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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC, Chicago Bears & the Montreal Canadiens, a bit of videogaming here and there and a slight obsession with all things Star Wars. All while dealing with the joys of parenting and being a Civil Servant

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  1. Just watched my son get a 14 kill solo win on the Switch. He normally plays on PS4 as he doesn’t like the switch joycons when playing Fortnite. It was something else to watch. He said that some kills were bots but I was still impressed. Plus, it was on my account so I get that career badge
  2. And as an opening introduction to an album, a band & a guitarist, nothing beats this..
  3. If you’re going to mention GN’R then it must be this.. Another Queen that knocks it out the park Say what you want about Bon Jovi but they were pretty good at using a decent bass riff to get a track going (even if it really was Hugh MacDonald and not Alex) And lastly for me, this...
  4. All the Mario items, the Pipe is the most useful. Other than that, not really. It’s just a nice relaxing game to pop into and potter about for a while.
  5. I thought the statue was one of the few they didn’t get. Empire State Building & White House deffo, but I don’t remember seeing Liberty in bits.
  6. Just booked this for the family Ramblin Man this year just didn’t do it for me, and this way all four of us can go for not much money. Other friends going as well so should be good fun.
  7. Ivanho

    Old Age Gamers

    Possibly, my Dad was an engineer by trade, he built a whole surround for the ZX81, including a hand built extension board so that the 16k ram pack and a joystick (an Atari controller) could be used at the same time. Probably the simplest thing but at the time my mind was blown, as were my friends who had to use the keyboard on theirs. I’ll have to ask him if he took any pictures of it, it was magnificent.
  8. Ivanho

    Old Age Gamers

    Also 47 in August, played games since my Dad put a Zx80 kit together. I’ll still be playing when I’m on my way to the great Arcade in the sky.
  9. A Hot Wheels Mario Kart, yep I’ll be all over that, especially if it has cross play (me on Switch, son on PS4)
  10. Anyone got one of these? https://www.aldi.co.uk/pokemon-umbreon-switch-controller/p/713115467854102 Just wondering if they were worth getting over the Pro Controller or Joycons. Don’t have any stick drift, more for multiplayer stuff like Smash, MK8, etc. Edit: Found it on Amazon, for £6 more, reviews seem ok, and it has the ‘Nintendo Seal of Approval’, but so did Rise of the Robots.
  11. This was ok, wafer thin plot covered by some brilliant visuals. Kept us all entertained for a couple of hours so job done.
  12. Ok, I’ll admit it, you got me with that one. Well played sir, well played!
  13. More for the Play At Home scheme.. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/play-at-home/ Also, Horizion Zero Dawn will be added in April. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/03/17/play-at-home-2021-update-10-free-games-to-download-this-spring/
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