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  1. You definitely pick up Speed slightly later than that point. And I got twatted by that exact same Mechon gang past the bridge, but if you stick to the right hand cliff wall you can actually sneak around them. And then come back later and smash their heads in.

  2. The Autobots aren't kind, frightened, funny, personable, desperate... in fact, they aren't any of the things they were in the cartoon or the comic as they are given no personality. They're meant to be regular 'people' forced to fight for an ideology; not violent soldiers. In the film they are just faceless and vicious.

    I couldn't agree with that more, that's one of the worst things about Bay's films. Prime in particular comes off as a bit of a prick.

  3. The 3D at the very start is impressive, and the skydive sequence is ace, but still the same old bollocks for most of the film.

    And I know it's pointless to whinge about the product placement in a film that's stuffed with car ads anyway, but the whole Merc ad where he looks it up online with a big price tag on the screen, Jesus

  4. That kind of fantasy-land script is so tricky to pull off, I can read that stuff and it sounds fine in my head, but when you get it spoken aloud it can be massively cringeworthy unless the actors are really good. Which Nintendo don't have a great record with anyway. I'm happy enough for the character designs and animations to carry the load in Zelda games.

  5. Nice find! Been waiting to hear something new of theirs for ages. Kind of cringey that you have to go on that Twilight site to listen to it though.

    It's good, although part of me can't believe they'll ever manage to top Atlas.

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