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    Playing Bass Guitar, keeping track of Newcastle United FC & the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), a bit of videogaming here and there, all in between the joys of parenthood!!

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  1. Seems it was a 'Mistake' https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/inappropriate_stealth_game_donrt_get_caught_wont_be_coming_to_switch_after_all
  2. Top 5 John Cusack films (any film with John Cusack in it) 1.The Sure Thing 2.Say Anything 3.Grosse Point Blank 4.High Fidelity 5.Con Air Top 5 films directed by Stephen Speilberg AFTER 1993 (so no Jaws, original Jurassic Park, no Indy films (NONE exist after 1993), etc. 1.Catch Me If You Can 2.Saving Private Ryan 3.Ready Player One 4.Bridge Of Spy’s 5.Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull Top 5 John Hughes Films (any film written or directed by John Hughes) 1.The Breakfast Club 2.National Lampoons European Vacation 3.Weird Science 4.National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 5. Top 5 Pixar Films (Any films under the Pixar label) 1.The Incredibles 2.Wall-E 3.Monsters Inc 4.Toy Story 2 5.Inside Out Top 5 Zombie Films (Any film with 'Zombies' in it be they traditional, fast or infected) 1.Shaun of the Dead 2.Zombie land 3.Dawn of the Dead 4.Evil Dead 2 5.28 Days Later
  3. Hmmmm.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53264059 Not entirely unexpected but does going over the £50 barrier, by some margin, put you off? I know that paying RRP is uncommon, although I paid it for AC on the switch as it was sold out at the places where is was slightly discounted, but is £65 too much?
  4. You should add Titanfall 2 to that list
  5. In anticipation of this, I tried playing BF2 Starfighter Assault using the cockpit view. Turns out I’m a bit shit so going to have to practice that as I expect there won’t be a back of the ship view option.
  6. It's Kerraig, he hates everything! (although he won't see this as he once said he doesn't watch sequels, even though he seems to have seen all the sequels for films anyway ) Anyway, it looks fun, Canoe looks....odd with out the beard, but I suppose if he left it on everyone would be wondering what John Wick was doing travelling through time, i'm sure the soundtrack will be cool and it's a good reason to watch the first two again.
  7. It would cost stupid money but this... Plus this... or this... Would be awesome!!
  8. Is that Wedge? (can only assume the Holby City checks have dried up cos Denis Lawson used to be very dismissive of SW) Edit: My bad, that was just internet bullshit, so yay, Wedge is back!!
  9. Needs more B-Wing! Anyway, day one for this. Unlike others, I enjoyed the campaign in BF2, and the MP Starfighter battles so this looks perfect for me. And I don’t have to buy a PS5 for it!!
  10. Yes!!!! Its going to to be XBX/PS5 only isn’t it and That’s not happening for me any time soon
  11. Well, this will keep my son happy. He already has SW:BF2 but a few of his friends don’t so they will all be able to play now.
  12. Ivanho

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone know how long NBA2K is going to be reduced for? Fancy it but the memory card in the Switch is 32GB and don’t have any larger ones around so will have to order a new one if I go for it, or can I pay and not download the game?
  13. I had a proper snorting laugh about that, which I then followed up with a Sid James impression. It was the follow up line which killed me
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