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  1. I think all those abstract neon 80s games hardwired me as a kid into loving games. Granted, you don't get that kind of stuff so much now as so many games edge towards realism, but they're still such a window into impossible places and that's a massive part of the appeal.

    And some game stories have stuck with me as much as films or books - not many, and not in the straightforward plot sense, but in the atmosphere and non-linear storytelling of something like Majora's Mask. There's a massive amount of potential for that kind of thing, and even though stuff fails all over the place just seeing how they've developed over the past 20 years is really interesting

  2. Just saw this last night and yeah the lack of involvement just sank the film for me. Especially having only seen Up a week or so ago, which manages to draw you into its characters' stories so well. It all felt a bit like watching cutscenes from a game really, lovely design but fairly flat lighting compared to the similarly apocalyptic Wall-E sections (and I know it's not entirely fair to hold every CGI animation to Pixar's high watermark, but there you go).

    Bit disappointed with it in all. And the poster has anointed its director 'visionary', like Zack Snyder. Which is funny, but not as funny as the trailer for Jennifer's Body which hailed Diablo Cody as a 'genius'.

  3. I sometimes think these types of adverts are purposely made to be as obnoxious at possible so that people debate their worth/complain about them instead of just ignoring them completely.

    Yeah I reckon that's part of it.

    He is terrible but every time those ads come on I wonder where he got that Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt. I want one.

  4. Yeah i was pretty disappointed, even going in with low expectations. With the last film the Transformers goodness just about outweighed the Michael Bay shitness, with this one the sheer crushing badness of his direction is just too much.

    Plus - what a waste just having Soundwave

    sitting in space for the whole film, and not even have the iconic vocoder voice? Let down! I kept waiting for some appearance by him at the battle at the end, even just to drag Megatron away.

    At least Ravage looked good though, really nice animation, and moving slowly enough that you can actually appreciate it.

  5. I feel like I watched some straight-to-DVD thing from a bargain bin. Script, effects, acting - the whole thing was hopelessly clumsy.

    Who thought it'd be a good idea to do a film about a guy with big knives sticking out of his hands that has less blood than your average episode of Murder She Wrote? I think the only blood you see at all

    turns out to be fake!


    I'm sure I remember a flashback shot in X-Men2 where he's covered in blood after the experiment, screaming and staring at his metal claws? In this film it's like he's just hopped out of the bath. Then a quick nude jog and he's straight into a sitcom 'broke ur sink LOL!'. Nice storytelling!

    Plus - "I'm so cold..."

  6. Absolutely. Just downloaded it last night and the Third Day is still as atmospheric as ever, all green-then-red sky and off-kilter music. I always say it's one of my favourite games but haven't actually played it in 4 or 5 years... there's always that feeling of 'what if it's not as good as i thought', but so far it's just as ace as I hoped. The visual design still really holds up too, more so than Ocarina even.

    Am giddy about getting stuck into all the townspeople's little routines again, for everything that's familiar there's a ton I've forgotten

  7. Can you imagine how big the fucker will be when/if they combined to make Devastator :D*

    Wonder if they're even going to be able to CALL it Devastator when they went and wasted that name on the tank guy in the first film?

    It'd be crap if they called it some random Smashotron thing. Maybe they just won't have anyone say a name for it and let anyone who knows who it's supposed to be secure in their nerdiness

    I like the animation on that quick clip of Ravage, not so sure about his monster head though, I'd have preferred something sleeker myself. Although that'd be going against the designers' preferred 'spiky metal' buzz

  8. Remember getting this game on launch day and spending absolutely hours on first play, so absorbed in it that I just couldn't bring myself to turn the thing off.

    Eventually after getting as far as Jabu-Jabu's belly without taking my eyes off the TV, I was standing in that sort of artery section where the pulsating walls, red and blue blood corpuscle things and thumping heartbeat background music (i always half expected it to turn into Massive Attack's Teardrop which came out around the same time) made me so dizzy and disoriented and sick I had to give in and go to bed.

    No game's ever made me feel as queasy as that, ever. Loved it.

  9. EDIT : In particular, massive lol @ Giant's Causeway.

    Wasn't it weird though that after mentioning it they never showed it? Instead you get a.... field. I mean i wasn't expecting them to film in the actual spot but even a CGI backdrop of it would've looked more impressive than the location they used!

  10. It's such a shame Burton keeps doing adaptations of things that've already been filmed (especially the ones which are pretty hard to top like Planet of the Apes or Charlie), seems like such a waste when you watch Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands. I mean there must be a million original scripts floating around that he could take a stab at. He's much better at creating his own worlds from the ground up... I know it's probably easier to get money for another remake but it's disappointing all the same.

    That said, there's plenty for him to run with in a version of Alice in Wonderland . It'll probably look amazing at least.

  11. ...after you've seen a trailer for 'Space Chimps lol' before it where the best they can come up with is a character banging into a wall; Pixar really are in a league of their own.

    Absolutely thought the same thing watching the trailers, they just looked so awful by comparison. I know kid-pleasing crap has always been churned out but the stuff (Hotel for Dogs!) was just bizarrely terrible. Some CGI effort with 3 flies stowing away on the moon landings (I don't even mind that as a concept) had the most horrible character design - just these blobby unappealing things with huge waxy eyes that managed to look nothing like flies.

    Made me appreciate Presto and WALL-E all the more by the time they finally started.

  12. Wow it's a long film - had heard it was, but every time I thought it was going to wrap up, it went off in another direction. That's my favourite thing about it though, it doesn't stick to the template a lot of comic films do - the whole track baddie to lair, blow lair up third act.

    Really impressed by Ledger and Eckhart. It's probably not hard to do a good turn as the Joker, it's such a great part - but he's just unrecognisable as the guy from Brokeback Mountain. What a way to bow out.

    I can't see Nolan coming back for a third though,

    especially without Ledger. Would they recast the part or just sort of forget the Joker's around?

  13. If definitely felt like Spielberg was coasting with this one - usually even in his dodgier films there's at least one scene which is really cleverly put together, but there wasn't really anything in this that stood out to me. Didn't think it was bad, just a bit anonymous maybe? Like anyone could have directed it.

    Didn't have a huge problem with the idea of the alien/ancient civilisation connection - like people have said there's loads of legends about that kind of stuff - but it would've worked so much better as a background thing. Keep it ambiguous, show what they might have left behind,

    even the crystal skeletons were okay but when it's a resurrected alien making an angry face directly to camera and whizzing around in a flying saucer... ugh. Just didn't work in an Indiana Jones film for me at all. The shot of him standing in front of the saucer just felt way off...

  14. Ha! That bit where When You Sleep comes in after the end of To Here Knows When always gets me... even after a hundred thousand listens, I can never anticipate when it's going to start, and it makes me jump even when I think I'm ready for it

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