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  1. So it turns out if you buy a code from Anet it'll be invalid. nice. They implemented a fix but it hasn't worked. (Why didn't I cave earlier)
  2. yeah it says people are getting "code already in use", i just get "invalid code". Unfortunately what compounds the problem is i had a code for BWE3 which put the guil;d wars 2 games in my account pages, so i've no idea what my status is.
  3. scratch that, just tryed to register it (thought it done it automatically - being the email ive registered with) and i get this Invalid Serial Code The serial code given was not recognized by our system. Please try again. this code was given to me from Anet. REFUND!
  4. i caved and bought the digital 3 day headstart, i've got a boxed copy coming. If anyone wants it for £25 ill be happy to sell it. (just the code). Also, cant get past the login window same as me, keep spamming
  5. Tescoentertainment do it for £29.99~ withe 15% off code for orders over £25
  6. Aww thats a shame, ill be on Far shiverpeaks with another guild
  7. Been running my own server from my computer, pings arent great (50-80) but it works.
  8. greenman have a warning (or they did) that if you purchase it after the 8th you wont get the 3 day start. [edit] may have been gamesrocket*
  9. I don't think you can pre-purchase it any more, at least not digitally. I would just pre-order it from tescoentertianment and use their code to get to to £29, or just buy it from sainsburys
  10. stress test again tonight, 8pm till 12pm. [edit] oops, think this one was for North Americans only [second edit] conflicting information, will just have to try...
  11. every god damn tent i pitch i can't access. Pretty pointless if i have to place it in the open for it to work.
  12. nah, I was on for a while but i kept getting spotted and shot at or someone was following me, so i moved to another server. I was on DE 3XX (cant remeber the number exactly). I normally hang out on DE 48 though since ive a camp and a boat on it.
  13. he gave me a gps, funny thing is its the only person who has friended me and not shot me on sight. So it's unlikely i'll do anything unfriendly! Also he added me on steam!
  14. Making my way around just surviving like most people do and met someone screaming "don't kill me"! Sounded like a complete noob but offered me some meat and other small items if I helped him north to his camp. About an hour later, and being pretty fed up (but a promise is a promise!) we finally get to his camp being off grid. Turns out he own every item in the game, and asks me to pick any item i want! Because of the tent dupe bug he has more than one of each item. So i'm now fully equipped. GPS, Thermal gun with 8 clips of SD ammo, ranger finder, NV goggles etc (guy had close to 10 tents of stuff)
  15. i have the worst luck in thi game. I die to more bugs than anything else. A tent killed me after fully gearing up getting fed up with this now
  16. aww, seemed like a bizarre co-incidence!
  17. oh fuck, was that you!? where you on DE 48? i died to someone on a hill by the ne airfield! we were both in those camo suits, lost my NV goggles
  18. you people playing tonight? can i join you?
  19. oh right, i didnt think you covered actual locations in stories or discussion!
  20. Worried people are using this thread as a means of finding you?
  21. what server you people on? XXX still or have you moved after the ravaging? wouldn't mind joining you
  22. looking to join a group of people for the four pack on Boarderlands 2! been in previous groups buys too! you can trust me! [edit] I own boardlands, so can arrange if 3 others want it. Paypal gift only! [edit2] Looks like im buying. GROUP FULL! Me (Pix3l_Fodder) mechamonkey Gizamaluke Massive Invisible Dog
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