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  1. I never trust the pickup priority in the first either, even under no pressure I nearly always end up grabbing the thing I don't want. Pure bullshit also happens all the time in the original, I'm constantly having runs fucked by random mine explosion chain reactions off screen in the ice caves. From the little I've played of 2 I'm not sure the differences in 'feel' are for the better (though it's entirely possible that they are and I just need get used to it) and having hazards blend in to the stages so much seemed a bit unnecessary. I'm sure it'll be great in its own ri
  2. What on earth is that cutscene about? Pleasantly WTF, especially his wooden wang. I should do some reading on the inspirations for the lore in general, actually.
  3. Yeah, slowly whittling a boss down that way then inevitably fucking up and taking attempt-ending stray hits because you're in there with them for ages sounds like a good way to make the experience more frustrating but it's good that different approaches are an option, I guess. Though thinking about it I sort of did the first Owl fight that way in NG because I thought you were supposed to go more for his health rather than his posture and it didn't take all that long really. Not sure how viable it'd be once the health and posture bars start getting buffed on later playthroughs though.
  4. Well, I respect your opinion Benny but I don't share it. Doing Genishiro in seconds becomes as close as this game gets to a formality very very quickly, to the point where it diminishes things with repetition rather than adding to the experience. Hell, even the first SS phase doesn't take long to get to that point if I'm honest. I don't think this boss took more than ten attempts in NG and having to go through the whole 'skip cutscene, Genishiro, skip another cutscene' thing every time to get to the real fight you need to learn felt tedious even then. God knows how it m
  5. And done. I reckon coming in cold to that was about up there with Sister Friede for me in the FROM difficulty charts.
  6. Andy Morrison never seemed like the sharpest tool in the shed but fucking hell. Like, even if you were dumb/irresponsible enough to make that happen imagine going and talking to the media about it afterwards. Incredible.
  7. This game is quiiiiite good. Playing NG my habitual videogame item hoarding locked me out of the 'best' ending despite doing all the other steps, so I started doing it on NG+ with the bell demon active. Flew through that at a comical rate (about ten hours versus the eighty it took first time around), got to the last boss but ended up not being able to play for a couple of weeks. Going back to it having got a bit rusty I'm really getting my arse felt by that bloody penultimate stage . I can barely damage the fool but any posture I painstakingly rack up immediately disappears when ta
  8. The tone of this looks so much more 'right' to me in the new trailer compared with the first. I do hope the constant panting and grunting from your character is something they added in with the one-hit kills and such purely for the sake of making the trailer more 'cinematic' though, or if it's in the game there's the option to turn it off. Really distracting.
  9. Cavemen took three hits in the first as well, usually not worth the effort if you've got no spike shoes.
  10. Couldn't resist having a quick couple of goes, fell at the last hurdle in 3-1 (which feels easier than its antecedent to me) with a measly $15k. It seems wonderful of course but I'm definitely going to have to leave it until I'm done with the first, the little differences in feel will fuck me right up.
  11. Yeah, that'd be cool for sure! Can't imagine it going very well without all concerned getting on voice chat though, as entertaining as totally uncoordinated chaos might be.
  12. Too early now, I imagine, but I'd love to hear impressions of the online co-op once someone's had a go. I've convinced a friend who didn't play the first that he should join me for this but I'm not entirely sure it'll go well since he's quite prone to frustration with games. Combine that with friendly fire and it might be a recipe for a terminated friendship but it'll probably be OK if reviving is relatively straightforward. Well, relatively straightforward in theory, at least.
  13. I made it to hell guys! I made it through the first stage of hell even! Then at the exit to the second stage the shopkeeper disappeared and I assumed he must've been killed by a trap or something. Naturally, that wasn't the case. I'll stop posting about the first one in here now, it won't feel right really once the second is out.
  14. Well, still plugging away here trying to get to hell. I've been pretty consistent at doing about the first 2/3rds of it all more of less since beating Olmec again but the last few steps remain beyond me. I've had some cracking luck on the way: Anubis nowhere to be found and the scepter disappearing somewhere (probably in some lava), having the scepter crushed by those moving blocks, getting the scepter then having a fucking dark stage straight afterwards etc. etc. All good Spelunky fare. The last run was my closest, killing Anubis 2 then getting squished as I fucked up using Olmec
  15. Rsdio

    New Order

    Eh, it's alright. But that's what I've tended to think about almost every post-80s New Order track so maybe I'm not the target audience here.
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