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  1. Second episode pretty good I thought. The inclusion of this customised zither maestro Washington Phillips' tune was a nice surprise too.
  2. I enjoyed the first episode for sure. It's a bit of a shame it's tied itself to the Perry Mason character though in some ways, it feels as though it'll have a fairly predictable trajectory of him becoming the brilliant lawyer and all that. I think I'd prefer them giving this kind of hardboiled origin story treatment to Sam Spade or somebody like that
  3. Remember in the lead up to the release of Arkham Asylum some website ran an article claiming that it was painfully average license fodder and the publishers were bribing reviewers to make it seem a lot better than it was? I remember being genuinely surprised when it turned out to be the best superhero game ever.
  4. I'm replaying the original Thief (Thief Gold actually if you want to split hairs) at the moment and it's still a bit blooming brilliant 22 years on. I just did Down In The Bonehoard and was blown away by the aching, Basinskiesque beauty of the Horn Of Quintus droning through the tombs and getting louder as you progress. I'm not using the HD mod because I think you lose a certain something. Just using TFIX. I fully intend to play through The Metal Age (and possibly Shadows Of) once I'm done with this and ultimately Deadly Shadows which I never got round to playing way back when.
  5. I think this looks really good and is low key my most anticipated upcoming tv programme. Matthew Rhys was terrific in The Americans.
  6. SM47

    Battlefield V

    BF1 was much more atmospheric as well. The maps in 5 just felt sterile by comparison.
  7. I clocked Adrian Tchaikovsky's Cage Of Souls today. Pretty special I thought. Not exactly a compelling page turner, more like a sumptuous bath to languish in for an hour a day. Loved the New Sun vibes. When I think of these strange times, I'll always associate them with the reading of this book.
  8. Dang son, been replaying Reach on legendary via the PC version of the MCC co op with some pals. What a great fucking game. There's utterly nothing like Halo's combat, is there? It's just so dynamic. The same battle is different every time you play. I never played Halo 4 so looking forward to giving that a blast when it finally comes out. So much content. Just a shame the Elites become good guys after 2. They're arguably the greatest foe in the history of videogaming.
  9. Damn son. I'm still beavering away at this myself. Just done the Duke's Archives. This game.
  10. I clocked 2016 on switch a few weeks back and now playing Eternal on ps4 feels like the logical continuation. 2016 turned up even further. Yeah it's quite tough in parts, but I personally don't mind replaying sections. I'm having as much fun as I did with 2016 and kinda baffled at the lukewarm reception in here.
  11. Don't get the hate for this at all really. It's wonderful carnage. It's certainly difficult in parts, but it's the sort of gameplay I don't mind repeating. I just got the super shotgun and I'm having a literal and metaphorical blast.
  12. I've only kept up to date through playing every update as it came out. The incremental adding of features has been a 4 year tutorial. There's so much to fiddle with these days. Personally I love that though. It was very bare bones on release. Just praying for this espionage/internal politics update now. Absolutely desperate to run some kind of Banksian Special Circumstances style intelligence agency fomenting unrest and manipulating foreign powers.
  13. The best thing to do is only build a new building or develop a district when you have at least one unemployed pop. So when a little red suitcase icon appears next to a planet on the outlier, then is the time to build something/develop a district. If you build before a pop is ready to do the job that building/district generates, it'll sit empty and drain your resources for nothing. A lot of people don't realise this and end up in an economic death spiral because they build stuff without enough population to run it. If you're wondering what buildings/districts to build, just take a look at your resources up top and see what you need. Also worth checking out planet resources in the planet view, pops need housing and amenities or else their happiness will drop and planets become unstable. New in 2.6 is empire wide administrative capacity, you need to build administrative buildings to keep expanding your empire.
  14. The new Federations DLC came out last week and is pretty excellent. Adds new federation and diplomacy mechanics, new origin civics and a UN style Galactic Council. Stellaris is now an excellent game and probably only an internal politics/espionage overhaul/update away from being the greatest space 4x of all time. Perfect quarantine fodder.
  15. Made it through Blighttown. Some pretty hairy stuff there. What a great bloody game this is. WHY have I put it off all these years? I've been such a fool. Ive taken the liberty of picking up 2 & 3 up on ps4. What are my chances of being able to summon allies/pvp on those this late in the day?
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