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  1. 1990 1. Close-Up 2. Days of Being Wild 3. The Match Factory Girl 1991 1. A Brighter Summer Day 2. The Double Life of Veronique 3. La Belle Noiseuse 1992 1. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 2. Hard Boiled 3. The Quince Tree Sun 1993 1. Naked 2. Three Colors: Blue 3. Dazed and Confused 1994 1. Chungking Express 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Vive L'Amour Much more difficult than the 2000s for me, on the whole.. Barton Fink would've topped half those years and I couldn't even find a place for it in 1991.
  2. Just bought the upgrade because I'm a dick and can't help myself. I don't have Kage or the recent three characters so it's not a bad deal for those, plus Gill, plus whoever, plus all the extras. Interesting that the PS4 theme that comes with it calls it Definitive Edition rather than Champion.. Everyone was feeling like this might be it and on the one hand that might seem to confirm it but the apparent name change makes me wonder.
  3. Pretty much everything I want too! I've always fantasised about a Street Fighter game done in the Alpha art style to a DBFZ/Guilty Gear standard. Just imagine
  4. Ah, fair enough - the reporting was maybe slightly misleading on that. Though I guess with the different release strategies it does make a meaningful comparison a bit wonky. Like if you upgraded to Arcade Edition and now Champion Edition that's not technically another two copies shipped but if you did the equivalent for IV it would've been. Apparently from April to June this year it sold 600k copies which seems really healthy for a game this old, especially when updates and content had started to become thin on the ground.
  5. Well yeah, I think so. I've never been as down on SFV as many, more ambivalent I suppose, but I see its reception and the effect on the next game the opposite way really. There are a lot of people out there who didn't take to V for various reasons so have, in effect, been pining for a new Street Fighter they'll really love for years already. The core fanbase who are still playing V will buy it because it's Street Fighter and if they get it right tonnes of those lapsed players will happily return.. again, because it's Street Fighter. Capcom's always been in a really privileged position because of the place this series has in so many people's hearts, if they don't actively fuck things up for themselves it's a pretty sure bet.
  6. I believe SFV has sold like 4 million copies or something, more than SFIV. I think a new, good, Street Fighter would always be a viable prospect though really and I would guess that a fair chunk of SFV's budget was probably taken up by creating the CFN infrastructure and all that. Since on the rare occasions I boot this up I tend to play as Sagat I was really hoping for more V-skills. Mildly worried about how well chosen they'll be given that Ryu's is just a dodge rather than a parry and both Bison and Rashid seem to have new things to make them extra annoying but fingers crossed I guess.
  7. Rsdio

    Aphex Twin

    The post-comeback stuff had really underwhelmed me until Collapse but I think that's one of his strongest 12"s. The little hints of a footwork influence really freshened things up.
  8. Town unbeaten in seven now, top of the form table and a bit of daylight between us and the relegation zone. I had a good feeling about them and the Lincoln fans were sure we were safe as soon as they were appointed but considering they inherited a horrendously unfit squad with absolutely no confidence the turnaround the Cowleys have instigated in such a short space of time has been quite incredible.
  9. Nice, you do know it's Region A locked though right? Thought it was worth mentioning on the off chance you're not multi-region since it'd be a bit of a fucker otherwise.
  10. Rsdio

    Tekken 7

    Frame data for training mode incoming, along with punishment training and all the above embedded in replays. Unless something was lost in translation it seems like you can have it displayed during player matches too, that'll be a fantastic way to learn. Not before time but fair play, at least they've not just done the bare minimum. Mildly comical that it's not a free update though, personally I don't mind paying a couple of quid for something as useful as frame data but it's not a great look when the game has existed without any sort of teaching tools for so long and I can only imagine how different the reaction would be if it was Capcom. Edit: Having watched the full video it's pretty mad how this game has now gone from basically teaching you nothing to having possibly the most practical training stuff out there.
  11. Yeah, I know nothing about LoL really aside from how popular and well supported it is but you get the feeling this might be the game that finally forces the Japanese devs to sort out their netcode etc. ArcSys seem to really be nailing their character designs, the brief glimpse of that new character was great and both Axl and May look far more appealing to me than they used to. Obviously it's still anime as all hell so I can't quite put my finger on what the difference is (probably the collective effect of various smaller things) but they're definitely doing something right.
  12. 2005 1. Cache 2. The New World 3. The Proposition 2006 1. Inland Empire 2. Volver 3, Pan's Labyrinth 2007 1. There Will Be Blood 2. No Country for Old Men 3. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 2008 1. Wendy and Lucy 2. Wall-E 3. Three Monkeys 2009 1. The White Ribbon 2. A Serious Man 3. Antichrist
  13. Schulze stuff is a pain on vinyl as well, so many tracks get up towards 30 minutes (and some even go beyond that) and they end up crammed onto one side with practically no dynamics. Plus you have to crank your amp up which accentuates any surface noise or damage. If it wasn't for the fact that TD can sound incredible on vinyl if you get lucky I'd say that they're both artists who definitely suit digital better.
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