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  1. It was great, thing was you couldn't really even get too annoyed or offended by what those people were saying, their ideas were so random and mental... Just way too ridiculous to take at all seriously.

    Kept thinking some of their slogans would make amazing T-shirts, like the Sweden one.

    Or 'Fags Destroy Nations'. That's a big claim!

  2. Not a bad choice... wonder how much they're going to process his voice?

    He's got a pretty recognisable voice so I hope it's got a nice distorted effect to disguise it a bit.

    In fact I'm really hoping all the robots have interesting voice effects... when the original cartoon had something as iconic as Soundwave's vocoded voice, the film's a massive excuse to go all out with the sound and speech effects.

  3. Used to have a horrible job in a German warehouse lifting microwaves years ago as a poor student, and ran through game tunes in my head all day to pass the time - tried it with normal songs but since they'd only last a couple of minutes I got tired of having to come up with new ones.

    Looped game tunes were miles better, could just keep one going 'til I got absolutely sick of it...

    got really hooked on stuff from Kirby's Adventure which was great mindless working music. Tune from the black-and-white level at the end especially!

  4. Last night's episodes were great (scrumping apples & painting). I noticed in both how good the music was - especially the brief moment in the painting one when it was in the style of the gallery music from Take Hart. A nice nod to Morph there.

    The painting one really was fantastic. It's this little oasis of goodness in the middle of the daytime TV desert

    The sheep expressions are just endlessly funny

  5. Have to say I prefer the EP version of 'No Cars Go' by far... the 'Neon Bible' version is a bit overdone with its beefed-up strings and massive choir. The original has those great marching drums which are pushed way down in the new mix... and I kind of prefer it when it's clearly just the band themselves making all that noise at the end.

    Production on 'Neon Bible' is definitely a step up from 'Funeral' though, and it's got some proper chills-down-the-spine moments, even if it all doesn't hang together quite as well.

    'The Well and the Lighthouse' has been drilled in my head since I heard it...

  6. Did the Donnie Darco directors cut add any extra scenes or explanation?

    Adds a couple of short scenes and pages from the time travel book but the additions don't do it any favours. Like Alex said, it narrows the film down where the original's vague explanation is far better. God, the horrible faux computer-screen 'delete' message he stuck over the rewind sequence drove me crazy.

  7. Hope this turns out to be decent. Already though I have a problem with the idea they call the ship they're sending to the sun the Icarus. And its successor the Icarus II! Isn't that jinxing your mission a bit? Why not call it the Doomed Crew while you're at it?

  8. I'd love NoA to put that there for real, just that one little tip of the hat to their mascot.

    Although I suppose the thought of curious kids disappearing down it would put them off...

  9. Aw, it looks like they're going for the movie look rather than the comic.... if any game cried out for thick, dark cel-shaded shadows, it's one based on Mignola's stuff. Something done in the style of Killer 7, say, would make an amazing Hellboy game.

    Doesn't look bad though, it just isn't really running with the material it's been given, IMO

  10. Not expecting any of these anytime soon but i'd go mad for

    Earthbound (SNES) - only ever played the emulated version, love the sense of humour and music to pieces

    Parodius (SNES) - never played this properly, really want to

    Spacestation Silicon Valley (N64) - again, just funny and great music

  11. Bit scared of this....

    I mean, most of the new episodes end up losing their thread after ten minutes and just fire off naff random jokes - the thought of that stretched out of the half-hour format to fill a film just makes me queasy.

    Especially when you think of how tightly written the Simpsons at its best was.

    Then again if they've brought back most of the writers from its heyday it could be back on form...

    Gah! Could go either way

    (probly the bad way)

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