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  1. Yeah, Andy Morrison was a legend with us as well even though he barely played a season's worth of games due to injury troubles. Same at Man City I think. One of the hardest players I've ever seen and couldn't half twat a free kick.
  2. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    The away shirt: The stunt kit is indeed being auctioned off for charity
  3. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Yeah, it's brilliant work from their perspective really. They've totally tied me in knots, anyway. We've been their performing monkey (which was, and still is, my main issue with it) and held up as a bad example in the papers, on BBC Breakfast, by MPs etc. and I doubt two days later the actual reveal will get anything like the same amount of attention so perhaps some damage has already been done as far as the club's image goes. But it's brought that same attention to excessive gambling sponsorship which is good. But in the process we've done a better job of advertising a specific bookie than pretty much any other club. I think I'm going to have to settle on 'conflicted'. They're still technically sponsoring us as far as anyone knows, it's supposedly the most lucrative deal we've had outside the Premier League (which it should be really, after two years up there). It's obviously not going to be a moral stance though, I'm sure we'll be back to a visible sponsor before long and they've already had more attention than they would've if they'd purely been on the shirts for a few Sky games a season. Plus they've managed to put a bit of pressure on the sponsorship of other companies moving in on their territory from abroad or whatever. Doubtless we'll be in for more 'bants' as part of the deal as well.
  4. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Great bunch of lads, Paddy Power. Always been a fan. After all that I might actually buy a shirt for the first time in 20+ years
  5. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Yeah, I'd be surprised if they hadn't agreed to that part. Didn't they pay Bendtner's fine years ago? Pretty sure we wouldn't be allowed to keep doing it every week though.
  6. Very possibly, but so what as far as it being a good fee goes? They'll make a tidy profit if he's played well enough for Barcelona to still want him, especially if the market keeps going the way it is, and have a great player in the meantime.
  7. £67.5m for de Ligt actually looks a cracking bargain in this day and age. They could easily have a world class player for a decade plus.
  8. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Not yet they don't Can't believe we didn't show the actual kit yesterday when interest was at its peak. I still would've hated the stunt (which does vastly more for Paddy Power than it does for us) but at least that would make some sort of sense. Actually going out and playing in it undermined our pre-season preparations and was pretty disrespectful to Rochdale. Not to mention the FA are now on our case because apparently the rules over sponsorship size also apply to friendlies Even those among our fans who were like 'Stop crying, snowflakes - it's great banter!' yesterday are starting to get antsy now. Can't believe how stupid this is for a club that's always done a really good job of being a positive presence in the area and should be doing its best to get back to that after the troubles of last season both on and off the pitch. We need togetherness more than ever but now we've got fans arguing like fuck amongst themselves and turning on the club having supported them to an incredible extent through a comically awful season. My gut feeling about the new owner was that he seemed a bit grubby and this definitely isn't helping. Think about the only thing might somewhat rescue it now is if some benefit ended up going to a good cause.. Shirts auctioned off or the reveal that we actually have a charity on the shirt and the partnership with Paddy Power is something along different lines.
  9. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Well, we've gone all in for tonight's friendly. Curious as to how long they'll try to drag this out.
  10. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Yeah, having a sense of humour about yourselves is one thing. Having the piss ripped out of you mercilessly by dickheads in exchange for their money is quite another.
  11. It's like that 'why didn't England just play the entire Arsenal back five' thing from around the same time. Sunderland and Newcastle is just Bruce's latest since he's also managed both Sheffield clubs as well as Birmingham and Villa. Fair play on not giving a fuck what anyone thinks of you, I suppose.
  12. Rsdio

    Football Kits 2019/20

    As much as their use of laddish humour to make betting seem like a bit of harmless fun rubs me the wrong way I don't really mind them taking the piss, Town fans take the piss out of Town all the time. If anything it's been quite funny in this case to see our more gammon-y element froth at the mouth about the 'disrespect'. From a commercial perpective it's probably the biggest, most visible sponsor we've had since Panasonic but it's still fucking depressing. We had a betting company in the PL too but as they had basically no presence here it felt kind of abstract somehow. Also, blue and green should never be seen.
  13. Surely you have to be mentally preparing for this from the second you appoint him though. He's had a reputation for jumping ship as soon as a better offer comes along for twenty years. He still gets a fair amount of hatred in Huddersfield for his part in initiating the downfall of the club in the early 2000s. I remember it going down especially well when he took time off in the middle of a season where we were struggling to fly to the other side of the world and do punditry on a Man Utd World Club Cup game.
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