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    Deus Ex (2000)

    Deus Ex was my first immersive sim and blew me away. There's a bit (I think maybe Paris, it's been a while) where you read one of the public news terminals scattered around and there was a bulletin for my arrest that used my real name. A pretty basic trick for sure, but one of many details that made you feel as though you weren't exploring sequential levels in a videogame but moving through a world of different characters and agendas that didn't stop with you. That's pretty much why I love videogames these days, always chasing that feeling of being transported to an other place. I recently replayed Thief Gold and I think it and DE have a lot in common. I'd prob say the Dishonoreds were spiritual sequels to both.
  2. One particular allegation of CDPR 'pandering to the alt right' seemed to be based on a random screenshot of some non affiliated right wing knuckledraggers commenting ideological cringe on twitter. I'd argue this is awarding these incel dorks an undeserving credibility of influence. CDPR are not nazis are they, at worst they come across as ignorant of trans issues. Many people in our society are. They can be won over to supporting trans rights with reasoned argument and honest education not tedious culture warring. Cancelling an unreleased videogame they might like the look of isn't going to win them over.
  3. Stop bumping this thread until it's officially announced you fiends
  4. Zaeed was originally going to be played by the actor who portrays Dev but he had to pull out at the last minute after his wife accidentally poked him in the eye with one of those small plastic mechanical sharks on a stick
  5. The Broken Knives sequel does mix things up in fairness. It's not a retread of the first book. I've got the third but haven't read it so can't comment on what happens there. I've started reading Abercrombie's new one The Trouble With Peace. I like it so far, I think he's the most readable of all the contemporary fantasy authors.
  6. The time capsule for his grandkids one was pretty poignant I thought. I love how multifaceted the character has become spread across all these different media formats. It's insane how detailed Partridge lore has become.
  7. It feels like I should play CK2 for hundreds more hours than the hundreds of hours I've already played it for and get my money's worth before dipping into a new one. It does look incredible though.
  8. I've tried to buy the Babylon 5 boxset a few times in HMV but the price seems to go up by a tenner whenever I see it.
  9. I'm watching DS9 for the first time ever, bar maybe one or two episodes shown on the bbc during the 90s. Bit good init? I love the cosmopolitan feel of the promenade. And all the characters are enjoyable, there's no overly annoying bellendcentric episodes. It feels like any combination of the characters could go on an away mission through the wormhole somewhere and I'd glean enjoyment from whatever scenario they end up in the midst of. I'm towards the end of the second series, kinda buzzing I've got another 5 to go.
  10. I for one hope those weren't shoggoths
  11. SM47


    No, it turned out to be a glorified Watchmen cosplay convention with almost zero effort put in to actually adapt any of it into a coherent film. Visual motifs such as the embrace between the news vendor & comic reader were just that, empty visual motifs from the source inserted shorn of any context or emotional investment with the characters. The ridiculous ultra violence was cringey adolescent bullshit, Rorschach without his mask was indistinguishable from Rorschach with his mask, the changed ending makes absolutely no sense. The icing on the cake was them rechristening the Minutemen 'The Watchmen'. Zero subtlety. Awful dogshit. The people who defend Snyder's Watchmen occupy roughly the same position on the hierarchy of taste as the people who defend the Star Wars prequels.
  12. I've been playing it for a few years. Just had a big update that's added a lot of new stuff. I played a little bit of it in beta but have yet to properly dig in to the new content. It's a terrific game that oozes atmosphere. There's nothing quite like it. It's worth playing with permadeath off and saving enabled until you get your sea legs. It can be a frustrating experience at first. I personally don't mind the OG UI, the whole game can be played with a few keyboard presses. I do accept that the UI and controller updates are vital steps on the path to full release and the fabled switch port. I long for the day I can take my precognitive mutant gunslinger on a long car journey.
  13. I think this is really good. Beautiful open world, swordfighting feels fun. What's not to love? The core loop is compelling enough for me.
  14. I looked through this whole thread to see if this had been posted. Because it's the correct answer.
  15. SM47

    Desperados 3

    I desperately want to get this but still haven't touched Shadow Tactics. I've made a promise to myself to at least give that a bash before picking this up.
  16. I'm up to the New Londo Ruins now. I had a bit of a rage break stuck in the Tomb Of The Giants. Then I came back 5 or 6 weeks later and realised that equipping a certain item makes navigating that particular level about 300% easier. I've been using the +5 Black Knight Sword for a good 60% of my playtime. Is this the most powerful dude stabber in the game? I checked out some tables on the wiki and it seemed so. 57 hours in now and nearing the end I think. What a great game. So good I've already started playing Bloodborne.
  17. Second episode pretty good I thought. The inclusion of this customised zither maestro Washington Phillips' tune was a nice surprise too.
  18. I enjoyed the first episode for sure. It's a bit of a shame it's tied itself to the Perry Mason character though in some ways, it feels as though it'll have a fairly predictable trajectory of him becoming the brilliant lawyer and all that. I think I'd prefer them giving this kind of hardboiled origin story treatment to Sam Spade or somebody like that
  19. Remember in the lead up to the release of Arkham Asylum some website ran an article claiming that it was painfully average license fodder and the publishers were bribing reviewers to make it seem a lot better than it was? I remember being genuinely surprised when it turned out to be the best superhero game ever.
  20. I'm replaying the original Thief (Thief Gold actually if you want to split hairs) at the moment and it's still a bit blooming brilliant 22 years on. I just did Down In The Bonehoard and was blown away by the aching, Basinskiesque beauty of the Horn Of Quintus droning through the tombs and getting louder as you progress. I'm not using the HD mod because I think you lose a certain something. Just using TFIX. I fully intend to play through The Metal Age (and possibly Shadows Of) once I'm done with this and ultimately Deadly Shadows which I never got round to playing way back when.
  21. I think this looks really good and is low key my most anticipated upcoming tv programme. Matthew Rhys was terrific in The Americans.
  22. BF1 was much more atmospheric as well. The maps in 5 just felt sterile by comparison.
  23. I clocked Adrian Tchaikovsky's Cage Of Souls today. Pretty special I thought. Not exactly a compelling page turner, more like a sumptuous bath to languish in for an hour a day. Loved the New Sun vibes. When I think of these strange times, I'll always associate them with the reading of this book.
  24. Dang son, been replaying Reach on legendary via the PC version of the MCC co op with some pals. What a great fucking game. There's utterly nothing like Halo's combat, is there? It's just so dynamic. The same battle is different every time you play. I never played Halo 4 so looking forward to giving that a blast when it finally comes out. So much content. Just a shame the Elites become good guys after 2. They're arguably the greatest foe in the history of videogaming.
  25. Damn son. I'm still beavering away at this myself. Just done the Duke's Archives. This game.
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