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  1. I'd imagine when the proper soundtrack is out there'll be better quality mp3s on there...

    Incidentally, anyone recognise some of the later wolf tunes?

    The first few are fairly easy to spot (Song of Healing! serious soft spot for that one) but the last couple aren't familiar to me at all...

    just random music or are they from the more obscure reaches of Zelda games?

  2. Yep. And then the music to the last 3 minutes... simultaneously <_< and -_-

    There was a huge, clear full moon as I was walking home the other night and I just had to play that tune on my ipod. It's such a bleak, chilling piece of music. Couldn't take my eyes off the moon the whole time.

    The game's full of great music and sound effects though - the Observatory and Song of Healing as already mentioned, but the great sci-fi soundtrack to the cow-nappers is a favourite of mine.

    Love the weird chanting the Odolwa boss does too, mixed up with some kind of mechanical whirr. Be really interested to find out if it means anything

  3. Gah! Spent the whole film waiting for some nice fire effects to flare up around Jean Grey, kept thinking they must be saving it for the big reveal at the end or something... but what the fuck??

    Who thought some generic evil veiny face effects would look cooler than a huge firebird thing?

    Really disappointed by that, Janssen really looked the part otherwise and some of her telekinesis effects were really good, but still... huge missed opportunity there. Especially when the last shot of X-Men2 was a big fiery reflection over the lake!

    Some alright bits in the film but felt like a a rush job overall.

    The FX model of Colossus was less impressive than in the last film too, weirdly enough

  4. There's a guy down the well (I think he's called Dead Hand) who ranks as the single most terrifying enemy I've ever encountered in any videogame ever. Including Cunty McTriangle.

    God I remember that Dead Hand thing now! Horrible, horrible Silent Hill style lump of deformed goo.

    Looking forward to seeing that again during my playthrough

    amazing creature design in the game though. Skulltulas, Barinade, Volvagia, Ganon at the end...

  5. Been playing Master Quest for the first time over the past couple of weeks, and it's weird how much the puzzle-shuffling can throw you. Just starting on the Water Temple now, been ages since I've seen it - the animated water-reflection texture on the walls still looks really nice. Especially with that fantastic music.

    And i always liked the Jabu-Jabu dungeon that people aren't too keen on.

    The queasiest any game ever made me was doing that dungeon first time round, playing solidly for hours with the sound up - the pulsating walls and tunnels with blood corpuscle things streaming through them eventually made me really nauseous. Which never happens, even with FPSs.

    And the music sounds really like Massive Attack's 'Teardrop'...

  6. There's SO much scope for trippy abstract visuals with the whole space theme. Already from the video it looks nice and stylised with hopefully some gravity trickery and twisted spatial stuff...

    With Mario Sunshine I thought the levels all looked a bit too samey, and without harping on about every game having to have an ice/lava level, Mario in Space is a great open direction to take.

    That lava boss on top of the planetoid looks fantastic too.

  7. "Fury that this world has never witnessed!"

    I really like that line, especially delivered by McKellen in arch-villainous speech mode.

    Still cagey about the film but that trailer makes it look like they might've pulled something half decent together...

    surprised they haven't shown Famke with any firey Phoenix effects..... either they're holding them back as the big 'wow' moments cause they're that spectacular, or (more likely) they aren't done yet

  8. I think what's great about Ring that is lost in the remake is the sound design. The soundtrack and effects are just so unsettling - love the opening shot of the sea at night with static fading in and crashing synths. The weird white noise and fingers scraping across the mat behind the girl at the end of the first scene; the violin-scrape noises when the tape is playing; the slowed distorted voices they hear when they're watching the tape frame by frame, and you hear later on in the well - all fantastically creepy.

    Plus they make more of the jarring phone-rings, especially if you're watching it with the sound way up. And it's a film that really deserves that treatment

    Although i always laugh when people answer the phone with looks of abject terror on their faces and then say 'mushi mushi...?'

  9. Definitely possible, just backtrack through the last few areas. The enemies won't respawn so you don't get sidetracked, it's still a pretty dull trek to get back to Rogueport sewers though.

    When you come back into the Palace of Shadow all of the regular enemies will be back, so you have to make your way through them again.

    A shop somewhere near the final boss would've been handy. But easy!

  10. Probably my favourite band, and that trio of early albums is just an amazing body of work. Best to listen from Pink Flag through to 154, 'cause their progression as musicians in such a short space of time is so impressive to hear. Remastered versions being released in a few weeks as well!

    I think their use of sound is so nuanced and unique, there's stuff that makes you stop and go 'what's that sound coming from?'.

    Like Rsdio said, Chairs Missing is the best one (lots of people think Pink Flag is though). Lovely, glacial production - 'Marooned' is one of the chilliest songs I've ever heard. And the way they can go from gorgeous melodic pop like Outdoor Miner or The 15th to tinnitus noise in Too Late or Sand In My Joints (guitar solo played on barbed wire with nails!) without missing a beat...

    The fade-out of layered guitars in French Film Blurred makes my spine tingle even after I've listened to it thousands of times over

    Plus their album covers are ace.

    PLUS Newman's new stuff with Githead is really good - Headgit EP especially

  11. Animal Crossing's so loaded with daft things, but my favourite is in the aquarium, after you've caught a piranha.

    The rest of the fish are completely oblivious, so it's a surprise the first time you see him bashing his little head against the glass whenever you're close by.... heh.

    The aggressive little fucker.

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