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  1. I'm torn on this one. On the one hand it's got the amazing temple & boss combo of the Ancient Cistern, and some really clever stuff with the time stones... but on the other it was one of the more irritating Zeldas with its weirdly paced Imprisoned rematches and the constant Fi interruptions.  If they could at least iron out the Fi stuff it would be a nice QOL improvement


    Also being left-handed made the sword controls a bit too fiddly. The stick controls might help with that at least.

  2. Yeah, and the first season doesn't go too heavy on it - it's enough just keeping track of the main characters early on. One of those Season 1 family tree images or the Dark site would help with that. It really ramps up in the later seasons

  3. I just have one episode left. Absolutely needs your full attention but I'm loving how the strands are being tied up. Just hope the final episode doesn't shit the bed, it'll be great to rewatch this season with a bit of foreknowledge.


    It's reminding me of Primer even more with its mad convolutions

  4. Season 2 is great too! It does take some concentration to keep track of who's linked to who, but it really does get into such fun timetravel fuckery. Rewatched the whole thing last week as a refresher for season 3 and it's great seeing the early stuff hint at what's revealed later

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