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  1. its a bomber man multitap, not a mister men one?
  2. i just got my xbox back from yod@ and it fucking rocks. The memorys come gushing back when completing The simpsons arcade game back in the 90's. aaahhh.
  3. Killer Instinct for SNES = Fucking Amazing Killer Instinct for 64 = shit on a stick Winner is SNES by far. Final Fantasy 3, Crono Trigger, Secret of mana, Super punch out, Megaman X, Super mario world and all stars, killer instinct, Zelda:LTTP, Mystical Ninja... i can go on for ages! Though im not saying the N64 is crap because is was my fave of the last gen consoles.
  4. Sybernetix


    cool, ive got midtwnmadness going now. Under the name of DigitalFodder on XBconnect
  5. Sybernetix


    I just got XBconnect, so if you use that as well that would be great.
  6. Sybernetix


    hello, i recently got an xbox (chipped - thanks to yod@) and i dont have live yet, also because im using "backups" so im currently using xlink. Do any of you guys use xlink? if so ive got: XIII Midtown madness 3 Burnout 2 (not sure if this has system link) It would be great if we can get a few together to play. cheers
  7. is the first one any good? I love the look of the contoller and using it online!
  8. Well, now that i have an xbox i want to try live, I've seen this and looks very very interesting. Do you people recommend i should get it? Is anyone else on this forum going to get it, because i want to play on live with some of you guys! I read that it's going to be rare. is this true? should i pre-order mine now? Anyone have any opinions on the first one? im downloading it now, i assume you can play with just a normal s controller.
  9. lol, yeah they do some other pretty shoddy stuff lol.
  10. This place here is offering some farly old games for free, you do have to pay £2.99 p&p though. http://www.savapoint.com/savapoint/browse.offers.php
  11. also if you live in europe you can forget about it.
  12. http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=...r3&lsaid=213804 It's like the one posted a few months ago but this one allows you to convert files from the net to the gba, Including e-books and music. Think it's worth the effort?
  13. more than likley you have the shit tompson drive, they are more prone to failure an any of the other drives. If you need a replacement then http://www.premodded.co.uk do replacment samsung drives.
  14. i like this one, even though i know it wont look like that in real life http://www.designerskins.com/SkinDetail.as...eID=1&SkinID=40
  15. that controller port thing was fucking cleaver... took me about 15 time to finally figure it out, i was seriously freaked out. But i spose i did the same thing when i wasplaying mario kart once and saw the ghost for the first time
  16. Thats great. Shame it seems to D/L at around 1.5kb/s for me. sorry about that, you pay nothing you get nothing.
  17. for those that dont have it, check here (my webspace) http://www.synet.eclipse.co.uk/Smashing%20...Live!/
  18. That's asking for it. The LEAST impressive? Why? Simple, the 75% of the good games on the Cube are multi platform (and those are usually better on the Box). Well, I have 38 GameCube games, all of which I think are good, of which a maximum of 5 (less than 14%) are available for the PS2 or XBox. Which means that 15% of good Gamecube games, at minimum, equals 33 games, which means there are 220 good Gamecube Games in total. Wow - that should be enough god games to keep most people busy!!! Plus I've got several more exclusive titles on their way this month that I suspect will again be good. On the other hand I have 9 PS2 games (and I've owned my PS2 for twice as long at least), 3 of which (over 33%) are multi-platform. I don't have an XBox - it doesn't have any games that attract me enough. I'm not trying to say that the Gamecube has the best games, it simply has the most games that are attractive to me. Simple as that. Fact. Saying that it surely "has the least impressive line-up", or that "75% of the good games on the Cube are multi platform", is clearly mindless. opinionated bollocks of the sort I'd expect from Free Stephen or Haribokart. damn i was going to say that, so ill just say i agree.
  19. i felt sick once when playing Carmageddon 64. Though it wasn't because of motion sickness it was becuase i spent £50 on the game. It managed to depreciate 60% in one day
  20. motion sickness? wow, i once got it in my moms car that had fucked suspension. But in games, thats a first on me. The faster the better imo.
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