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  1. Simon and Mal. Uhhmm, I meant, Inara.
  2. Huzzah for the shop-keep is a Simpsons quote. I was going to say Huzzah but remembered that line in the Leftorium episode of The Simpsons (of which I am a huge fan). I can assure you I'm female. I mean, you want me to post pictures to prove it?
  3. Was he kidding when he said there's no gays on primetime US tv? Eyes. Will and Grace. Buffy. Six Feet Under. Dawsons Creek. Firefly. The L Word. The Simpsons. That's off the top of my head, and I don't even live in America so there's probably about 20 or 30 more shows to add to that list. Doctor Who is good and all, but it's not groundbreaking in any way I can think of.
  4. Box-ticking tv? Is that one of those silly phrases that could be used for any TV show. For example, Doctor Who: Recognised brand name? Check Nostalgia factor for the old'uns? Check Suitable for a large age bracket? Check Plenty of action? Check Plenty of romance? Check Stars a ex-pop star who recently started acting? Check
  5. Hey hey hey! Watch it! Lack any character? Driven by the commercialism of the huge corporations that make them? Eh? I suppose you hate all Hollywood movies for the same reason, yeah? I mean, sure, Indiana Jones sucks because it was made as a way to make a profit for the big evil corporations! Lets just ignore the fact that Doctor Who is only 45 minutes long so that it could be SOLD to foreign TV networks then, eh?
  6. Orange's ads are usually very good (except for when you're sitting through them the millionth time in the cinema). And beer ad's are usually pretty good when they aren't getting too pretentious. But then if we're talking about pretentious ads, then there's no comparison with the crap perfume ads churn out. Except Lynx ad's, which are usually good (and as demeaning to women as possible).
  7. When the Futurama Staight-to-DVD movies come out, they'll leave all the Shreks and Ice Age's quaking in their 3D textured pants.
  8. Which is basically saying that ET, Jurassic Park, AI, The Lost World, Jaws, Close Encounters, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report, all have no sense of true adventure. Right...despite some of them being the best adventure movies out there. I mean, come on. JAWS has no sense of true adventure? You can practically taste the sea water spraying on your lips as you watch the DVD. And Indiana Jones? Them three are, like, the best adventure movies ever made!! I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE [THREAD].
  9. Same here. I was really surprised at how much the product placement stuff was mentioned by people who didn't like the film. I mean, it had a point to it: adverts would be overbearing and everywhere - and they were something that might get him caught. They were shouting out 'John Anderton' at a time when he was a wanted man and on the front page of the papers. And they were pretty funny "John Anderton! You could use a Bud right about now!". I get the feeling that if it'd gone the Truman Show route and used imaginary products for it's advertising satire it would have gone down fine with everyone.
  10. Changing the poll title halfway through is silly. And even more sillily, the new poll is now 'Does over-sentimentality ruin his films'. Huh? EVERYONE is going to say yes to that. The word itself 'over-sentimentality' means it's too much - how could that be a good thing? It's like that bit in Extras with the 'would you rather have too much salt or too little salt' question. Either way it's too much/little of something so it's not going to be liked! I don't really understand your Spielberg hate, it's like you want everyone to say that one of the best living directors out there (who directed fucking Raiders of the Lost Ark and Saving Private Ryan for gods sake!) is rubbish. Would that make you happy?
  11. Redsquirrel, I saw Robin Hood about 6 months ago and it really does stand the test of time. Absolutely magical, that film.
  12. Jerry Maguire was on Christmas Day so we all watched that. It's one of my favourite films so no complaints here. And Chicago is coming on New Years Day I think, so that'll be good (if you like that sort of thing...and I'm guessing there's a good chance that you don't).
  13. The best bit about this poll is that someone voted Yes as a joke. Haha, good one!
  14. You really think that? Well, I think everyone here can agree that visually the film is gorgeous (even the negative reviews from that Rotten Tomatoes page acknowledge this), and in terms of art direction and sets and props it's one of the best I've ever seen. The direction in terms of filming and camera angles is F'N AMAZING. Did you see that continuous overheard shot as those metal spiders are walking around? And some of the hundreds of other cool shots in the film? Like some people have said, the last 20 mins were a bit off and Hollywoody. The rest was ace.
  15. I laughed at the bit with the singing cereal box. It's funny because it's (going to be) true.
  16. Is this a joke? If so, it's the most appalling and offensive (to all races and religions) joke I've ever had the misfortune to hear. Even Jim Davidson wouldn't go this far, son.
  17. Yeah. All he needs now is an iPod and some chains and that'll finish off the look. Maybe a skateboard.
  18. Agreed. People here have been complaining about the sword fight but I didn't really notice it being especially bad since the whole episode had a light feel to it. If it had been a serious swordfight in Troy or Gladiator then I would probably have gone 'rofl'.
  19. Jack's new hair makes him look like the most suspicious and sore-thumbish guy on the planet. I thought he was trying to be Mr Inconspicuous!
  20. You know I haven't seen the Incredibles and I keep hearing it's one of the best, so I'll try and get hold of that.
  21. No! I cringed so hard at that, I almost turned inside out. The line itself, and way it was delivered (like a camp one-liner), and the person delivering it, just didn't work.
  22. My, that David Tennent is a good looking chap ain't he? How handsome did he look when he was all suited up? Phwoar. I liked the episode. I loved the CHristmas tree bit. I'm not quite sure I'm sold on the new Doctor Who though. I still think that Christopher Eccleston IS Doctor Who, it's weird not having him be it. Anyone else feel this way? They're supposed to be the same person but they don't feel like it.
  23. Not sure, probably just cgi-animation. None of these new breed have the same charm as that Robin Hood cartoon movie: That film was the epitome of animation as we know it. I don't get why they even kept on making cartoon movies after that came out, they all knew they could never beat it so anything they made would be a dissapointment. Anyway, it's probably just me. Well me and Hawkeye, he shares exactly the same opinion as mine regarding the Shrek series.
  24. I just think animated films are overrated as a whole. Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, Ice Age...I couldn't sit through the full length of any of them. People act like the the Shrek films are some of the best films made. Calling Toy Story 2 one of the greatest films ever made is just a tad silly, I think. Yes, Woody has a conflict over what choice in life he should take - but that doesn't make it an existential masterpiece! Using that logic ANY movie that features a character making a life-altering choice could be made to look like an 'existential masterpiece'. I'm sure you could (and did) interpret the bit where the fake Buzz who doesn't know that he's a toy as a metaphor for our questioning of our existence and who we are. Not having a go at you, but that scene was just there to give Buzz something to do.
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