little bit of info on custom load outs https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-08-14-ea-talks-star-wars-squadrons-switchable-ship-components-and-customisation-options
  15. Wasn’t his main issue his working relationship with RTD which, in his eyes, completely broke down. If he’s not involved in this then that might be why he’s back.
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