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  1. I used to have this on video as a kid and watched it quite often. I loved the bit where they're skidding down the hill on those big plates which have sparks coming out of them.
  2. I had to stop watching when there was about 20 minutes remaining because my family wanted to play Connect 4. That's why I prefer DVDs where you can just pause or stop movies and resume later. I was enjoying it though but it wasn't an out and out comedy like I thought it would be. The only bit that made me laugh out loud during this was when Bo kissed Buzz Lightyear, and he says "Okay, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me". haha
  3. One bit I really liked in 24 Hour Party People was the bit in the bathroom, where Steve Coogan points out that the guy playing the janitor is the same person who was actually there, and he wants to say that it never actually happened. That was brilliant.
  4. Amanda


    I'm finding Family Guy to be much funnier than I thought it'd be - but not as funny as I'm told it is.
  5. Didn't New Order have a song with John Barnes in it? Haha In that song he did for Liverpool, his lines were: "I come from Jamaica, my name is John Barn-es When I do my thing the crowd go bananas" Okay. If you're going to change the pronounciation of your name to make it rhyme, at least make sure that the next line rhymes. And if you're a black player who plays in a sport with very racist fans, don't talk about bananas. Infact the word used was probably 'throw', not 'go'.
  6. I just saw this. Having never really heard much of New Order, Happy Mondays and Joy Division, never heard of Tony Wilson or Factory Records and never having been to those nightclubs or been a music fan during that era, I didn't really enjoy it that much. I'd imagine if you HAD been to those nightclubs, been a fan of those bands and been part of that era, you would have loved it. But it felt like it wasn't really made for people like me.
  7. Sandra I agree with your son! I don't understand why parents can't just leave their toddlers at home with a babysitter rather than taking them out to town with them. 2 year olds can't even understand how to hold a glass of water, I doubt they'd enjoy Finding Nemo anymore than an episode of Teletubbies.
  8. Uggh, what's with those pictures? Who is that? And I've heard of Howard Stern, never really knew what he did though.
  9. The last episode I was was with the black kid and his dad, and I think the boy had powers? I really need to catch up, do E4 show repeats of season 1 or anything?
  10. I just watched the trailer for Good Night, And Good Luck, and it's the boringest trailer ever. Snoore.
  11. Sorry this might seem like a silly question, but did they actually film anything on top of the Empire State Building - or was it a set surrounded by a green screen? It looked 100% realistic to me.
  12. Uh oh, get the Data Protection Police on him, STAT!
  13. Maybe the simulator would be more convincing if you had a screen in front of you. But without a screen, all it really is is shaking and noise. It's obviously not going to help the realism since they've also been told -they're taking off in a normal-looking plane, not a rocket -there won't be any gravity -it's russia, it's winter, and it's quite a nice day outside.
  14. I like George Clooney's voice. All men should sound like him (and look like him!).
  15. That's because they figured out it was a scam about 5 days before, but didn't say anything because they wanted to stay on TV. I didn't see the last episode myself but I imagine them finding out being a 'ah, yeah thought so' kinda deal. Just by their reactions to the take off they knew they weren't moving. I imagine all of them have been on normal planes, right - that simulator just couldn't have provided the same feeling of g-force you get when speeding up on the runway and taking off, and ears popping and all that. And since they were supposed to be going into space, the forces would have been twice as strong as with a normal plane. All the take off really did was have speakers play a roaring sound and have the tiny shuttle bounce around. Nobody is going to fall for that. At the very least they should have flown them to the actual Russian space base, a week before the launch of an actual spacecraft. Show them the actual big rocket, show them the live news feeds covering the event mixed with some fake news feeds mentioning the reality show winners. And then figured out some way to make the launch seem realistic - for example, have them just take off on a normal plane (with the shuttle set inside it on rollers), and then land whilst everyone is asleep/drugged unconcious, remove the shuttle, put up the big screens and voila. But you can't fake zero gravity so it's all just pointless.
  16. Does anyone know when Syriana and Walk The Line are being released here? I've heard good things about both, anyone else looking forward to those?
  17. Yep, it's a 12A. There wasn't anything there that made me think 'this should be a 15' at all. One thing I didn't like about the movie was the juttery slow-motion. Why would a director still use that? Smooth, fluid slow motion (as seen in the bit where Kong is falling down the building) makes normal shots look amazing. Shuddery juddery jittery stop motion makes normal shots look awful.
  18. We didn't have an intermission. I saw it at the Showcase in Nottingham.
  19. Ingmar fucking Bergman - is that like some really highbrow porno movie or something?
  20. I'm sure Marge's hair is twice as tall as it is on that boxset.
  21. I don't know, I guess I'm not very good at telling bad CGI from good CGI because I thought the dinosaur stampede looked great. The best cgi in the movie I thought was the scenes of Jack Black running through the streets of 1930's New York, I thought the cgi background of the skyscrapers and that was totally 100% photorealistic. How much of the movie was filmed with greenscreens - did they recreate lots of old New York for it? Did they actually film scenes on a boat in the sea or did they just do a few distant shots of the boat and have the actors do all the filming in a soundstage (like in Titanic). I thought the cgi that was a bit hollow for me was those obviously CGI shots swooping over Skull Island, they looked too much like an FMV from a game.
  22. I liked all the traps in Ravenholm. There's nothing more fun than squishing a gang of zombies at once. The fight in the graveyard was one of my favourites, it was like a scene from a horror movie. And the boat chase was friggin amazing.
  23. I think King Kong, War of the Worlds and Star Wars Episode 3 will be nominated. King Kong will probably win.
  24. I saw this in the cinema when it first came out. People said they didn't really understand it but it made perfect sense to me, I thought they explained everything properly.
  25. Nah, the freaky natives are just a bit too mental. This movie reminded me of Jurassic Park 2, what with the bringing T-Rex back to the US and it getting loose and all. Horribleman, I think you said you didn't like any of the characters - but what about that movie star guy? He was excellent.
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