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  1. I honestly want to try them both before buying, unfortunately living in a shitty town our PC world didn't have a display. Anyone know if Oculus is going to have a retail presence?
  2. Considering FOV is difficult to measure in the headsets, i'm not really willing to believe those pictures without a method to back them up; not that I would be able to judge said method. I think it was Giantbomb which made me want to cancel my pre-order, the technical difficulties and no replaceable foam for glasses users tipped me over the edge.
  3. When you alter colours it can cause unwanted side effects, especially when developers are targeting specific hardware with colour accurate screens. Personally one of the main benifits of having an OLED screen is because of the awesome blacks and fantastic colour reproduction. Since its widely believed both the Vive and Rift use the same screen this maybe a fault for the Vive also (have to wait on reviews).
  4. Quite a few reports coming in that the lenses are producing some pretty bad blur during high contrast scenes (Elite Dangerous suffering quite considerably due to the orange and the white stars) and they never did work out the true black issue as they still have "not quite black" blacks. This is quite disappointing, especially with the principle of locking third parties out and only coming with one foam headpiece. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/4cdntm/webm_cellphone_video_capture_of_the_halo_effect/ https://twitter.com/okreylos/status/714637081184604161 https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/4cdaqr/got_my_cv1_kinda_miss_the_dk2_comfort_bias_is/ Make me sad a little, I have a feeling Vive reviews are going to be similar. May even hold off till next year.
  5. RubberJohnny, are you actually Derek Smart? Do you honestly believe that hack? (fyi the information he posted was all available before hand on reddit)
  6. Wow, you've started the insults you must have come to the end of your augment. You understand you can still be involved even if you didn't directly write the article? And there source checking was "I saw the I.D of the ex employee", which the author then linked to a video of one of the producers seeming wearing an I.D which was to blurry to make much of. Turned out its a blank RFID card, if that's the level we are talking about here for "source checking" then we can extrapolate the entire article is horse shit or she is just flat out lying... and if she can lie about one thing then MAYBE she can lie about Derek too? Who knows. Catch up Rev, that was on the last page.
  7. I actually don't need proof as I didn't write an article on it, and its just an opinion. You cannot prove me wrong so am unsure why you are taking this route? The problem is with the article not providing sufficient proof or investigation on its sources which I don't need proof of because its clear as day that the article contains nothing but hearsay.
  8. His post on the 24th of September inciting that he has a contact in the media and all correspondence should go through him, as well as the 8 million dollars remaining comment (among others) which were repeated verbatim in the article which appeared on his blog before said article was released. There are strong links between Derek Smart and the article, obviously I don't know what went on as i'm not privy to behind the scenes with TheEscapist ... if it turns out he passed the information along then fine but you cannot argue there is no link here. In the end, you say I have no solid proof, that is fine (and true) but if you're taking that stance then you agree equally the article has no proof?
  9. The waters are currently very muddy, hence the discussion and would defiantly love to see a court case but would make me sad from crowd-sourced funded games of the future, no one will ever trust them again.
  10. Well thats needs to change! I can't help the idiots putting down money they didn't realise they couldn't lose, I believe some people even think its an investment which is bizzare (which is what i think Derek Smart thinks it is), I'm pretty sure Kickstarter are clear about the possibility of failure.
  11. It's all part of the same article, we will be here forever if you want to pick and choose which bits you believe or not.
  12. This is true, under normal cases proof is provided and you don't normally have a nutjob who has made it his full time job to smear the project.
  13. Is it fair then that said person who shall remain anonymous is able to declare the wife of Chris Roberts as a racist and destroy her professional career without certified proof? At the end of the day, the article is a load of "he said, she said" horse shit regardless of the source being a real employee or not if there is nothing to back it up. Hey if it turns out she is a racist I'm all for burning her alive (figuratively speaking) but innocent until PROVEN guilty right? [edit] Sorry, im not into human burning!
  14. The sources might very well be real and wouldn't be surprising, I'm sure that they have shit managers or cunts working for them who ex-emoplyees want revenge (hell even Chris seems like a bit of a egotistical dickwad), everywhere does but that doesn't warrent an entire article on possibly fake information which handed over by said employees! I want to see leaked emails, a screenshot of the bank account holding the funds or the costs which are spiralling out of control. If it won't hold up in court its not proof. I could launch a similar smear campaign against Derek Smart using all the same "proof" he has! "Look my ID badge! I worked for him". You can't say loads of people unless to know for certain they are real people, which we don't.
  15. I'm fighting for common sense here, not Chris Roberts! I had a good read last night on this drama and thought it was all unsubstantiated shite and have yet to see anything which genuinely worries me about the project other than its headed by Chris Roberts and delays, which come hand in hand. I even had a twitter conversation with someone and asked is we were going to see some solid proof on the whole matter from Mr Smart, got instantly blocked!
  16. Exactly? I don't see no employees leaving en masse, I don't see your point.
  17. Yeah, issues like those always exist and without both sides of an argument its always going to sound worse than it is. Sandi getting perks for being the wife of the CEO, big fucking whoop! Its not like that doesn't happen EVERYWHERE, I work in an NHS hospital and what goes on there is 100x worse and that's funded by 60mil+ tax payers. Games take time to make, this one has only really been in development since 2012, and when it brings in more money than expected like anyone would do you increase the scope based on the funds, i'm not sure if people are expecting that Chris should pocket the money after 23mil because "its all thats needed" to create the basic scope. If the funds available are so openly diminishing and being fraudulently used by Chris (as stated by the article), all their employees would walk after the last paycheck (like Crytek).
  18. Yeah the post from Chris the site is cringe worthy, and likely Liz (the author) was played by Derek Smart to get this article out in the open. There was a twitlonger post on the 24th about not going to any other media outlets and to contact him directly, few days later and the escapist article appears.
  19. You have to remember its someone's choice to pay $10,000 for a package that in the end is the same as the $10 package I bought. From what I can tell, the people that pay the insane amounts can afford to; if this shit flops then fine but delays happen, feature creep happens, this is software development and Derek Smart, as shit as his games are should know this is all normal. A list of multimillion dollar games that have been delayed compared to ones shipped on time would be vastly outnumbered, the fact the game is crowd-funded makes zero difference. $10, discounted xmas bought package ^
  20. you mean £5000 tiers? then yes they did.
  21. Just want to point out this comment is incorrect. So far its been a lot of accusations but a whole lot of zero proof. What has been shown can [really] easily be duplicated and falsified and anyone with some remote amount of sense knows that an artist or whomever was let go would have no knowledge of the current funds and how depleted they are. If this isn't the employee that got drunk while working and threw abuse around on the chat and Derek Smart I would be quite surprised. [Normal] Company issues aside, I think anyone would take the same course of action if your wife was out right called a racist publically, that kind of slander would cost you your career in HR and PR. This Derek chap surely is the instigator of all of this, he is a right nutcase, where was he when Carmageddon was late by over a year? or Double Fine? or the current Mighty # 9? It's clear he is doing this as a personal agenda (which anyone can see) and not "for the public's interest" and i'm suprised anyone takes him seriously.
  22. Guy mentions he played Portal 3... [edit] UPDATE: Having played Portal on Vive and knowing that Valve had an imminent event at GDC 2015, I made the assumption that Portal 3 was about to get an official announcement. It wasn't, and Valve instead announced a November launch for its Steam Machines, SteamLink and a price for Steam Controllers. So what did I play? It was definitely a Portal experience, but perhaps it was nothing more than a tech demo. I find that a little hard to believe, though. This wasn't just a technical showcase with beautiful graphics - it had the hilarious, high-end script and acting of a finished article. If it was just a tech showcase, it's the most polished one I've ever seen, but I'm standing by my guess that this is the opening of Portal 3, and that the full game will finally get an announcement very soon.
  23. its not higher than the CV1 as thats 2560 x 1440.
  24. Sybernetix


    Hunters are too strong atm and ranked is full of them.... need to build a deck which counters but don't have the cards yet
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