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  1. Is that Hugo Weaving doing Megatron's voice in that new Ain't It Cool clip? "It's you and me now".

    Doesn't sound like Prime or Bumblebee, the intonation of the line smacks of super-villain delivery.

    If it is, it's not bad, although not as processed a voice as I expected.

    I should stop watching all these damn new clips though, it's like watching the whole film in a thousand jumbled up fragments.

  2. His new album starts off pretty weak alright but it picks up - I think the last five songs are up to the quality of Point. But yeah the first few are pretty disappointing, just a retread of his earlier stuff without the great hooks.

    Never seen him live though and reading Crispin's post makes me want to more than ever.

  3. It's a bit unfair landing it with the LOTR comparison at the start of the trailer isn't it? No pressure or anything!

    Good to see they seem to have kept the religious side to the baddies though, a couple of the guys in the trailer looked to be wearing church-styled robes.

    That side of it was always in danger of getting swept under the carpet entirely - I'd imagine it's toned down in the script a lot. Not that it comes into the first book too much anyway....

  4. There've been mutterings about an earlier release but according to IMDB and most places, looks like 27th July.

    Although for some reason IMDB has the Italian release date as the 28th of June. Why they get it earlier than the rest of Europe i couldn't guess...

  5. So is it getting rereleased in the cinemas or is this DVD set the first we'll see of the new version?

    Really was looking forward to finally seeing Blade Runner on a big screen with beefed-up sound.

  6. So hard. But here's the ten that still make me go "Jesus, this is amazing", even after a million listens -

    1. Wire - Chairs Missing

    2. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Kaleidoscope

    3. Kraftwerk - The Man Machine

    4. Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump

    5. Orbital - In Sides

    6. Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People

    7. Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children

    8. Barry Adamson - Oedipus Schmoedipus

    9. Cornelius - Point

    10. David Bowie - Low

    Had to stick to the one-album-per-band limit though or there'd have been a shitload of Wire all over that list.

    I feel bad for leaving Loveless off, now. Pretend it's in there.

  7. Is this new one as good as Cellscape?

    Was sold on that one before I ever heard it, thanks to a review which described 'If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There' as sounding like Girls Aloud trapped screaming inside a collapsing Tokyo skyscraper.

    I listened to it, and it did.


  8. Oh, Blackout's definitely the nicest looking one. Even if they'd left him as Soundwave which I think was the original idea, I wouldn't have minded.

    And yeah the generic twisted-metal look they have for Megatron is weak in comparison. At least they've improved his head though...

    Frenzy's a CD player in the film... I think? Bit shit as a Transformer design but I have to admit I'd be freaked out if i saw that spiky thing creeping around my living room. If they play up the little-killer-robot angle with him it could work...

  9. That hi-res shot of Starscream looks good. Cluttered, like all of them, but at least when they're standing up straight you can get a decent look at 'em.

    Those crouched poses like the odd one they have Prime in don't do the designs any favours though.

    Hope when they're animating them, they try to keep the individual robots fairly distinct and don't just mash everything into the shot to prove they can render loads of characters at once. Like the space battle at the start of Revenge of the Sith which had so much crap whizzing around the place your eye couldn't figure out what the fuck to lock onto half the time...

  10. Oh, nice one - looking forward to seeing Singer doing something a bit more real-world after his last few films. Really liked what he did with X-Men and Superman but it always seemed like he'd been a bit sidetracked into that stuff. With this kind of material, and McQuarrie scripting, there's the makings of an amazing thriller.

    He's directing a US remake of Footballer's Wives?? Jesus!

  11. Pretty dull, unfortunately. Funny bits were good. And the "TWANG" bit with the clothesline web. And the Sandman birth. The best was meh.

    Both of those bits were my favourites as well. Animation of the Sandman in his first scene was really lovely.

    Was hoping that black-suited Spiderman would come out with some sarky quips... never liked that they've completely ignored that side of his character in the three films, and it seemed like him becoming all cocky was a perfect excuse to have him throw off glib one-liners.

    Some of the dodgy script bits reminded me of that Simpsons where the kids get stranded on an island and the narrator just says over the very end "...and they stayed there til they were all rescued by, um..... let's say..... Moe". Stuff like the handy asteroid placement felt like they weren't even trying. Especially after already introducing the astronaut in the previous one...

  12. New Hellboy out today! And the first 'proper' Hellboy not drawn by Mignola too - bit dubious about the idea of getting anyone, even as good an artist as Fegredo doing it.... and this one issue will probably be scrutinised more than any Hellboy in ages... but fair dues to him, Fegredo keeps it really close to Mignola's style (bit of a thankless job I suppose). I think it works. Actually there's a nice thing on the Dark Horse site showing how the pages were based on Mignola's thumbnails - http://www.darkhorse.com/downloads.php?did=615

    Story's mostly set-up stuff so far, and it ties in a lot with older stories - but there are some nice touches that I didn't see coming, the thing with Hecate's name is the kind of cool trick I love the whole Hellboy world for.

    And colouring's lovely as always.

    Another five months to come which is the best part. Summer's a weird time to release a load of Hellboy stuff, all the same... it's way too bright outside to wallow in all this murky stuff

  13. Talky-Prime clip here -


    Voice sounds good, the mouth animation just seems like something to sit through 'til the faceplate comes back on. Hope it won't be too distracting during the actual film.

    Love the shots of Starscream kicking cars around though, that's a design that looks so much better in motion.

    Christ though I hate disaster films that keep cutting to the President looking concerned and saying stupid things. "Good luck to us all". Gah!

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