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  1. Really enjoyed the second series. Bizarre and weird show in all the right ways for me.



    The veil enveloping Mother's body towards the end was dizzying, almost suffocating stuff. The scenes with the veiled Grandmother surrounded by glowing analytical tubes were absolutely gorgeous. This show's aesthetics are streets ahead of most contemporary SF shows and movies. 


    What are the odds HBO Max will stick with it? The fact it's on there gives me a little bit of hope for its continuing. 



  2. On 20/04/2022 at 11:30, Danster said:

    Finished the latest trilogy by Abercrombie. I really love his writing, even when the characters are doing next to little I still love to hear about it. The story itself is a nice conclusion the universe he's created, and I can see him not going back any time soon. Albeit, of course, there are tales left to tell. 


    A great set of nine books, and a couple of hundred hours of listening read by one of the best narrators around.


    I didn't think it was really a conclusion at all, more a lengthy movement along a very long track that perhaps someday will conclude. I think it's pretty much a certainty he'll return to this setting before long, it's been left very explicitly open. 


    I thought Age Of Madness was excellent overall, really mature writing, trademark fantastic Abercrombie characters, some great action sequences, cool allusions to real life radical movements and the like. Ticked all my boxes, I'll be gutted when September rolls around and there's not a new one. 

  3. I'm a few episodes deep into 2nd series and loving it. I really hope this doesn't get shitcanned, it's one of my fave shows of the last couple years. 


    I will say though, did anyone else notice the really bad, almost mid 90s c&c red alert cut scene cgi used during the first episode? It was a panning shot of the new environment and Atheist ship. Not sure what that was about, I've always thought the imagery was pretty decent in the first series and so far this series. 

  4. I watched this last year having never previously heard of it. It had completely bypassed me. A hard boiled crime drama based on the works of Elmore Leonard set in Kentucky starring Olyphant & Goggins?! It was absolutely SENSATIONAL. I hope to god this new series lives up to its name. 

  5. On 09/04/2022 at 18:04, Stevie said:


    The first two games are better than MP3. MP3 is an abomination, and MP in name only. 



    The first two games was film noir through and through. MP3 was just another action game. You ran through a favela and the entire game was about escaping the favela. In the first games you were exploring New York and uncovering mysteries. MP3 was pretty shit, and MP in name only. 


    Max went from this





    to this





    The difference is obvious. In the first games Max Payne is a detective. In the third game Max is bald because hes been on steroids for too long. Hes no longer the detective, hes a one man army not because of fate but because he is the Dan Bilzerian of video games. You just know that MP3 drinks Black rifle Coffee, listens to Joe Rogan for relationship advice. 


    One of the wrongest posts in the history of the forum 

  6. Has anyone read The Red Rising Saga by Pierce Brown? I'm currently on book 3 and finding it extremely enjoyable. It's aesthetically similar to Dune, although it's more 'classical antiquity in space' as opposed to 'medieval in space'. To be honest, I wasn't sure whether to put it in the fantasy recommendations thread as it's definitely a science fantasy, although at times leans into space opera and dystopian SF. It's got hoverboots and spaceships so let's put it in here. 


    Set approximately 1000 years in the future, humanity has colonised the solar system and stratified itself into a strict class-based society revolving around colours. At the top of the food chain are the Golds, a genetically engineered ruling class who exercise complete and brutal control over what they see as the 'lesser colours', with various other colour designations slotting into the pyramid beneath them (Greys are police & military, Greens are tasked with technological progress, Violets are creatives, Reds are menial labourers etc) and follows a lowly Red miner originally from Mars who is tasked by a subversive organisation to undergo extensive surgical modification to resemble a Gold in order to infiltrate the corridors of power and lead a revolution from within.


    The best aspect of it for me is the world building, Brown's solar system is a really compelling place to explore. 


    Recommended (although with the caveat I haven't read books 4 and 5 so accept no responsibility for any potential decline in quality). 

  7. My ps4 copy showed up from GameByte. Worth ordering from them, they seem to regularly deliver stuff early. It's not the three days early Chivalry 2 was, but I'll take a day early.


    Sadly I won't be able to play until Saturday due to social commitments. But still 

  8. Barrow & Salisbury done the music as well. Big fan of theirs. I still regularly listen to the Annihilation soundtrack when I'm sat on the bus wearing a mask during the global pandemic that's killed millions of people and I want to pretend I live in a sci fi horror film 

  9. Aged about 11, I ran up a £250 phone bill ringing one of those videogame tip hotlines to discover the solution to the big wheel puzzle at the end of Broken Sword II. George Stobbart, what a shithouse 

  10. 5 hours ago, sammy said:

    I love the visuals in DRG, I was riding a zipline the other night and looked down at the rig which was all lit up with searchlights , surrounded by bugs and my mate was ripping into them with a flamethrower while a sentry gun was going off on the other side - it looked absolutely epic, like something out of Aliens!


    The devs cite Rebellion's original Aliens vs Predator as an influence. The flares and use of darkness in particular. 



  11. Put a building in between yourself and zombies. If they lose sight of you, they tend to lose interest. Try not to run as it creates noise and will invite local zombies to your position. Your average walk speed should be faster than their average walk speed so you can outpace them without running. Press C to creep round too, you can also 'run creep' if you need to move a bit faster. Good luck 

  12. Zomboid was finally updated with fully functioning online multiplayer a few weeks ago and has enjoyed a bit of a surge in popularity on steam during the holidays. 



    It's got a brand new 3D engine, animations, cars, a huge map expansion, new sound design and weather effects. I've yet to play online yet but have had great fun simply surviving solo. It's just all so very Robert Neville and for me is one of the few zombie games to capture the feel of Matheson's fantastic book 

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