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  1. You enjoy repeated punishment and like going back for it again and again? To be honest, I'd have thought this would be right up your street.
  2. I didn't realise my comments would be forward-dated to everything that will ever be written about it in the future. Not that I think PS3's audience will likely be reading the Financial Times to be honest...
  3. No pretty animation on boot Two safety screens Load time :D Zelda
  4. The next part goes out this coming Wednesday.
  5. Nope. Developers will only support it if their games sell well. I don't understand where this "Nintendo have sorted out all of their third party problems" optimism comes from. They have less confirmed publishers signed up for Wii than they did with GameCube and the number of PS2 ports with remote shoehorned into them for the first year is frightening. You can't ever assume that Nintendo have sorted something out until they've actually done it. They've had 10 years of truly disappointing third party content on their consoles and this isn't just going to be fixed overnight.
  6. And so the panic begins...
  7. Probably, but it makes picking up games that you might have missed if you never had a GC or you sold one off ages ago less appealing as you'll have to pick up a GameCube controller too. The Classic controller would have been a good all-round controller as opposed to the GC pad which has a horrible D-Pad and an odd button layout. Not to mention that the Wavebird doesn't have rumble.
  8. As feared by me, the classic controller CANNOT be used to play GameCube games. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=148658 I'd imagine you'll also be requiring a GameCube memory card.
  9. Burai

    Picross Games

    It works in SNES9x for me. Maybe try a later build of the emulator or another dump of the ROM?
  10. You do realise just how much you could have made on ebay for that? There are no PS3's in the country this Christmas. You could have made well over a grand in profit.
  11. Whoah! T3... gushing over some new technology? Never saw that happening!
  12. But 360 isn't selling in Japan. Not at all. You're referring to the Blue Dragon core pack, right? They've presold 10,000. On an average week, the DS sells 200,000 - 300,0000. Do the math. People are buying them because they are fed up of waiting, they are buying them to play Blue Dragon and Blue Dragon alone. It'll come when it needs to. The only reason PS3 costs so much from the off is because Sony know people will pay this sort of money at launch for a hot product. Current ebay demand suggests they've underpriced the machine by about $1000... Sorry, I just haven't seen anything major in the mass-media about that. I saw a thing in the Times about PlayStation fans giving up on PS3, but they didn't give any sources for that and the Times isn't exactly the Sun. Yeah, lots of people have heard of the Wii, but I can't see anyone who wants a PS3 or 360 actually buying one instead. If you're after hi-def and improved graphics and online, you won't want what the Wii has to offer. I know people have bought 360's rather than wait for PS3, but you were always going to get that. The sales figures for 360 thus far don't suggest that enough people are doing it though. Problem is, people don't buy a console just for one game. Microsoft need more of a variety of games to truly hope to make people switch. The 360 will feature more party games? Not enough. The 360 needs them right now. Did you know that 360 has only three kids platform games? Three platformers in one year. That's just not enough and a perfect example of where the 360 falls down when trying to sell it to people who are coming from PS2. And I doubt a port of a PS2 guitar game will cause anyone to drop their PS2 and the billion editions of DDR, Singstar etc. Certainly I can't see the footie games being much of a sway because the PS2 has superior versions of FIFA and PES. Well they aren't if the sales are anything to go by. PS2 is still outselling the 360 and if anyone is buying a Wii because they think PS2 graphics are ugly they'll be in for a shock when they get the thing home. I can appreciate a lot of what you're saying, but historically it just doesn't really work out like that. If Xbox 360 was a bigger step-up from PS2 than it currently is and PS3 was another 12 months away, I think you'd be spot-on.
  13. If you think that early software was full of freeze bugs, that's cool. You tell yourself that. It's your warranty that's tick-tick-ticking away. Problem is, you DO have three red lights in your future. I've seen your symptoms so many times now and they've all ultimately ended in three red lights. Sure, you can take preventative measures but like I say, it'll only take one very demanding game to tip it over. Xbox 360 is a games console not a piece of precision equipment. It's designed to run hot and be slung in an AV centre with other AV equipment. If your Xbox 360 can't live like that, then you've got a broken one.
  14. Simple. The insanely high price can be written off to some degree by the brand name. That's why Apple can sell MP3 players for twice the price of everyone else's superior products. The launch delays won't be a problem for most people because a) They don't care enough to know they are getting it later and even if they did, they aren't going to be following the US and Japanese launches like we will and B) Most sales don't come at launch anyway. The negative PR is all stuck on the net. You think the man in the street knows what E3 even is, let alone that Sony had a bad one? Or that they've shut down an online retailer they've never heard of? The strong competition is fine, but let's face it, anyone in the market for what a 360 or PS3 can do isn't going to even think about the Wii as a substitute. Similarly, 360 has been out long enough to sway PS3 buyers already. If it's not happened by this Christmas, it's probably never going to happen. What most people who proclaim doom for the PS3 seem to forget is this: Millions of people own and are genuinely very, very happy with their PS2 and what it's given them over the years. Therefore it doesn't make any sense that these people would just jump ship just because PS3's not out until March and costs a lot of money. What's the point in buying a 360 for less money than a PS3 if it doesn't play Singstar or Buzz? Or a Wii when it doesn't play their old PS2 games? Unlike Xbox, which Microsoft have officially discontinued, or the GameCube, which might as well have been discontinued, the PS2 is still a viable option. A PS2 owner isn't forced into buying a new console this Christmas because he can still buy a massive selection of new software for his current machine, he can still buy hardware and accessories and he can continue to do so into the next 12 months and beyond. In PS2, Sony have got the perfect stop-gap whilst people wait for PS3 and for it's price to come down, just as they did with the PSone. I love it when people spout that, even though the Motorstorm videos have proved that to be utter, utter bollocks. PS3 launch games look as good as Xbox 360 games do now. They don't look any better, but they seriously don't look any worse.
  15. Nope. A properly working Xbox 360 can live fine in any soft of entertainment setup. You don't need to treat the thing with kid gloves. If an Xbox or PS2 can live in it, your 360 should be able to live in it. If your Xbox 360 locks up or gives you red rings or corrupts textures, it's broken. End of. Your Xbox was broken and it is still broken. You've just delayed the inevitable. All you need is for a game which really pushes the machine to come out (Hello Gears of War!) and it'll just break anyway. You might as well just let it get it out of the way now and have the thing replaced under warranty, rather than going to extreme measures just to keep the thing ticking over and find it still breaks once the warranty runs out and you have to spend another £300 on a new one.
  16. Haha! Joke's on you, bum-arse! Burai won't be buying a PS3 for the following reasons: 1) Too expensive (hardware and software). 2) No rumble. 3) The same stupid fucking reliance on consumer-shafting microtransactions as the Xbox 360. Fix all of those and we'll talk. As to the topic at hand, the only guarantee is PS3 outselling Xbox 360 due to European and Japanese loyalties. How Wii does is up to Nintendo, but it'll either soar really high to PlayStation-levels or crash and burn worse than the GameCube. The concept doesn't lend itself to the middleground.
  17. I wish they'd done what Sega-Sammy did and use their old logos in games. Seeing that thing pop up in Namco games looks really weird. 4 life!
  18. He said you could use the GC pad or classic controller. To be honest, I can't see it possibly working on the remote and nunchuk. Well I could, but it'd be horrific.
  19. Smash Bros is already using it. The producer has stated that it won't use the remote (I'd imagine they'll do a bundle where you get the Classic Controller with it ala Wii Play). In terms of N64 games, some FPS' allowed you to use the D-pad and analogue together, not to mention that there aren't enough face buttons on the classic controller to simulate the C buttons
  20. Yeah and if this gives them a chance to check out two of the SNES' finest games without the "easy" options of Mario and Zelda to distract them from doing so, what's the problem?
  21. You answered your own question with that. Why give them the quality when they'll buy anything with a Nintendo badge on it?
  22. Wii applications that need it and N64 games that used prongs 1 and 2 rather than 2 and 3. It would make sense that it would use it, but Nintendo haven't confirmed it yet.
  23. Thank Christ Nintendo are getting units out to the press. They might be able to answer a few of those niggling questions like whether GameCube games can use the classic controller and the internal flash or whether you'll have to use a GC pad and memory card.
  24. It means that video game reviews are shit and you should stop reading them.
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