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  1. One problem I have with this content is that they are now making us pay for something we've been used to getting for free for the past 12 months. In fact they are making us pay for less than we received back then. I've nothing against paying for something like this, but when you get used to getting it for free, it feels a bit gutting. Especially when nobody said we'd ever be paying for any content for this particular game. Another problem I have is that it completely fragments the game community. Say they release Halo 2 with 10 multiplayer maps built-in, but then release another 10 for $10. Suddenly you've got this gulf where some people can play everything and some can't. Then it becomes viral and suddenly people are finding themselves compelled to pay $10 just to keep playing online because everyone on their Friends List has bought it and they find their entire clan disappearing every other round. And then we have the old chestnut of developers holding back content, just so they can sell it later on. MechAssault was released with a very stripped down multiplayer element and a timetable of exactly when the extra (free) content would be available. They released it in stages to ease congestion on the servers, but the principle is that they had completed development of said content by the games ship date, yet we still had to sign up to a £40 a year service to get hold of it and make the game whole again. The current premium content wasn't actually mentioned at all in the original timetable, so of course there's every possibility that hard working programmers have been beavering away on these extras for the last few months. But then there's nothing to suggest that they haven't been sat on these since last November and are finally releasing them to the last few desperate MA devotees in order to make a quick buck before the community dies completely.
  2. But it never truly helped Sony. After all, they still had to pay off their R&D costs and manufacturing costs for the hardware in the first place. Bleem basically said "Thanks for spending all that money on developing hardware. Now we'll make that hardware pointless, leaving you with unsold units and making us a profit in the process." Not to mention that Bleem had no anti-piracy measures in place whatsoever...
  3. No. In fact that's a great reason to get rid of them because then they'd have to work harder on the words. If you slag a game off in a review but then score it 8, you obviously can't review for shit and falling back on that all-encompassing number is an easy way out of your mess. Nice scores there Darran. Pretty much agree with all of that.
  4. Yeah, but the principle is the same. Sony spent years and £billions developing and selling a machine and some cocky young upstart goes and releases a piece of software that does exactly the same thing and has the cheek to charge money for it. Basically it robs Sony of £129, every single time it's purchased. Is that fair? After all Sony came up with the idea and the concept of a PlayStation software player first, but Bleem completely rip off the entire concept and profit from it.
  5. I don't think there ever has. Indeed, take Bleem Inc. for example. Sony sued them time and time again for basically ripping off the PSone BIOS in their emulation code, yet every single time the court was in favour of the defendant as their code contained no actual code from the BIOS and whilst it played PlayStation games, it wasn't a direct rip-off. In the end, Bleem had to cease because Sony cleverly saw that they had more money than Bleem and thusly constantly taking them to court would eventually drive them under. So really, unless this game has any of Sensi's original code in it, there would be no legal leg to stand on, and would gain nothing unless your motivation is wanting to take a shareware home programmer to repeated court hearings and bankrupting him over time.
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