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  1. I got the email from Currys too. No change with Choices but seeing as I ordered before you, I doubt it'll be a problem. I caved in yesterday and also got Monkey Ball for a not too shabby £29.44 (used discount code REWARD) from them too as well as a "processing" Wii Play from Play3K for £27.99. That's a total saving of a not-too-shabby £49.42 compared to Gameplay and all seemingly arriving on day one. Not bad, even if I do say so myself!
  2. That's because you've taken them at face value. Wii Sports is 1/3 cheaper than Zelda and Wii Play comes with the free remote. It's hardly surprising that they've sold so well.
  3. They are a bit late, but here's an early prototype: http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43957 Connect any 3.5" SATA Hard Drive to the PS3 Developing ability to connect IDE hard drive Supports upto 750GB (maybe more thats all we have here) Switch between external HYPERDRIVE and internal 2.5" HDD HYPERDRIVE USB2.0 Support to dump data to/from HDD Additionally, the ability to run ISOs from the HDD is not far off...
  4. lol. It's a good job the rest of the editorial is of such a high standard because their reviews are an absolute joke.
  5. Exactly my point. These people will spend more money than anybody on this sort of thing. Why not pander to their needs? It costs practically nothing to get a game translated. There are studios dedicated to just that. And it costs nothing to put a game up on the shop. If it costs sod-all to translate and costs nothing to distribute Sin & Punishment or Earthbound 0 (for which a translation already exists at NoA), why on Earth not put it up for sale? I could understand holding back titles like that because it cost money to make and distribute a game in a box, but for downloadable games, such problems are moot. Like I say, it's money for nothing.
  6. The most worrying thing is how he says that we won't be getting anything that isn't suited to western audiences and that all the good games are being held back for when there's no Wii software coming out. The thing about the virtual console is that it's so cheap. They are nothing but ROM dumps. Fuck me, they don't even need to dump them because people have already done it for them. It's literally money for nothing. Translating something that only got a Japanese release is so easy and so cheap and the market for it amongst the hardcore is pretty sizeable. That they aren't bringing niche, Eastern games over is absolutely insane. And I guess they'll be using the VC to bail them out of their customary droughts. "What do you mean there's no games out this month? We released Super Mario World and Kirby's Adventure didn't we? What more do you want?"
  7. Get some perspective you say? But all you've done is invent a persective which completely ignores anything which has happened in the past six years. So what if you're paying less than you were for N64 games? What about the PS2, Xbox and GameCube games from 2005? You're paying more than you were for those. Dilligence rewarded the intelligent shopper with those as well too. PS2 new releases could and still can be easily found online for less than £30. I got PES6 for £26 in fact. Anyone can do what you've done to justify a purchase. Compared to a 3DO a PS3 is an absolute bargain for instance. But anyone with half a brain can see that it doesn't work like that. The true question here is this: Why are video games getting more expensive when pretty much every other form of entertainment is getting cheaper and cheaper by the year? It's not like inflation or rising costs don't affect other entertainment industries.
  8. Brilliant. We've never had it so good. Oh yeah, apart from ONE YEAR AGO when games were at least £10 cheaper than they are now. Still at least you guys can be happy when they put them up again with the next generation after this. "Hey, they are still cheaper than Virtua Racing on the Mega Drive was in 1994! We've never had it so good!"
  9. Mileage in your store may vary. Personally, I gave up with Game after they sold my copy of OutRun 2 to someone else because I couldn't pick it up until the Saturday afternoon. So I got my deposit back (which was a struggle in itself, because apparently it wasn't a deposit, regardless of what it said on the receipt, but payment for the demo and coincidentally £3 off the game) and bought it from Gamestation instead. And lo, Burai never bought anything game related on the high street ever again.
  10. That's the reason why I'd never pre-order at a bricks-and-mortar Game. I was in there on the day of the Xbox 360 launch and they were taking post-its with people's names off the boxes and giving pre-orders to anyone who'd buy enough games and accessories under instruction from head office. All inventory of consoles HAD to be sold that day. Your pre-order is worth nothing at Game unless you want to get down there as soon as they open.
  11. Burai

    Nexgen wars

    This week. Another 100,000 units in time for Black Friday. They'll be bringing in another 100,000 every couple of weeks after that.
  12. And as expected, a massive number have turned up on ebay: http://search-completed.ebay.com:80/search...arch&ftrv=1 They seem to be going for $600 - $700 at the moment for the machine with Zelda.
  13. You might also want to try the Play.com cards as those are Toshiba cards rebranded.
  14. I wonder if it's the channels that take up the space. They are all programs in their own right, separate from the Wii Menu itself. You get Mii, Photo, Shop and Message Board from the off. Whatever the reasoning, it looks like an SD card purchase will be on the cards sooner rather than later.
  15. I dunno man, but it's the only thing I can think of that would make any sense. Unless they are making people download 24+ MB of dummy data and that would be insane. But I'm not sure it's actually downloading 25MB. Here's a video of Chris Kohler buying Zelda from the shop: http://blog.wired.com/games/2006/11/wii_servers_go_.html Seems a wee bit quicker than a 25MB download to me.
  16. Even if that was correct, you'd expect to be able to fit more than 20 NES games into 512MB. I'm guessing they are shipping the emulator with each game, probably due to security. It's harder to get "unofficial" ROMs to work if you have to wrap them in a digitally signed emulator.
  17. As opposed to you who told everyone that they'd be able to just walk into any shop and get a Wii no problem without a pre-order because there were so many to go around. I'd rather use the information I have (which in my post above was admittedly wrong due to getting the wrong end of the stick, but in my other posts has proved to be true) to help people manage their expectations than baselessly get everyone's hopes up. I've admitted my mistake already. When will you admit to yours?
  18. $5 for NES games, $8 for SNES and Genesis and $10 for N64. Oh, and apparently they work on a save-state system, so once you exit out to the Wii menu, they carry on where you left off the next time you play.
  19. The shop is apparently up and running. You can buy the following games: * Donkey Kong (NES) * Legend of Zelda (NES) * Mario Bros. (NES) -- that's not "Super" * Soccer (NES) * Pinball (NES) * Wario's Woods (NES) * Solomon's Key (NES) * F-Zero (SNES) * Sim City (SNES) * Altered Beast (GEN) * Sonic (GEN) * Super Mario 64 (64) Additionally, the games will fill whatever aspect ratio you've set in the console's options. If you're running on a 16:9 TV, you'll have to set the aspect ratio to 4:3 on the TV manually.
  20. Oh yes, my mistake. I thought the blokey from VGP's post was the confirmation of the new queue system. Some people got their confirmation earlier than that. Conspiracy over (for now ).
  21. You'll be lucky. Not one single person on NeoGAF or NTSC-UK has been able to get one from the fabled first batch. Everyone is in the queue. I'd wager it's a stalling tactic because they know that sites and ebay sellers based in the US will be able to clean up over the next week whilst they've still got their dicks in the wind waiting to get their first units and they don't want all those pre-orders cancelled. Still, we'll see.
  22. http://wii.nintendo.com has relaunched. There you will see that Opera seemingly won't be at launch and has no confirmed date for release. It also mentions that "some" Genesis games work with the remote and all PCEngine games do. However, it's "undetermined" whether they'll support the GameCube controller.
  23. Cobblers. If this thing is supposed to expand the market to non-gamers, then you absolutely MUST have non-gamers reviewing it. That's the litmus test. Charlie Brooker, a devoted gamer, could go on there and argue the toss. But would that suddenly make them change their minds? Of course not. It's only the games and the experience that can do that. It's up to Nintendo to create something compelling for non-gamers, not up to us to damage control it if they fail in doing so. If the market the Emperor's New Clothes are designed for can still see his bare bollocks, there's very little to be achieved by the rest of us screaming "Ignorant fools! He's wearing lavish robes made of silk!"
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