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  1. Rsdio

    Gremlins 2 Appreciation Station

    Best version of 'New York, New York' ever. Same here, all the way there my dad was stressing out about how the conversation was going to go with the ticket person was going to go, coaching me in my new date of birth etc. Then when the moment of truth arrived he totally shat the bed, got really flustered and went "Erm, erm, how old are you son?"
  2. Mine wasn't a Steam controller and the post I mentioned wasn't referring to one either, he was saying what worked for him with a generic controller.
  3. There is, I know from bitter experience after several hours of troubleshooting a year or two back. Unfortunately I can't remember how I did it now but it wasn't exactly an elegant, intuitive solution. I think it might've been this thread that eventually lead me to it, possibly the post by the user Space_.
  4. Rsdio

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I guess his brother was a near contender for the 'one-hit wonder' thread so maybe there's something in the genes.
  5. Rsdio

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I went into this with a bit of a 'Up there with the best Metroidvania games ever? We'll see about that' sort of attitude. Four or five hours in I was still thinking 'Yeah, it's good but I don't quite see what all the fuss is about' then soon afterwards it really hit me.. It definitely is one of the best Metroidvania games ever. I'd got an ending after about 32 hours I think it was, 77% complete and having made a bit of a game of seeing how much I could do without the Soul Master ability (a very surprising amount, it turned out). I was at 90% before I had to look something minor up on the wiki which is testament to how well designed the whole thing is and how many options you have at any one time. I decided I was going to get the 'good' ending once I hit 100% because I didn't really want to sully the experience by searching every room on the map afresh for breakable walls etc. so I was all done on 101% after 50 hours. If you'd told me I'd spend that long playing this at the start I'd have thought you were a nutter, but it hadn't even really begun to wear out its welcome by that point. I don't know if I'm up for the sequel straight away (getting slight Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows vibes from the movement) but I'll certainly buy it because I feel like I robbed the devs by only paying £12 for this. I'd say only the final boss and Traitor Lord really gave me real trouble on the way (probably ten goes each) but a couple of attempts at NKG and I knew I didn't have the patience for that, same with the Path of Pain and the DLC boss rushes. I quite like that I haven't done absolutely everything though, it'll sound weird but it kind of makes me feel like the world is still alive in there rather than totally 'fixed' and static which is a peculiar feeling I often get with games that I've totally rinsed. Wonderful game.
  6. Rsdio

    Tombstone - The Western Film Genre

    Once Upon a Time in the West is my favourite. My other 9s and 10s from checking Letterboxd: If I've seen Tombstone before it was so long ago that I can remember basically nothing about it, I should check it out I guess.
  7. Rsdio

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    I've done everything now, reset my stats to have a mess around with some of the weapons while my friend still has some stuff to do in his game. The Burnt Ivory King lightsaber is great fun, got a Caestus+10 on each hand for when its durability runs low which is making for quite a change from the rest of this run! The gist I got from Googling when deciding whether to try a run like that was that it's not as broken as 1. Personally I've found it makes some things easier, other things more difficult. I guess as a general rule if you're one on one with an enemy that's not too fast/relentless it can really trivialise it but dealing with groups goes the opposite way and much of the game seems to be designed with co-op in mind for better or worse. A lot of the gank squad moments descend into you running around backwards in a circle firing occasional shots off. My Graverobbers boss fight really needed Yakety Sax over the top. That was as a pure caster though and doing absolutely everything solo in my own game. If you're more flexible about using magic to buff weapons and don't mind summoning I think it should be easier across the board. It's almost comical how little danger you can be in with some bosses if you're getting summoned to help people when using ranged magic.
  8. Rsdio

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    Write a moany post about a boss, immediately defeat boss. Another Souls right of passage crossed off the list Burnt Ivory King maybe isn't as tough for a mage type as I thought, he's just one of those where you definitely have to stay super close even with that sort of build. The gaps between his attacks are brutally short if you're in front of him, generally I couldn't get a spell or heal off in time without getting hit again. Glad I don't have to spend (what feels like) ten minutes clearing out all his dickheads again.. Except I'm going to have to get the 50 Loyce Souls if I'm really going to say the game's done with, aren't I?
  9. Rsdio

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    I've been helping a friend through this for the past few weeks and enjoying the game more with lower expectations than going through vanilla and the DLC the first time around. Been doing a pure caster run as I've never used magic in Souls at all, always preferring just melee and dodging. It's been a bit more fun than I expected and I'm glad I've done it but I'll definitely be happy to go back to hitting things again next time around. Had a funny night last when I was putting my sign down to help him find all the Nadalia bits in Brume Tower but kept being summoned by randoms to get them from the foyer to the Fume Knight. Three times in a row they had to be convinced to use the smelter wedges around the outside and went into the boss with three summons, only for them to die when he had about 10% of his massively boosted health left Been doing some videos for him of the bosses my friend can't be arsed doing so might as well post a couple here as much as they're nothing particularly fancy! Pretty sketchy when there's two in play, but I guess it probably always is. You best believe I abused the cloud saves to avoid doing the Frigid 'Fucking' Outskirts repeatedly to get there. Must be a contender for the worst area From have done. Came out of a failed boss attempt annoyed for the first time in this run last night though. Second attempt on the Burnt Ivory King, he had a sliver of health left and I was 100% sure one more spell would do it. Fired it off, he didn't die despite having literally no visible red in his health bar at all (first time I've seen that in a Souls game), my brain jammed as my eyes flitted between him and the health bar, YOU DIED. Have had a few goes since and not got him past halfway, seems like it's quite a hard fight for a caster (like many of the DLC bosses). Clearing out all the little lads at the start is pretty painful as well and rapidly goes from 'this is pretty cool' to 'they should only have made you do this part the once'. The DLC does that a lot actually, really cool bosses hidden behind obnoxious/tedious stuff. Lud & Zallen, Smelter Redux, Burnt Ivory King, Alonne. I had to spend an hour despawning the latter's area because I wanted to learn him properly and your odds of making a sprint through are pretty low. Shouldn't be necessary but it was worth it since he's such a satisfying boss to fight. Much like Fume Knight he's so well designed that you can pretty quickly get to the point where you're almost never getting hit but it still feels like a fun challenge.
  10. Rsdio

    Trials Rising

    If anyone's on the fence and happens to have 100 Uplay points you can cash them in for a 20% off code at the moment and since the game is discounted already it brings the regular edition down to £13 and the gold to £20. I was going to wait and see how they addressed the progression stuff but thought I might as well take the chance on the gold edition at that price.
  11. Rsdio

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    I agree as far as the dream content goes, since that's the whole point. He's a repressed and uninteresting man so of course his fantasies are as obvious and vanilla as they come. 'There are weird people out there driven solely by sex and I never knew? They must be like, a secret society or something!' They're all still a delight to watch (and listen to) for me though, and never boring. As I said, I think it's a pure character study (or non-character study) and not really a mystery, but even so there's still obviously enough ambiguity in the overall structure for many to either miss or just not agree that most of it is a dream, despite how over the top much of that part of the film is. I think a lot of that might have to do with the fact that the style doesn't really change - clinical Kubrickian reality just becomes clinical Kubrickian unreality. It just seems to flow from reality into the dream and back again in a totally natural and linear way, but with little discordant notes like the mask on the pillow. Obviously anyone's more than welcome to dislike it, I just don't agree that there's nothing to it or that it's a mishmash of sequences that don't work together. To me it's tremendously unified.
  12. Rsdio

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    The sequences are weird and the people thoroughly dislikable because for the vast majority of the film they're being dreamed by a narcissist who's just had his comfortable reality pricked and his ego shattered by his wife revealing her fantasies of infidelity, which he previously couldn't possibly have conceived of. It goes heavy with on the nose symbolism since dreams are often that way and the novel was written in Vienna in Freud's time so all that stuff was very much in the air. The encounters he has aren't with real people, they're with figures who exist solely for his benefit, for him to react to. Particularly women, who all obviously throw themselves at him in the most over the top manner possible when they aren't having the most horribly mechanistic and stylised sex possible with others, as he watches. That idea of a world existing purely for the illumination of a character is obviously pretty normal for narrative fiction and Kubrick plays around with that throughout the film, mostly by undercutting the expectations that some revelations or character development will occur. To me it's really a psychological portrait of a very superficial man. There's a lack of overt thematic depth because he lacks depth (though I think there's plenty of depth in the film as a whole, much of it subtext). So often in the film he's asked a question and responds by repeating the question back, because there's nothing to him. He's ostensibly a successful person, but he's just coasting through life, oblivious to what's under the surface. He doesn't even really have any sort of epiphany after his 'adventure' is over. That's part of what's suggested by the title of course, and I love that Kubrick went with that rather than 'Dream Story' which gives the game away before it's even begun. In fact it's so much more ambiguous than the source material in general that I find it hard not to imagine that he wasn't chuckling to himself, knowing exactly how misunderstood it was likely to be. Kubrick was a big fan of David Lynch and it's easily his most Lynchian work. All of this seems more the sort of film you might expect from the 1960s European avant-garde or something but somehow it exists as this big-budget Hollywood effort ingeniously cast with the world's most famous celebrity couple, one of whom is as perfectly bland as the character needs him to be. It's Kubrick going balls out using all the reputation he'd built up over the years to make this mad fucking blockbuster art project only he could've got the backing for and that he must've known full well would go down like a lead balloon, especially with how it'd be marketed. And it's all wrapped up in gorgeous but slightly unsettling Christmassy lighting with lashings of Ligeti and Shostakovich. What's not to like? There's certainly a disturbing coldness to it (not a new accusation with Kubrick of course), but that's part of what's amazing about it. If it wasn't sterile and unpleasant it wouldn't have the unity that it does.
  13. Rsdio

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Eyes Wide Shut is one of Kubrick's best and most rewarding films. Every viewing is a treat. The marketing of it as 'The sexiest film ever made!' and the casting of Kidman and Cruise always seemed to be a Trojan Horse sort of deal to get audiences in to see something which actually paints love, marriage and sex as mundane and horrifying, even when (or perhaps especially when) it involves very beautiful people, but even twenty years later it all still seems like a millstone around the neck of the film. It's actually one of the least sexy films I can think of.
  14. I finished Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the other day, something which apparently only 51% of players have done. It's six hours long. I think the Souls games generally have similar completion percentages despite being super long and having a reputation for difficulty (hard to be totally accurate since they tend to give achievements for specific endings) so I'm not sure what could be read into all this really. Probably that half the players will end up sacking your game off for one reason or another no matter what you do.
  15. Rsdio

    Football Thread 2018/19

    At least Hart was actually a good keeper for a few years. I don't think he really started going downhill until he acted like a massive twat in the Euro 2012 shootout and his 'big personality' seemed to begin gradually overpowering his ability after that. Pickford's only had that one World Cup really. I can't ever remember thinking that he seemed more than promising prior and he's not been great at all since.

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