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  1. They helped me resolve the issue, it is down to a single pin not being grounded on my cable so it was outputting sync on composite. I have basically gone


    Mega sg > hdmi > dac > HD15-Scart > Sync Separator (Scart to HD15) > HD15 to BNC > TV


    This makes it RBG with separate sync, a bit convoluted but it works and I don't have to import a monoprice cable. I think later ill replace the sync Separator with a Scart switch. Also another note, you cannot modify the video output with the DAC so i have to manually adjust my TV to get it align / hide the borders.

  2. 2 hours ago, merrychan said:

    Sorry I don't know about the green thing but I noticed the traditional colour overscan zone mega drive colour ( blue here, always annoyed me on the original hardware :)). If you didn't already know there's an option on the MegaSg to not have this anymore and it just be black.

    yeah factory resetting everything to make sure its not any settings i may have messed with. I so wish it was! Ive contacted Analogue to see what they say. Hopefully they aint douches on the fact i bought the dac from ebay. 

  3. From my personal experience and how well people pull it off on youtube I would stick with 12% liquid and use UV LEDS in a clear tub covered with foil. I tried gel which was blotchy and leaving it in the sun and it just wasn't consistent.


    as for timing, it'll take longer depending on how yellow. 



    Some of those links suggest otherwise and i would be more inclined to follow them!



  4. I am honestly not sure, it was in the WEEE trash with other electrical crap over it. First thing I noticed is games are a lot more fun when LCD latency is not there, I don't die on the first levels anymore.


    From a bit of research the TV has a built in amp so ill get some speakers, the originals are to hard to find sadly. A start of a new project I think! That MiSTer looks interesting 😁

  5. I would imagine that this would be a feature added later on, considering the popularity as it is, i don't think the server could stand realtime multiplayer

  6. One of the tips in the OP suggests that the minimised tracker pings when you move the camera /compass around, it pings on updating only. In the top right youll see a loading icon, when it finishes the tracker gets updated and pings. 

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