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  1. You won't fucking believe the number of times I've been called that. And it still hurts me every single time.
  2. Me neither. Still, for what it's worth, I was serious with this thread (unlike the 'Ive been raped' thread that I was about to post on Off Topic). Curb Your Enthusiasm HAS got shit production values. But apparently that's intentional. Anyway...Buffy, eh. Good fucking show, that.
  3. I've just watched 3 episodes of this show over the past 2 days on More4 at night, and it's great. My question is, has it been filmed with a camcorder? Why is the lighting and camerawork so bad? And so low-resolution? And not in widescreen? And the acting is appalling too - mainly Larry David. Apart from that, it's fantastic. Some really funny situations and scenes, reminds me of Fawlty Towers a bit. The bit with David Schwimmer's dad (and the car crash) made me laugh so much. Anyone else a fan? It's this great show...with the worst production values ever.
  4. Haha, yeah. They're INSANE. Everyone knows Buffy is a cheesy teen show about a girl who kills monsters. Why would anyone even watch it, I mean really what's the point? We can all judge it based on the adverts. Buffy meets monster, Buffy kills monster, the end. Speaking of, Citizen Kane, eh? People say it's got good writing, direction, acting and is generally good. What do they know - it's in black and white for fucks sake! I don't NEED to watch it, I already know it's lame american crap.
  5. I never really noticed anything unusual about it. It's not the worst accent in a motion picture ever, anyway. Brad Pitt talking jive in Meet Joe Black was pretty ridiculous.
  6. As a general rule, wonky noses do not cause nausea. Unless they're swaying side to side and have that sea-sickness effect. Since a considerable amount of the movie was spent aboard a boat, that's a fair possibility. [...yeah, I'm not being serious. ]
  7. ? He was joking. If anything, your serious interpretation of his comments shows more insecurity and self-loathing from your side!
  8. I love the bit where they show everyone their crappy old sled for the first time, and the whole place suddenly goes silent. "Is it good?"
  9. Which one had the worst title? Beast Wars, of course, but that doesn't excuse 'Reboot' of anything.
  10. He doesn't need to be fleshed out, he needs something to do. I get the feeling his character was built up for a big moment, but then that big moment was cut out at the last minute for time reasons. Unless the absurd machine gun scene was his big payoff, in which case .
  11. Nobody is comparing the whole movies against each other. But for what it's worth, I think Jurassic Park is the better film, and the one I'll be rewatching more often. King King IS fantastic, though.
  12. When you say it had 'mature' storylines, what do you mean exactly? Did the robots start contemplating the futility of life as a machine? Did they start complaining about the lack of company pension schemes? Did they get Robot STDs? Did Reboot even have robots in it?
  13. Yes, everyone read that, because he's right.
  14. The youngsters would have been able to relate to King Kong himeself more than Roger the Cabin Boy (or whatever he was called). And it would have been far more realistic to have Adrien Brody mention the Heart of Darkness stuff rather than the little boy who never went to school and was taken in for child slave labour. And Peter Jackson had full creative control over the script and movie, didn't he? The studio wouldn't have forced him to put in the character. I doubt he was in the original movie so I really can't figure out why Peter Jackson wrote him in anyway. And the kids in Jurassic Park were great! Look at their faces when Dr Grant gets electrocuted! The scene in the kitchen! The bit where Timmy follows Dr Grant around the car trying to talk to him! The T-REX SCENE!! They had loads of major scenes. Jamie Bell just stood around talking about some book he was reading at the time.
  15. The Sky One adverts for new BSG are a bit pretentious and cheesy too, come to think of it.
  16. They weren't bad scenes, they were just unnecessary. The film would have been magnificent without them - and in such a long film, they could have been easily cut out since Billy had nothing to do wth the plot.
  17. Knowing Peter Jackson, the DVD will have an extended cut of the film with Even More Pointless Billy Elliot Scenes.
  18. Arnie in anything where he tries to be an American human.
  19. I've never seen an episode, but I've seen the cheesy opening sequence. I hate those opening sequences where the characters are standing looking at the camera whilst the camera swerves around them one by one (eg Smallville), it always looks terrible.
  20. Another vote for Don Cheadle in Oceans Eleven. At first you think it's an accent that the character is putting on for comedy, but then there's that moment when you realise he's actually supposed to be speaking like that normally, and you just shake your head in disgust.
  21. I think all you really need to do is remove ALL the Jamie Bell stuff (10 minutes worth?) remove the ice-skating scene completely, and cut 15 minutes more of the ship stuff (eg the scene they were filmed on the ships deck with the dodgy greenscren), and it'd be perfect. Maybe there'll be an option on the Extended DVD to watch an Unextended And Bit Extra Taken Off version of the movie.
  22. If that poll had been started now, it would have all been Yes votes. Stupid Spielberg. I forgive the endings of AI, War of the Worlds and Minority Report, but THIS, I'll never forgive!
  23. Tea Leoni couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.
  24. That's really interesting, especially the original concept and how it's completely changed from that. And it I think it works great as it is, without CGI transformations. I think they might have 'cheapened' it a bit. And I love the ending "I couldn't have put it better myself.". Give your ex a pat on the back!
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