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  1. Rsdio


    A Mushihimesama normal 1cc can't be too bad since even I managed it, IIRC it took about 25-30 hours of focused practice having messed about with other modes/getting achievements for a while. DDP Resurrection I couldn't be arsed with due to the laser stage, it's convenient to play since it's on Steam but personally I'd rather put the time into another game in the series.
  2. ? There are a couple of three minute videos of people doing it in the top results but they keep pausing it and giving commentary/tips. The ones where they're just playing it straight through it's like 80 seconds checkpoint to checkpoint, there's not really any scope to go much slower either. It's a poor difficulty spike to be sure though.
  3. It's finally the real Virtua Fighter Quest that I bought a GameCube for. Planet Harriers next please!
  4. Finally, some VERY nice Sagat buffs in the new patch, V-Skill 2 has two frames of tiger knee block/hit recovery shaved off across the board and the hurtboxes basically removed so it beats pretty much everything. I was disappointed by how weak it was on release but I'm really surprised they've gone that far with it. I guess it's still locked behind a charge which isn't always easy to get though so maybe it's fair enough. I'd been messing around with G lately but will probably go back to being trash with the big man. Rashid/Abigail notably nerfed and they seem to have changed the way matchmaking works but I'm not sure to what extent they've just messed around with what the bars represent versus actually improving it? Also, everything was 'Extended the hitbox inward'.
  5. It could've done with one (I don't think I died more than twice on any of the other escapes but that definitely took over ten attempts) even though in reality it's only about a minute long. I can totally see how it might feel longer though!
  6. Thanks for the hospitality @Rob Rule! Got proper island envy after that. Probably a daft question but how do you do the little emotes? Or is it something you have to unlock? I haven't played one of these very extensively since the DS.
  7. Aaand SL1 all done! What no-one tells you about the Kalameet one-shot cheese method is that it's actually harder than doing pretty much any other Souls boss legit on a bog-standard run unless you happen to get really lucky. The amount of times I set fire tempest off right underneath him and he didn't really move but still only took two of the three hits. Christ. Gwyn was a total cakewalk in comparison with the DLC, even without parrying which generally seems to be the recommended option. The reinforced clubs were a bit slow in that fight but great combustion just chewed through him. A mate's just started playing this on PS4. I'm probably just going to buy it on that and start again. Please help me stop.
  8. Yeah, obviously everyone borrows from everyone else to some extent but the amount and the obviousness of the inspiration from Hollow Knight does feel a little much.
  9. I'm away but my Switch is running and the gates are open if anyone wants to visit Moonshake for some lovely apples. SW-7176-7108-0613 I'll have a check for requests periodically
  10. I have continued to bang my head against M, press F to pay respects to M Without using a shield or the pendant it was basically a case of 'hope he doesn't do the circle magic thing because I'm always too far away to avoid it when he does and try not to fuck anything else up on the way'. It's hard to guess at attempts once they really start racking up but my toughest boss in these games so far was previously encountering Ludwig for the first time in NG+ on Bloodborne which felt like it took about 30 goes and this felt like it took about triple that. Brutal. Can't even imagine what doing some of the DLC bosses from the later games must be like at that level.
  11. Having played through the game several times reading about the existence of these things the other day was a bit of a mind blower, imagine my surprise when I saw one within a few minutes of booting it up today . Left it alone though as I was focussed on getting through the New Londo fog door and that thing can be a niggly sprint at the best of times with two ghosts and a darkwraith up your arse. Love that this game still has surprises up its sleeve. So yeah, I took a break from banging my head against SL1 M and took down FK which actually wasn't as bad as I'd expected from my first couple of attempts. Turned out what I was doing wrong was trying to dodge everything, basically with this setup I had to take hits in exchange for getting some damage in myself rather than trying to fully ninja it. Doing it that way with the lightning reinforced club and The Power Within I even had time for a decent breather between them for the most part. Definitely an element of RNG luck in the victory though since if one of them opened with the magic projectile I probably only had about a 10% success rate of killing them because that thing is an absolute ballache. Thankfully only the first one seemed to like doing that or I probably would've had to swallow my pride and try a shield and/or heavy armour.
  12. It's been explained already but just to reiterate that it's definitely not a requirement - I never parry at all in Souls games. Bloodborne is a different story though, I find it much more reliable and well defined there. I kind of forgot about my SL1 run late in the day and have just gone back to it with only FK, and G to go in the main game and K and M in the DLC (back to busting out the initials since there's some new players, feels good man). Doing M like this must've made him my most retried boss ever now, probably 30 times and I've only had him beyond halfway three times. Still fun though and I've spent quite a lot of time laughing at my inability to get out of the habit of attacking his bog-standard hand slam which he sometimes follows up and sometimes doesn't. That shit's probably half my deaths so far. I have no shame in using the PC save manager because I've started using some of the more extreme buffs/rings now and they need a bit of a setup with your life bar which makes it pretty tedious to do every single time and it's quite easy to fuck up. I think for K I'll finally deviate from my two-handed reinforced club and dark wood grain ring setup and try to cheese him with pyromancy because I still pretty much dread doing him at the best of times. Really the only boss in this game that makes me feel that way.
  13. If you're struggling and not really enjoying it I probably wouldn't push on to be honest, I'm all done now and it does ramp up a fair bit in difficulty towards the end. The first hour was really good, the next few were blissful but the second half is pretty patchy for the most part. I still liked it a fair bit more than the first though.
  14. Way over on the right, it's where you go when you've collected them all but you can get the ability before then. It's not necessary for doing the others (obviously) but it'll get you some extra stuff here and there if you have it.
  15. Rsdio

    This is Hip-Hop.

    The new R.A.P. Ferreira (aka Milo) album is a great listen. Big ATCQ/Digable Planets vibes and some nice Pharoah Sanders quotes and samples. Jodorowsky/Moebius type shit for the video too, obviously a man of taste.
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