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  1. This is brilliant, thanks for posting it. It's tempted me to play Football Manager again for the first time in years.
  2. Yeah, these days I tend to roll my eyes when I hear this term thrown around. I guess it's become a bit of cliche to describe character action games as 'single-player fighting games' but being fairly closely related I think it's possible in some of those too. There are a lot of ways you can play someone like Dante. I do think it's possible in games that might look more rigid at first glance too, the margin for error in shmups is generally so small that you wouldn't think there'd be that much variation in the way that people play but in practice that only seems to magnify the differences. It becomes really striking when people do things in an unconventional manner.
  3. It's a shame for the likes of TFH of course but I'd like to think that they'll be sympathetic to a much bigger issue and at least they've had a fair amount of benefit from just being among the intended games. I'm not really sure how anyone could've enjoyed the tournament in this context, playing a few games online is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Surely EVO has to be done as an entity after this, it seems incredibly unlikely that this hasn't been known about for a long time since there are posts online about it going back years. Their response has that vibe of 'Oh well, sorry everyone found out but the show must go on I guess'. Nah, their brand is as tainted as they come. There's a lot that's great about many of the people who play these games but there are also other elements in the crowd that have always been completely minging. You only need to look at r/Kappa or the live chat of any tournament stream or Fightcade at pretty much any time of day to see that. If this coming into the light and the likes of FChamp/Low Tier God getting slaps on the wrist starts a process of ripping things up to start over again, built on better foundations then personally I feel that's for the best long-term.
  4. I've been super impressed with the bits of TFHs I've played, even the story mode seems to actually teach you stuff in an intelligent way. I haven't made the time to really play though and if I'm honest a big part of it is because I'm terrified You can just tell it's the sort of game where if you have no real idea of how to start your own bullshit or deal with the bullshit the other characters have, you'll just be watching yourself getting combo'd 95% of the time. That's not a criticism of the game at all and obviously the only way around it is to suck it up and play the damned thing but watching actual good, experienced fighting game players like JLM (and Sajam on his YouTube channel) get repeatedly bodied doesn't entirely help! Just the thought of trying to get out of the corner with Velvet against some of this stuff has made me traumatised in advance.
  5. If Forest don't lose tomorrow I think Huddersfield might be fucked. I don't like the look of our remaining fixtures much and our match against Wigan had the look of one of those pre-season friendlies where you play a team from abroad who've been back in training for a few weeks more than you have. Miles off the pace.
  6. I still love it when it's done well. I didn't enjoy the stealth in Metro through for a variety of reasons.
  7. I doubt it's right (especially with the waterbed part) but The War Zone sprung to mind.
  8. It's a question of degree though, isn't it. Stating that elements of something were always present doesn't make the growth of those elements to the point of domination meaningless. As you say there's a big difference between the product of back then, which seems almost quant to us now, and the capital 'P' version football now represents even down to relatively low levels of the game. More of a gulf than a difference, really. Football is unrecognisable now from what it was, even on the pitch, and while there are undoubtedly positives to that whether they outweight the negatives is.. Well, pretty debatable I'd say. I'm kind of hesitant to start getting into it because hell, 'the general state of modern football' is quite the can of worms to open!
  9. I feel like this is the same as a lot of things in life, there isn't really an issue unless someone's being a dick about it. If you've never been to Anfield and Liverpool winning the league makes you happy then great, there isn't enough happiness in the world. But if you start acting super smug, rubbing other people's noses in it or whatever then you're probably making yourself fair game to have the nature of your support shoved under the microscope. Even in the brutal environment of school it was like that really, someone who gobbed off about Man Utd. winning all the time would inevitably get grief back but someone less obnoxious wouldn't, at least to anything like the same degree. I guess the issue is that a lot of that is seen as being part and parcel of supporting a football team so it tends to be the rule rather than the exception. And, y'know, 'being a dick' being slightly in the realm of the subjective. Fair play, it's not often I see the way Sky changed football put forward as an unambiguous positive. Especially with the word 'product' used so prominently!
  10. Nobody's saying it's unique to Bournemouth, it's the combination of them being a particularly flagrant example of it whilst constantly being held up as the archetype of the plucky underdog having a fairytale rise to the top that gets people's backs up. Same with the shithousery - they've been very bad for that for a very long time but it gets glossed over because it doesn't fit their media narrative. It's not something new and has very little to do with their rise through the divisions, it was much commented on by those around them when they were two divisions below getting on for a decade ago.
  11. Bournemouth were cheaty as hell under Howe even in League 1.. Where they also made a £15m loss the season they were promoted, I believe, before being done for breaching FFP on the way to the Premier League. Hard to dispute how effective Howe's been up until now but yeah, the whole media love-in over them has always been pretty nauseating. Plus it'd be nice to see Philip Billing get relegated with them after he could've got a much bigger move for himself if he'd behaved a bit better.
  12. Yeah, I sort of wish we'd done the same even though we somehow did the hard part and stayed up the first season. Stuart Webber might be a bit of a snake but he's no mug and played a big part in bringing Wagner in so I'm sure he was taking notes of all the ways we fucked up the 'model' he started to implement.
  13. Rsdio


    I hope that's right about the EX+ mode, I'd quite like to do the CS exclusive bosses at some point but I don't think I can be arsed with that mode, it sounds like a real grind. Funnily enough I was messing around with PS1 widescreen hack yesterday and checking out what it does for stuff like R-Type Delta and Einhander, it makes things a little easier in the sense that you see things coming slightly earlier but obviously the play area itself remains the same so you can't go all the way to the left or right and enemies don't fire when they're in the newly exposed extremities. I wonder if that's how they'll do it with G-Darius. They're not really shmups as such but thinking of trying to clear one of the early Metal Slug games, has anyone here done that? Manageable or am I setting myself up for frustration?
  14. I'm the same, though I never spent much time with the earlier ones. Finally got the fancy setup working OK, stupidly I didn't think to try it with Vulkan and doing so sorted out all the little crackles and slowdows I had in OpenGL. It does look impressive but I do find as the years go by I find myself pulled more towards the original vibe of these things, warts and all, whereas in the early years of emulation I'd be trying to upscale everything and slathering on the smoothing. They're nice options to have but I feel like most things lose cohesion along the way and older 3D games actually look 'right' at native res now with higher resolution displays scaling things better and all the filter options to choose from. Having to change the Neg-Con settings really took me back, did anyone else have one of those? They were actually pretty decent once you got used to how weird they were.
  15. Games that are overwritten and/or twee. Modern throwback RPGs are really bad for the former, they seem to think that because people liked the writing in Planescape: Torment they need to overstuff their game with waffle that's constantly trying way too hard to be interesting, with the resulting effect of nothing being interesting because there's no contrast or room to breathe. I played 80 hours of Pillars of Eternity and can remember basically nothing about it. Sunless Sea was another bad example in another genre, the writing is cool for a little while but it gets blunted very quickly because it's constantly slapping you in the face with how characterful it is. If I read the word 'eldritch' in a game one more time.. Narrative indie games and walking simulators can fall into both those traps (Dear Esther) but spring to mind more for the latter. I enjoyed some aspects of Edith Finch but also spent a lot of time rolling my eyes at it. I suppose I have a pretty fine line between having my emotions manipulated in an enjoyable way and just feeling like I'm getting taken for a ride and being told exactly how I should feel at every moment while I'm on it.
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