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  1. Has anyone tried a non hacking play through? What's the Sandevistan like compared to the cyberdeck? Can you go full Gully Foyle if you combine it with with the Krenzikov?
  2. Hawklord has merged with the Helios AI and become a living God
  3. SM47


    I've been at a bit of a loose end over xmas in terms of a decent tv show to watch so I gave this a go based on a pal's recommendation. It's wayyy better than I thought it would be. My pal described it as being a Kung Fu Peaky Blinders. And I can definitely see what he means. It's a shame they didn't get Adrian Younge or somebody like that to do the soundtrack. I don't mind the title theme, but the rest seems a tad forgettable.
  4. The combat in Witcher 3 was pretty mediocre and half the missions were you running around with Witcher smell o vision looking for glowing red marks on the ground. I'm not sure how this aspect qualifies as 'amazing' by comparison to CP2077. The Witcher 3's strengths were its writing and sense of ambience and CP2077 is easily the equal of this. Its primary shortcoming for me is the dire performance on base PS4. Texture pop in is really pronounced and reduces the enjoyment of driving about the city. I'm really hoping they fix it with these new year patches in time for a second play through.
  5. Is this available online anywhere? Cos it sounds hilarious
  6. I battered the twins but the other fights are listed as being 'very hard' or whatever in the journal so I'm loathe to try them yet. As Oz says, it would be nice to be able to still do those quests, perhaps juicing yourself up with a daemon or poisoning your opponent beforehand. It seems to run against the grain of the rest of the game to lock you out of the quest unless you put points into Body. I kinda went for a jack of all trades at character creation, but leaning slightly towards intelligence and reflexes. As time has passed I've pretty much ended up focusing on these two exclusively bar a few points in cool. I cut about melting MFers brains before slow mo pistol dodging them to death. It's a lot of fun.
  7. It says the difficulty rating under the quests in the journal.
  8. Yeah people are definitely remembering it wrongly. You couldn't even attack non hostiles in the Witcher 3. NPCs weren't in the least bit dynamic. The closest you came to that was being able to piss off invulnerable town guards who would beat you unconscious and fine you thousands of Witch dollars or whatever the currency was. Cyberpunk is basically Future Witcher 3 With Gunz. A pretty good open world RPG, let down by some annoying technical issues at launch.
  9. The slow mo dash is a piece of cyberwear rather than a perk. Edit: the Kerenzikov, $5000 from Vik's, under the nervous system category.
  10. I'm about 10 hours in playing on a base ps4 and I've had a couple of crashes and a few scripting issues. Bit annoying but nothing a quick autosave reload hasn't fixed. Maybe the bugs will become unbearable later on, I'm reserving judgement. But so far this is everything I wanted it to be. As someone who grew up playing and loving immersive sims, this is the perfect mix of deus ex style worldbuilding fused with a vividly realised open world. Looking out V's apartment window at all the cars and little pedestrians in the distance gives me goosebumps like the New York skybox did on Liberty Island twenty years ago. And the jazz station has got the Trio Of Doom. Rolling around a cool looking future city listening to Jaco, Tony & John ripping through Dark Prince is a good time.
  11. Yeah, I dont think the show is pretending to be hard sci fi. It doesn't need to be in order to be good. Personally I loved the design of the above mentioned thing. I haven't seen much love for the AWESOME opening credit animation and song. Probably my favourite opening titles of recent years. Between this and Dark, Ben Frost is killing the thoughtful sci fi scoring game.
  12. Just took out a bunch of gang members, hopped in my car and Coltrane's Afro Blue was playing on the radio. GOTY
  13. Anyone struggling with the stick drift, bumping the inner dead zone option to 0.05 fixed it for me and with negligible difference in controlling the camera.
  14. I'm really hoping they get Mike Patton to voice the zombies again.
  15. Looks pretty decent. It kinda looks like it's set in Canada based on the pre rendered video?
  16. The most annoying thing for me has been a little bit of drift on the left stick. It's like Prey all over again. Hoping they patch it out ASAP.
  17. I love turn based strategy so was well up for this. Sounds like a bit of buggy mess at the mo. Needs some QoL patching too. Think I'm gonna wait for a few patches and maybe a DLC before I consider a purchase.
  18. Yeah that's why the stuff about dark matter alluded to in ME2 was basically never mentioned again. I recall reading it was supposed to play a big part in the Reapers' reasons for being giant space bellends
  19. I'd never seen any of the TDs before last week, not sure why. It just passed me by. I was looking for something cool to watch so decided to pick up the box set. First series was absolutely incredible, one of the best things I've ever seen. But holy fuck, Vince Vaughn in this second series. I just don't understand how they thought 'yep, this is a performance worth airing'. The guy is floundering in almost every scene he's in. And it's such a shame because the rest of the show is pretty good. If they could CGI him and replace him with someone else, I'd be pretty happy.
  20. Les Pretend rebooted by Alan Moore as an adult man struggling to tell his delusions apart from reality
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