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    Well that's the 360 mode of Guwange 1cc'd - almost comical difference between that and my previous 'what is going on' attempts at playing the arcade mode, I was a fraction of the last boss' health bar from getting it on the third attempt. It's weirdly relaxing just cancelling the entire screen with the shikigami, almost like colouring in maybe. Mindful shooting. I do kind of get how the game works now too so I'll be returning to the arcade mode of it through Retroarch at some point in the future for sure. Really love how crazy they went with the whole thing, the setting and mechanics would've been enough to mark it out as unique but they also chucked in the lesser spotted environmental hori-style elements for good measure. Hoovered up 1ccs with the other three characters in Omega Five yesterday too so I think that's me about done with decent backwards compatible traditional shooters. On to revisiting Panzer Dragoon Orta and Hard Corps: Uprising now I guess, been looking forward to those.
  2. Circle of the Moon is also great and has always been pretty underrated, I feel. The visibility issues on the original GBA screen definitely didn't help the way it was received at the time. Gameplay-wise it feels the most 'Classicvania' of the Metroidvanias.
  3. Rsdio


    Oh, I own it already - bounced off it back when it came out having no idea what was going on! Good call on the arrange mode, that'll be worth having a bash at in itself since it's not available elsewhere.
  4. Rsdio


    Yeah, it's basically a traditional hori but with twin sticks - the directional movement is analogue but the speed isn't. Kind of feels like a more advanced version of Forgotten Worlds or Burai Fighter or something. I've got vague memories of the 360 port of Guwange having issues with the slowdown etc. Can anyone confirm? That'd be a fair enough excuse for emulating it instead rather than being tempted to get a Brook converter or something.
  5. Rsdio


    Picked up an Xbox Series S so I've been revisiting some stuff I haven't had access to for nearly a decade. I bought Omega Five at the time and didn't really persevere with it back then but man, what an excellent game once you figure the mechanics out. I remember finding it super hard but it's actually pretty straightforward once you know what you're doing, I should've had a 1cc after a couple of hours with Ruby (who is, of course, dressed in flimsy lingerie which would be enough of an eye roll without the game starting in a snow level) but fucked it taking a stupid hit with the last boss seconds from death. I did get one after unlocking Sensei but I don't think that counts since he's gloriously, hilariously broken. It's a real shame this game was a bit of an evolutionary dead end since it's a perfect fit for modern controllers. And it seems like it's fully extinct now too since it's been delisted from the marketplace at some point. I'd be up for going back to Guwange too if Xbox d-pads weren't still pretty bad. I never understood how to approach that game at all but it does intrigue me.
  6. Rsdio

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sadly it's less about the tone of it etc. and more that it just doesn't feel like a functional piece of software. It's the jankiest thing I've played in a long time and not even in an amusing way. I think most people thought the concept was fun really, that's why it's disappointing.
  7. Rsdio


    Yeah I find Gradius 1 weird that way too. I think it's seen as relatively easy in shmup terms (judging by the Japanese STG wiki etc.) but I don't know if that's more of a theoretical 'it's easy to execute once you know exactly how to approach it which might take ages' sort of thing.
  8. Rsdio


    Ha, yeah I bought then refunded Natsuki a couple of weeks back (since I'm stuck with my laptop at the moment and it couldn't quite run it) and I obviously missed that there was an arcade mode too. Or is it Ginga Force that doesn't have one? Maybe I just assumed Natsuki was the same. Story mode is obviously cool if there's an actual set challenge in there alongside it. Void Gore sounds interesting, I'll have to check that out. There's definitely room for a good roguelite shmup somewhere, it just seems to be proving harder to do than most other genres. Or the potential sales aren't seen to be enough to really give it a good go, perhaps.
  9. Rsdio


    I'm never sure what to think of stuff like that either. On the one hand I don't think developers should be bound to rigid structures and mechanics but on the other grinding just feels wrong in shooters. It reminds me of when that Sky Force game was on PS+ and a non-shmup-playing mate was saying that he thought it was good and being a total arsehole I was pretty much like "Let me explain why you're wrong to be enjoying this." I always feel a bit conflicted about meta-progression in roguelikes/roguelites too, Obviously it's possible to balance it well but even then I don't really like that feeling of 'have I actually improved or did I just get to the end because I've unlocked loads of good stuff now so it's manageable if RNG is in my favour?'
  10. Yeah, and also the vast majority of things that ever get described as The Community(TM). There can't be too many words in the English language that have been rendered more meaningless over the past 5-10 years. If I was an alien visiting Earth my natural assumption would be that a community is a collection of people who come together through their mutual antipathy towards one another, the thing they're talking about and anyone who isn't part of The Community. And then I'd be really confused about the reasoning behind corporate entities being so desperate to use throw the word into their marketing speak at every opportunity. Obviously that's not just games by any stretch, but add in Gamers(TM) and it makes for quite a broth.
  11. I don't know if I genuinely hate the videogames made by David Cage or if I just hate David Cage. I do know I definitely don't like his videogames though.
  12. Has it ever really been different though? Obviously there's just more noise about literally everything these days but I can remember Rez getting a lot of 'it's pretty good, but' scores 20 years ago because you can technically 'finish' it in 90 minutes. Probably every arcade shmup released on a console at full price over the years too. My copy arrived this morning, I skipped the demo so looking forward to going in fresh!
  13. Seems like I'm going against the grain here but I just finished replaying the original yesterday and was surprised by how well it holds up, especially considering I had pretty vivid memories of some sections being super annoying. There are a couple of fairly shit puzzles but the platforming was pretty smooth sailing aside from one particular part of the meat circus where you have to repeatedly jump between curved bits of net while the on-rails camera does its best to make it even more frustrating. The escort bit beforehand is definitely irritating, but in reality it didn't take that many attempts to get through. I gather some of that last section was tweaked years later but I don't know what was changed exactly. I think mechanically it's aged better than most action/platformers from that era but even if it hadn't I think the sheer amount of creativity throughout would make it still worth playing regardless.
  14. Kid got legit skills.
  15. Decided to have a few hours on this, was about at the point of sacking it off because I wasn't playing well and wasn't having luck with chests either but I'm glad I stuck it out since I've finally killed a past after fifty hours! Think I was maybe more pleased at doing the Dragun without taking damage though since I'd been getting annoyed with myself taking hits on bosses all day. I fear him a hell of a lot less than the wall, that's for sure. Next up I guess I'll try the hunter since that's who I've used the most.
  16. Man, that bug would absolutely do my nut in. Been back to this again in the last couple of days, managed to deliver the final bullet piece (donut thing from the shop) and open the fourth chamber shortcut. First run after that I decided to give the hunter a long overdue rest, went with the marine and got the freshly unlocked Gungine on the first floor. That one seems to be up there with the Daruma in the 'so good it actively harms my chances' stakes since I then proceeded to take one hit on each of the bosses after that due to not being used to the increased movement speed. Despite that I did make it to the Dragun and beat it, assuming that was that and 'killing the past' was just a different cutscene you got at the end. Turns out that it isn't but at least I unlocked the 'die in the past' achievement It was a close run thing though and I might've done it if I hadn't felt the urge to confirm that the red bits of floor were essentially lava in that boss fight.
  17. Rsdio

    Nuclear Throne

    I bought this years ago but couldn't play it much because of the 30fps thing, for 2d games in particular I find it really hard to deal with. Every now and again I've checked to see if anything had changed and finally it has - the beta branch on Steam has a 60fps option! I'll be jumping in once I'm done with Enter the Gungeon. Thought it was worth a bump to give anyone else in the same boat a heads-up
  18. Console is still there on PC.
  19. Nice to get a free upgrade on the Steam version, turning off the new enhancements and going low res thankfully gets the chunky look back but something like Quakespasm might still be the better option on PC for the retro look. Tempted to get it on Switch for the gyro controls, has anyone bought it already and can vouch for those?
  20. I got kind of burned out with the sheer number of moons back when this released and stopped at about 450 but I'm loving going back to it now. Can't believe it's been four years though! My previous best at the jump rope challenge was 60, first attempt this time around.. 97. FML. Edit: Crisis over, just managed 151!
  21. I finally did go back to this over the past week or so, I can't say that it feels as though it's been tweaked much since release so I sort of wished I'd just banked a normal ironman run while I was fresh off Spelunky 1. Dwelling deaths were rare back then but going back I was rusty as hell. Took a good while but managed to murder Tiamat with Excalibur and to be honest I think I'm satisfied with that this time around. I'm definitely warmer on the game now than I was (it was always very good of course, just suffers in comparison with the first as most things do) but I think that'd probably flip back if I started going for the Hell run equivalent/s this time around, having had a look the requirements seem even more ridiculous and with the increased randomness in many areas I'm not sure I'd actually find it enjoyable in the end.
  22. Possibly on the newest, most powerful integrated graphics but it stuggles on mine with an older discrete GPU (Nvidia K1100M). Traditional roguelikes are perfect for this on potato PCs, especially if you have a number pad. Brogue, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Caves of Qud, Rift Wizard, Cogmind etc. Also most retro stuff via emulation of course.
  23. Wow, considering all the great updates they've done it seems mad there's a bug as bad as that still in there. I wonder how many otherwise good runs I've had to sacrifice for the shortcut guy now. Normally I wouldn't bother since they don't tend to be worth the effort in these games but people seem to think the items that also unlock are really good, though I can't imagine you get them massively regularly? Now trying to get the Hollow one with the five keys and 240 gold. The last quest where I gave him the four junk ended up being pretty fun since at that point in the game I wasn't going to win and had also picked up Casey for the first time so just sacrificed the rest of my health as batting practice. I can see how that weapon could be amazing if you get the hang of it. 30 hours in I've also made a final (?) change to my control scheme, putting items on L2 and the map on square since I constantly fuck up using items in the heat of the moment having to take my thumb off the right analog, especially ones like Daruma which should be great in theory but just make me take more hits in practice. It does make warping pretty awkward but I figure it's better to wrestle with the controls outside of combat if you have to at all..
  24. I had a bit of a posse going earlier too.. Was desperately destroying chests I probably shouldn't have done to try and add another into the mix. I first bought this about five years ago thinking I'd love it and kept struggling to get into it for one reason and another. Couldn't get a control layout that didn't feel awkward, runs felt very samey at the start (not sure how much that's changed after all the generous updates) and I kept getting annoyed at my lack of ability to see when I was in danger of falling down a pit/realise when I'm on fire/notice an enemy has spawned right on top of me etc. I still take way too many annoying hits due to that stuff but on the whole it's really clicked with me lately. I should've been sensible and played something more sedate today since I only got an hour of sleep last night but instead.. I got my first Dragun kill! Probably a good advert for letting things play out in roguelites rather than starting over since I didn't play particularly well, didn't have weapons I was all that into, didn't have any real synergies yet I still somehow muddled though the Dragun and managed to deliver three of the four bits to the blacksmith. I got bailed out right at the death though, died when he only had a tiny bit of health left only to be very surprised at reviving with full health.. Upon Googling it turned out the pig that had been following me around was good for something after all
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