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  1. Thief 1 and 2 are still incredible games and worth playing today. Buy for pennies from steam/gog, patch them up with the fan patches and come back to this thread a richer man for having played some of the best games of all time.
  2. The Dusk/Amid Evil publishers are only going and publishing a bloomin late 90s looking glass style stealth/immersive sim. Early access aug This looks absolutely SENSATIONAL to me. Completely nails the low poly characteristics of Thief: TDP & Thief 2. I pure love these games and hope this is awesome
  3. It was too weird to live. RIP. Here's hoping the original cast get together for some full cast audio dramas ten years down the line
  4. I'm actually former PC David Rathband, the policeman who was tragically blinded in a shotgun attack committed by the late renegade Geordie gunman Raoul Moat. So no, I haven't spent long looking at faces. Thanks for bringing that up though mate
  5. What kind of chemicals does Todd Howard inject into his face to stay looking like a young man of 25? Or is his consciousness just uploaded into a new vat cultivated vessel every 6 hours
  6. I'm just thankful we live in the timeline where Bob Odenkirk didn't die tragically on set during the making of the final series of this amazing tv show. I'm still not even sure what it's about, all I know is I love every minute of it and July can't come quickly enough.
  7. Really enjoyed the second series. Bizarre and weird show in all the right ways for me. What are the odds HBO Max will stick with it? The fact it's on there gives me a little bit of hope for its continuing.
  8. Yeah I'm loving Daemonhunters. Worthy of a thread.
  9. Aw yiss cant wait for that sweet tbc information dropping Q4
  10. I didn't think it was really a conclusion at all, more a lengthy movement along a very long track that perhaps someday will conclude. I think it's pretty much a certainty he'll return to this setting before long, it's been left very explicitly open. I thought Age Of Madness was excellent overall, really mature writing, trademark fantastic Abercrombie characters, some great action sequences, cool allusions to real life radical movements and the like. Ticked all my boxes, I'll be gutted when September rolls around and there's not a new one.
  11. I'm a few episodes deep into 2nd series and loving it. I really hope this doesn't get shitcanned, it's one of my fave shows of the last couple years. I will say though, did anyone else notice the really bad, almost mid 90s c&c red alert cut scene cgi used during the first episode? It was a panning shot of the new environment and Atheist ship. Not sure what that was about, I've always thought the imagery was pretty decent in the first series and so far this series.
  12. SM47


    I watched this last year having never previously heard of it. It had completely bypassed me. A hard boiled crime drama based on the works of Elmore Leonard set in Kentucky starring Olyphant & Goggins?! It was absolutely SENSATIONAL. I hope to god this new series lives up to its name.
  13. One of the wrongest posts in the history of the forum
  14. This is out April 6 on sky/now tv, domestic television schedule fans
  15. Has anyone read The Red Rising Saga by Pierce Brown? I'm currently on book 3 and finding it extremely enjoyable. It's aesthetically similar to Dune, although it's more 'classical antiquity in space' as opposed to 'medieval in space'. To be honest, I wasn't sure whether to put it in the fantasy recommendations thread as it's definitely a science fantasy, although at times leans into space opera and dystopian SF. It's got hoverboots and spaceships so let's put it in here. Set approximately 1000 years in the future, humanity has colonised the solar system and stratified itself into a strict class-based society revolving around colours. At the top of the food chain are the Golds, a genetically engineered ruling class who exercise complete and brutal control over what they see as the 'lesser colours', with various other colour designations slotting into the pyramid beneath them (Greys are police & military, Greens are tasked with technological progress, Violets are creatives, Reds are menial labourers etc) and follows a lowly Red miner originally from Mars who is tasked by a subversive organisation to undergo extensive surgical modification to resemble a Gold in order to infiltrate the corridors of power and lead a revolution from within. The best aspect of it for me is the world building, Brown's solar system is a really compelling place to explore. Recommended (although with the caveat I haven't read books 4 and 5 so accept no responsibility for any potential decline in quality).
  16. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    Straight to vinyl session with Art Themen, Baldo Verdu, Greg Foat & Moses Boyd.
  17. I too feverishly google almost daily for a confirmed Now TV date. Surely there's not many episodes left? Isn't there only eight this time around instead of ten?
  18. My ps4 copy showed up from GameByte. Worth ordering from them, they seem to regularly deliver stuff early. It's not the three days early Chivalry 2 was, but I'll take a day early. Sadly I won't be able to play until Saturday due to social commitments. But still
  19. Anyone pre order from GameByte? They sent me Chivalry 2 a whole three days early on launch last year. I'm hoping for a repeat performance this time round.
  20. I've held off on picking this up until the Mortal Empires update is released. Stoked for it though. With any luck the teething troubles will have been smoothed over by then.
  21. That English VO sounds absolutely awful though. Definitely one to play subtitled Russian audio.
  22. Barrow & Salisbury done the music as well. Big fan of theirs. I still regularly listen to the Annihilation soundtrack when I'm sat on the bus wearing a mask during the global pandemic that's killed millions of people and I want to pretend I live in a sci fi horror film
  23. Hey this new film Men looks a bit good. Definitely gonna watch
  24. Aged about 11, I ran up a £250 phone bill ringing one of those videogame tip hotlines to discover the solution to the big wheel puzzle at the end of Broken Sword II. George Stobbart, what a shithouse
  25. Poor quality sphincter animation there. I want to see it convincingly dilate in peristaltic motion around the excreted diarrhoea.
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