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  1. TF and tribes were objective based? Objective 1: get enemy flag, transport to base Objective 2: defend flag, return flag if taken Hmm, hmm, I can see the tiered and exciting objectives here! Have you ever played enemy territory or et:qw?
  2. I don't know any modern FPS that plays like this, the closest I've played recently is CoD 4 (about as tactical as a gay, drunk, ferret). Also, yeah, this is a strawman. To claim that stick control is somehow more realistic is utterly ridiculous, and anyone who says so apparently has the idea that all guns weigh something like 40lbs. I guess I just like a control scheme that doesn't get inbetween me and the game
  3. Why does the alternative have to be publishers, why can't consoles have universally available dedicated servers like PCs do? If you really really really liked an old xbox game you could have a spare xbox in the corner, serving a 16 player game all the time, or even a PC dedicated server with 32 or more. I think that being able to play old games seems like a rather more trivial point from the perspective of an XBL user, since it's almost impossible to find anyone to play old games with if they aren't halo 2.
  4. But you're ok with the console maker being able to do so?
  5. Well, it turns out that CCP decided to call one of their files "boot.ini", if the patch had deleted "boot.ini" that would have been ok, however, in actual fact the patch deleted "\boot.ini".
  6. Perhaps if it causes Iceland to crash into Norway.
  7. No, this patch is optional, it was the upgrade patch which installed the new shiny graphics. The boot.ini is deleted from the root of the drive that eve is on (so if it's not installed on your boot drive you're ok). It's all pretty hilarious, defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.
  8. Oh I see, this is a personal attack thread. Well, I guess I was stupid to try and contribute again, hohum.
  9. That's not really true, the community is that of goons, and there's a very strong feeling of community. What stoffer was saying was, as an entity that originates from outside eve-o we have our own community distinct and seperate from eve, and don't really care what the eve community thinks of us as a result (except we care about our russian/french brosefs, but they themselves are largely seperate from the eve-o community because of the language barrier). Newbees get a *lot* of support, from millions of isk being sent their way to universally free frigates and fittings.
  10. To be fair, they sort of are. Gabe Newell has been raging about having to write multithreaded code for a while now, and the PS3 is that but moreso.
  11. spacebunny

    New Patch!

    The pilgrim is pretty damn broken, it needs a cap booster now, it has 1 slot left for EW, it's an arbitrator that cloaks... arbitrators are awesome cruisers, mind. The curse is still useful, sure, but I'd prefer a huginn or a lachesis in my gang (if trying to neut capitals I'd prefer an apoc). The minnie, amarr and caldari recons only have 1 widely useful EW bonus, having 2 is strange and unnatural. Nerfing damps will nerf the: arazu, lachesis, huginn, rapier, curse, ishtar, raven (yes, lolz), caracal (again, lolz), celestis, maulus. The lachesis/arazu/celestis/maulus would be the least nerfed since their bonus would probably be boosted to compensate to some degree, the rapier/huginn would be hurt most, because their current solo strategy relies on damps.
  12. spacebunny

    New Patch!

    Curse pilots shake their fists impotently at you (and really, it's ruined the curse, the pilgrim was already dire). On the plus side, I saw this coming and trained gallente cruiser V too .
  13. But the Halo 2 numbers were from 3 weeks before launch, it is currently 4 weeks before the launch of Halo 3. Edit: fine, 500k in 2.5 weeks, that's still a tall order.
  14. Why would the trend continue? Edit: 500k in a week would be pretty spectacular
  15. This still exists? Are the awards going to be presented by Dominik Diamond and Violet Berlin?
  16. Yes. I don't know. No, but you need the stock. It's easily the best pistol, except possibly, arguably, the matilda. Upgrade it alllll the way.
  17. I think it was the 3.30 pops that introduced the bug, the screen gets messed up and sometimes the game crashes upon certain status changes being inflicted (anything that induces the state). This and the battle swirl being broken in anything but 3.02, in combination with no popsloader for 3.40OE (and the plugin not being able to use 3.0* on 3.30OE) is why I'm still there.
  18. Let's examine the 2 possible circumstances in which this could be true: 1. Sony has decided to abandon firmware version checks in future games. 2. Sony has decided to obsolete the original design PSP.
  19. I hear there are magazines that you can buy, and this new "internet" thing.
  20. 80GB drive are, as you note, more popular than 60GB drives. More production capacity will be devoted to them. Microsoft had this problem with the xbox, sometimes they couldn't even get 8/10GB 3.5" drives, they shipped 20GBs with half the space unpartitioned. The lack of popularity with consumers means that they paid a lot more than the price/performance ratio at more popular capacities would indicate (besides the fact that they probably had a fixed price contract, the lack of non-xbox demand certainly precluded renegotiating it). But anyway, things don't get cheaper for companies when they're old/stop being sold in shops, they don't get them off ebay. The numbers involved and continuing production mean that any theoretical surplus couldn't satisfy them.
  21. The most useful, longish, trial allowed skill I can think of is evasive manueuvering 5, but that'd only be 15 days or something without any learning. Any ship skill above destroyer(?) is all "cannot be trained on a trial account". I've seen people talking recently as if training does continue with a lapsed trial account, but they might be outdated/wrong. You can find out for us!
  22. They are incredibly broken, they are trying to link to a post, instead of an url. post= should be url=. Thanks for the videos.
  23. I think what has to be remembered is that we're talking of "optimal", any character can learn anything, it might take them a quite a bit longer to learn it, but they can learn it and be just as effective as a character specifically designed for that task. Balanced characters are somewhat less annoying, everything takes around the same time to learn, so you don't have, like I do, 18 days for cruiser V and 24 or something for drone interfacing V (and I imagine some truly absurd times for charisma skills, what with how I have . As zuum says, only one character can be training at a time per account. I wouldn't think about an alt until you've been playing a while. Another note, skills continue training while you're not subscribed, so if you're going away for an extended period, you can pop a long skill on and it will finish training without you paying for the time it took to train.
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