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  1. Yep, shows up if you search PS5 Console - just ordered mine
  2. New 'Tallica has leaked. Just listened to Spit Out the Bone... holy shit, goosebumps.
  3. Watching the GB stream and so far this looks really disappointing. Got mine preordered with Amazon for 13th but will be cancelling. Was so hyped, but this just looks a bit, well, shit.
  4. Another 3 codes here if they're any use to anyone: PHP3CJGHEREN MD9LW623YYK2 KEDB8XUE7ENJ
  5. Just gave it a go... disappointed. Like others have said, star wars battlefield would have been amazing, this is just one dimensional pap.
  6. There's a space in Rllmuk Lurkers - feel free to join
  7. Is there a known issue with club accolades not tracking/updating?
  8. Is there a known issue with club accolades not tracking/updating? Had 2 miles left to level up the BMW accolade but did a series in a beemer and it's still showing 2 miles to go.
  9. Thanks for posting this. My card was used last week for Vodafone top ups - think this solves the mystery of how that happened.
  10. Not sure if any of the Rllmuk Lurkers club are still playing this, but if you are and you want to take ownership of the club let me know and I'll transfer it to you
  11. That's what I expected to happen, but I sat there and watched it download the full 2.5GB so not sure what's up with that. No biggie.Loving the game by the way!
  12. That's weird, I'm on 1.08 and it's still downloading the full 2.5GB Think the club is full now, sorry. Will double check once patch has downloaded
  13. Any lurkers that need a club feel free to join Rllmuk Lurkers
  14. I'm loving this too, so addictive - add me up, fellow Boners
  15. Just referred you, but not sure if it worked - think it may have sent you a friend request?
  16. This game is flippin' gorgeous and a joy to play. Really love my Bone - getting a PS4 was a no brainer at the time, but fairplay to MS for totally changing my mind. The OS is nicer to use, it's quieter, Live is lightyears ahead of PSN and FH2 frankly shits on Driveclub from a giant height (it's actually a finished product for a start...)
  17. I've had similar issues...
  18. Can I have an invite to the new club please? Gamertag is Pavbowski
  19. Me too, please - gamertag is Pavbowski
  20. It's bloody gorgeous. And smooth.
  21. Just finished playing the demo. It's pretty, preeeeetty good. I've got a feeling driveclub is going to seem a bit dull after playing this.
  22. Got myself one of these last week from Tesco and it crackled and fizzed like a mofo, was unbearable. Took it back and the replacement one does it too, but nowhere near as bad. I'm convinced it must be a software issue as it only happens when the machine is idle - fire a game up and the noise disappears. Surely fixable via an update? Very impressed with the machine apart from that!
  23. Another thumbs up for those Monoprice headphones - incredible value for money
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