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  1. I switched off halfway through Jurassic Park 3 when it was on TV. I think it was a combination of the B-list actors, no Spielberg, adverts, and weird new dinosaur designs, that really put me off. Strange, because I really love the first two. I think The Lost World is really underrated, it's as exciting and funny as summer blockbusters should be. Hundred times better than Hulk and Daredevil and Fantastic Four and Catwoman and all this superhero mumbo-jumbo crap.
  2. I think I heard the huge bomb blast say it.
  3. Ignore them. You're an experienced writer, I'm sure all that stuff rolls straight off your back. In which case, read this (everyone else take a gander too): http://spaces.msn.com/members/mehwoot/Blog...Q!354.entry
  4. Hahaha, I loved the pole-vaulting guy, everyone in our cinema chuckled.
  5. lol Nope, but I had a boyfriend who didn't like the idea of going to the cinema by himself ("what if someone sees me").
  6. HG, why did your aliens bury their spaceships and wait for a million years? Why not just take over the planet whilst they were there? And why didn't they get infected with bacteria the first time they came here? Also, I'm a huge fan of yours!
  7. I was dragged to watch Episode 3, I had no say in the matter. Physically forced into the car and thrown into the cinema, I was.
  8. Well that's your answer, right there. That clip is shown on all the adverts and on awards shows. It's actually just a throwaway gag, and most people find that the conversation immediately afterwards (about whether they need to donate more money for the second dance) to be FAR funnier. Although I realise OFAH suffers from this too, what with the continued showing of that (bit rubbish) clip where Del-Boy falls over. I doubt OFAH fans watch it for the slapstick comedy.
  9. It was the only way I could sit through and attempt to enjoy Star Wars Episode 3.
  10. Oh, I understood it all right. It's just that the way it was explained - with a seemingly random five-second narration at the end! - was atrocious. Have you seen the Simpsons episode where all the kids get stranded on a desert island, and it ends with a great voiceover saying "In the end, all the children were saved by, oh lets say, Moe". It felt like that, but they expected us to take it seriously. And Spielberg is to fault for both of these cop-outs at the end, even though he didn't write either. He should have made it look like the boy might have survived in that big war scene earlier on, and he should have explained the bacteria thing in a much less stupid fashion. Can't go around blaming David Koepp and HG Wells for that stuff.
  11. Good point, some films can be so bad that you just stop looking for the flaws (there's too many!) and just switch off the logical side of your brain and enjoy the hell out of it.
  12. I like the book Minority Report by Philip K Dick, it's a bunch of short stories and a great read.
  13. The question is, why DIDN'T he change it? The way he filmed it (where the boy went over the hill, and there was a huge explosion indicating that everyone on that side of the hill had died), and the ending...it was his fault. The ending really ruined the film for me: first the boy appeared out of nowhere, and then the King of all Cop-Out Ending's came!
  14. They discuss his work in True Romance, don't they? Made it sound pretty good, but it's probably a bit hard to get into.
  15. This post makes me really want to see it now.
  16. I forgive you, J. What does the J stand for anyway?
  17. Yeah, her 'commanding, serious' bit at the end fell a bit flat if I remember correctly. That was something Christopher Eccleston absolutely soared at, making the sci-fi dialogue sound important and vital. And her line about the president..hurl!
  18. Do you really think they would say 'oh that actress, she was a right dipshit, gah I can't stand her, I wish we'd written someone else as the prime minister'? Commentaries that aren't just mutual back-slapping affairs are very rare, you know.
  19. Gervais didn't write it. I suspect he did it for the famously easy money the voiceover work is known for. And The Office was far better than OFAH!!
  20. I think War Of The Worlds wasn't as good as it should have been. But that doesn't mean it was bad, it just wasn't great. It seemed more like a good action-adventure from some other director, not the Steven Spielberg of Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones excellence.
  21. Did anyone see that CGI movie about carrier pidgeons in WW2 starring Ewan McGregor and Ricky Gervais? Seems to have sunk without a trace.
  22. I don't understand this thread. Isn't it possible to like BOTH Doctor Who and Buffy? They're two very different shows, one's more adult-orientated, one's a kids show. I think people get the idea that Buffy is a kids show because it features teens - but from the content and writing it's clearly not aimed at 11 year olds. Judging from the monsters in most episodes of this new Doctor Who (episode 2 for a great example), it IS aimed at the CBBC audience. But it's possible for it to be enjoyed by adults.
  23. I read/heard that her hair is different colours so that the viewer can figure out what is Now and what is the Past easier. But you are right, it looks great on her.
  24. Maybe secretely gay guys would pretend to be female so that they could get leered and wolf-whistled at by other guys? [Oh no - I've revealed my master plan!]
  25. So did everyone think you were a girl to start with too? Or does it only work one-way?
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