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  1. Well, whoever would've thought that trying to sit back for the entire second half would work out like that? Town are currently on course for 5.75 points, if we can push it to 6 the season will probably go down as a success.
  2. I've heard 84 It's a pretty boring list but that doesn't mean there isn't loads of good stuff on it. It would've gone down a lot better if it wasn't for the comedy Winehouse placements, but that does seem so very Guardian.
  3. 2000 1. In The Mood for Love 2. Yi Yi 3. Werckmeister Harmonies 2001 1. Mulholland Drive 2. Donnie Darko 3. The Man Who Wasn't There 2002 1. City of God 2. Oasis 3. Talk to Her 2003 1. Oldboy 2. Dogville 3. The Fog of War 2004 1. The World 2. Bad Education 3. Nobody Knows
  4. I did finish Arkham Knight a while back but can sympathise with that complaint. I felt like a ninja playing Asylum and City, using all the tools available fluidly and regularly. By contrast I felt half drunk during much of Knight, it has that many options that it's hard to get a rhythm going and I frequently realised I'd completely forgotten about some tool or other and hadn't used it in hours. Spider-Man had a fair bit of that too, most of the gadgets etc. just got forgotten about. Was still pretty fun just doing the basics though!
  5. Confirmation of what we've known for the past couple of days with the Cowleys appointed at Huddersfield. They could be another Nathan Jones of course but this is the first decision the club's made in about two years that hasn't provoked an instinctive unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. If it doesn't go well then these things happen I guess, but at least it doesn't transparently seem like a massive fuck up right from the off. I've not been a big fan of the way he's put himself across so far but credit to the chairman, they supposedly turned down West Brom last season and Sheffield Wednesday last week so we've done well to get them. Funnily enough their first two matches will be against those two clubs.
  6. Rsdio

    Edit that Band name

    Roy Division Pubic Enemy Ladfinger Purse With Wound Can't Bob Diddley
  7. Rsdio

    This is Hip-Hop.

    New album next month, executive produced by Q-Tip, also featuring Paul White (obv), Flying Lotus and JPEGMAFIA productions
  8. The Tree of Life. Every Malick film prior to it is a masterpiece and the trailer was so gorgeous it made me well up a bit. It's not total shit by any means but I thought it had one heavy foot in unintentional self-parody, with the staggeringly tedious To The Wonder marking the point where he jumped all the way in. I haven't dared watch any of the ones he's done since. It still blows my mind that the critical reception to it was so rapturous when the incredible New World had pretty mixed reviews at the time.. I coudn't help but wonder if those two things were linked, critics trying to retrospectively right a bit of a wrong.
  9. He didn't want to drop down to the Championship basically, he'd been about as poor as everyone else recently anyway so not much point keeping him here if he wasn't fully committed especially given he was probably our highest earner. We'd also apparently fucked up with his contract so he would've been well within his rights to run it down and left for free next summer if he'd felt like it. It's an imperfect compromise but it does make sense in context, he gets to stay in the Premier League in the short term (though I'm not sure he's even started yet as he's probably about as unfit as the rest of our players have looked all season) but also signed a new contract so we won't eventually lose him for nothing. Knowing you'd be losing the guy who's been the heartbeat of your team for years and not bothering to replace him ahead of time however.. That goes in with all the other terrible decisions from the board down for the past few years. Who would've thought avoiding spending any money to freshen up a squad of players who've had their confidence dismantled for the last 18 months might not be the best approach? Even Schindler looks like a lower league clogger now, he was an absolute mountain in our first Premier League season and held the defence together on his own.
  10. Heh, that was us under Wagner in the Championship. We rarely made our domination pay and it always felt like the other team scored with practically every shot on goal. Feels like a lifetime ago now. I'm looking forward to the trip to Salford City next year though!
  11. +1 just for mentioning The Chief. Speaking of forgotten 90s heroes, was that Billy Dodds in the Scottish caramel wafer cup photo?
  12. Rsdio

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Surprised these haven't been posted: Normally I'll take all the Push I can lay my hands on but I'm not totally feeling them yet I've got to say.. Need more listens.
  13. Samurai Shodown is a really good example. The gameplay is fantastic, they absolutely nailed it. It should probably be the default choice for anyone wanting to learn a 2D fighting game from scratch right now. But that's basically irrelevent since so many people will have bought it week one, seen the state of the UI, tried to go online, waited forever for matchmaking to work, had a few laggy matches, got dumped back to a waiting screen rather than the mode they were in, seen that they can't even rematch people in lobbies and they'll have thought 'Nah, fuck this. I've got better things to do with my time.' And that's a lot of your most enthusiastic buyers gone forever at that point, even if you mildly improve things afterwards you can't really get that launch momentum back and you're a 'Discord fighter' within a matter of weeks. I clung on for a while more in hope than expectation but it felt pretty much done as a viable online thing very quickly unless you really wanted to spend time organising things outside the game just to play somewhat acceptably responsive matches with a really small pool of people. It was completely inevitable that it'd be that way too, it's sad that it's hard to expect any different. Obviously it's a niche game in a niche genre but it had a decent amount of hype behind it this time and it won't ever be anything else if that's the experience that's offered and you can't give people a basic platform to get some good word of mouth promotion going. I wouldn't be surprised if later we get the developers giving off that usual vibe of 'Hey, we made the best game we could and no-one bought it, don't be surprised if you don't hear from this franchise again for the foreseeable.' The new Guilty Gear looks stunning but the last one literally does not work online for what seems to be a hell of a lot of people due to some sort of router incompatibility and they've never even acknowledged it (presumably because it's only an issue for those outside Japan). Dragonball had similar. It'd be really cool to try and learn a Guilty Gear game a little bit but I won't be getting my hopes up about it. I saw someone post in the Tekken subreddit the other day that they'd happily pay full price if the next game was basically just Tekken 7.5: This Time The Online Is Really Fucking Good Edition and I'd probably agree with the sentiment for most of the Japanese fighters out there. Then they can start on adding some decent learning tools
  14. God bless this man for going on this most righteous of rants. It's at the point where I don't even bother getting excited about these games anymore because I know they'll shoot themselves in the foot by having the online experience be shite in one way or another. Someone needs to translate that shit into Japanese and get it trending.
  15. Rsdio

    vinyl lovers

    There's one of those eBay offers active at the moment for 15% off musicmagpie etc. Spotted they had the first Kate Bush 4LP box for £36, the voucher brings it down to £31. I already bought The Dreaming but it's cheaper to buy the box than the standalone The Kick Inside and Never For Ever so it'd be daft not to. Obviously there's loads of other stuff too, I also grabbed the Strut Nigeria 70 comp as it looks like that's in danger of going back OOP.
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