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  1. Ha, yeah I'm very excited for the box set. His 90s run is about as good a decade as any director has ever had, I reckon. In the conversation with Ozu's 50s, Altman's 70s etc. anyway. His style isn't quite there yet but I have a big soft spot for As Tears Go By as well.
  2. This also has to be up there. Bonus points for being brought on with a couple of minutes left specifically to take one.
  3. I've hammered this over the past couple of days and just got all the fates solved in 8hrs 50 mins. Brilliant game. This and The Outer Wilds are rare shining beacons on the 'giving the player enough credit to allow them to feel like they're figuring things out on their own' front. At times it did feel a bit brute force-y but you generally get to the point where that's possible through juggling a complex process of elimination largely in your head so even when it was that way it still managed to be satisfying. I can see why so many either bounced off it or came close though, I guess
  4. Pretty much all comparisons come down to 'useful shorthand' really, I'm not sure it's worth nitpicking over unless it's wildly innacurate. I mean, you yourself said it was inspired by Mirror's Edge. For anyone who continued playing the first ME beyond the initial playthrough or hammered the time trials figuring out the best route was also the puzzle and you'd probably be hitting restart every time you messed up, which would be often until you'd really got it down. There was ME the narrative experience (which I didn't care about much, I found the writing and characterisation fairly
  5. Although I love Mirror's Edge etc. I wasn't very convinced by the demo of this a few months back but since I had an Epic voucher about to expire I thought I'd give it another shot. It doesn't even have a proper full screen mode, despite the fact the demo did, so can only be played in some weirdly scaled borderless blur-o-vision. Apparently it's being looked into but it's a pretty shoddy first impression.
  6. GGXXAC+R (christ..) had more players than SFV and DBFZ last night, peaking at 2300. Most other games with retrofitted rollback got a relative bump but that's mental. Usually it's going from like, 10 players to 80 or something.
  7. Rsdio

    Deus Ex (2000)

    It's in the Nvidia control panel tab 'adjust desktop size and position'. Also try looking in the executable properties > compatibility > change high DP settings > set it to override and have the application perform scaling if you don't have any luck.
  8. Rsdio

    Depeche Mode.

    There's some great stuff scattered about after SOFAD, particularly on Ultra and Playing the Angel. The main reason I hardly listen to any of it is the mastering, it's all compressed to hell and is super fatiguing to listen to regardless of the content. Ultra even has a tonne of clipping on it.
  9. There are other 1st-person games with good platforming (Metroid Prime, Mirror's Edge) but the only one I can think of that's primarily a shooter and also nails that kind of movement is Titanfall. Jumping around can be pretty fun in the old arena shooters but I'm not sure you could say that that 'fridge on rollerskates' feel makes for good platforming exactly.
  10. Rsdio

    Deus Ex (2000)

    Yeah, this is it. I always lump Deus Ex and Morrowind in together when I think about this sort of thing. Playing those two I could only marvel at the potential for large, deep worlds in videogames but in terms of player freedom and systems everything since has felt like a step backwards and very little has come close to capturing the same feelings, even accounting for nostalgia. What followed felt disappointing very quickly (Invisible War, Oblivion), rather than it purely being a 'looking back at things with 15-20 years of accumulated world-weariness' kind of scenario. I remember t
  11. Having failed a couple of times on the second phase of the last boss I managed my first win on attempt 20. Actually thinking strategically about the boons and swapping them out rather than just lazily keeping the same one equipped as I had been doing definitely helped! I've only just noticed you can flip the upgrades in the mirror as well
  12. I bought this during early access but only started playing this morning. I've got to third area quite a few times but the boss there is pretty much ruining me. My right hand is now fucked.
  13. A stong contender for the title 'Archduke of Abandonment' has definitely emerged.
  14. It does have a bit of an 'early access' vibe to it right now, I guess I've not been playing it super regularly but I can't remember seeing update notifications for something literally every time I start it up before. It is weird for these sorts of games, but the state of flux aspect is kind of interesting too. Like, I had a winning Dead Cells run in.. August 2018, apparently. But finishing the game means basically nothing for the purposes of discussion if somebody else finished it a couple of patches earlier or later because the balance could be totally different.. The Dead Cells o
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