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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC, Chicago Bears & the Montreal Canadiens, a bit of videogaming here and there and a slight obsession with all things Star Wars. All while dealing with the joys of parenting and being a Civil Servant

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  1. Kirby & the Forgotten Land, Lego Skywalker, Metroid Dread, that should keep you busy for a bit. Can’t remember if 3D World was before or after Yoshi, but worth it, especially as Bowsers Fury is good fun.
  2. Looks good. S’pose I should fire up the Wii U and finish BOTW (started on release day, still not completed )
  3. Point Blank, I bought a PS1 to play it. Time Crisis a close second. The PS2 game with the G-Con 2 was brilliant. HOTD Overkill on the Wii was pretty good fun as well.
  4. Ivanho

    Foo Fighters

    I think that Rufus Taylor would be a good shout, wouldn’t be that difficult to prise him out of The Darkness.
  5. Ivanho

    Foo Fighters

    Yeah, he didn't really bring anything to it, but I'm not a fan of his anyway. Josh did a better Bowie than Elton, but it was all good and seeing Them Crooked Vultures altogether was
  6. Ivanho

    Foo Fighters

    Yes, the whole thing, sitting in the garden with friends enjoying some great tunes, wine and food. Personal highlights were John Paul Jones, Lars & Brian, Rush, Queen, and the Foo’s with guest drummers. It was a great celebration and send off. #RIPTaylor
  7. Ivanho

    Guns N' Roses.

    No, compared to his other solo stuff it’s pretty poor. He really didn’t hit his stride until he got Myles Kennedy involved.
  8. Ivanho

    Guns N' Roses.

    He is a very underrated player. Just love his tone and style of playing.
  9. Ivanho

    Guns N' Roses.

    It is a very satisfying bass line to play, as is the little solo bit at the start of Sweet Child
  10. Ivanho

    Guns N' Roses.

    Guns were the first band that I absolutely obsessed over. I saw them on the 91, 92 & 93 gigs (Wembley, Wembley & Milton Keynes), started playing bass because of Duff, bought illusions 1&2 on release day, even had a leather jacket painted with a GN’R design on the back. Obviously Appetite is a classic, but there is some good stuff on the illusions albums. 14 Years, Dust N’ Bones, Coma is stunning. Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive. Bad Obsession is one of my favourites with some great slide guitar. My World is, however, utter crap and I don’t think I have ever listened to it more than twice. Their decline after 93 was sad, the press pot shots, etc, and constant late gig starts or no shows just added to the joke status of the band, especially during the Axl only years, and his public reduction of Gilby & Sorum’s contributions to ‘Hired Hands’ was a bit unnecessary. Chinese Democracy was ok, but everyone knew what the world wanted, but it took Brian Johnson’s ears to fuck up for Axl to finally prove that he was able to get on stage on time, and some serious background clear the air chats to get them back in one place. No, it’s not all there. They don’t trust Adler’s time keeping or reliability, and Izzy has gone on record to say that the money wasn’t being shared equally when they approached him. The couple of singles they have released haven’t set the world on fire, but live they are still fucking amazing, blazing through 3 hr shows. TL:DR, GN’R were great, lost it but then came back and showed that they can still cut it
  11. Echos Sorrow Shine On You Crazy Diamond pts1-7 Money One Of These Days Learning To Fly Young Lust Sheep Astronomy Domine That should keep you going for a while
  12. 2nd to last player didn’t get a chance to block the E-11, then pinched the Vader Saber and took out the last player as he tried to jump away The SW weapons are a bit overpowered but great fun. (Unlike the Forum software which does not like photos taken on my phone )
  13. At the moment, the E-11 Blaster, a sniper, AR and Shield/Health in the last two, unless I have the cans 6 pack or berry’s then I’ll add shotgun or SMG depending on what I find first.
  14. Enjoyed this, silly in places but it bubbled along nicely and I never felt bored. Kemode has always been a bit off with Marvel’s output so him not liking it isn’t a surprise (and him being confused as to why the GOTG gang were in it is point scoring, the target audience will know exactly why they are there). No, it doesn’t quite hit the highs of Ragnarok but that is a high bar anyway. Probably helps that I’m still a big GN’R fan so I was all in on the soundtrack. It looked fabulous at times and a lot going on in the background to try and spot on a repeat viewing. 4 Mojolnir’s out of 5
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