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  1. Only Sunday fun for me this week. Thought it would be a wash out but I was rewarded. 1st boot sale, last few remaining ones as its shutting down. x2 Xbox one v1 controllers, both working £10 Original Xbox 360 20gb with 2 pads £10 (halo anniversary in the drive) Small stack of games £5 Original Xbox s controller £1 x2 pink Nintendo DS's £10 1080 snowboard on N64 £2 2nd boot sale, went a few weeks ago and it was awful, this week I was overwhelmed and didnt have enough cash so only grabbed a couple of bits 360 S 250gb slim with pad and cod black ops 2 in the drive £15 Chromecast v3 £4 Toshiba dvd / VHS with hdmi out £12
  2. Honestly not watched this in decades but watching neighbours whilst I ate my tea with my family after my Dad got home from work is such a vivid memory. Newsround>Blue Peter>neighbours then over to BBC2 for TNG.
  3. If that is what it takes, give him and his team all the time in the world to pump out more I say. For me at least, it's shown up how poor Obi Wan, Discovery and Picard have been. SNW at least looks to have had the same care taken in its production. Unbelievable that something that started as a parody of TNG has managed to eclipse them for me.
  4. I'm just imagining Seth McFarlane being told a few years ago prior to starting that season 3 was to be the last and saying to himself. "Fuck it, let's go make TNG S8" Because thats possibly the only reason to explain the gigantic upswing in quality S3 is. Some of the best sci fi for literally years in 9 episodes so far. And not forgetting the CGI. Christ I hope we get a season 4 or something more.
  5. It's an great film, sadly overlooked I feel, one of the better time travel films. McDowell, Warner and Steenburgen are good leads, although Mary Steenburgen later became more famous for another certain time travel trilogy hah. "Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I'm an amateur."
  6. Ah man, loved David Warner, played a host of great villains. Saw him at a comicon in Cardiff many years ago, although he was there as for being in Game Of Thrones. He will always be Sark / MCP in Tron or Evil Genius in Time Bandits. Go watch Time After Time people
  7. Anything older than PS2 is a rarity these days unless its yet another copy of Dance Dance Revolution on PS1
  8. The weekends plundering Bundle off a house clearance guy, Xbox 360 slim and a Xbox E, e's got a dodgy laser, headphones and ps2 dual shock £25, Not bad, not great. High end 1990's Pioneer CD deck, kinect, few games, Amazon hd8 tablet, PS4 camera, 3 kindles, bunch of cables and miscellaneous electronics off a few different stalls £45ish. And a set of new front tires for my car. Wonderful
  9. 1989! Needs a new transmitter antenna but this beast is staying with me for now. Absolutely rockets along. Some git tried to buy it whilst I was handing the money over to the seller.
  10. Today's finds Xbox 360 250gb super slim + 2 pads and some games £22 Amazon echo wall clock new in box £5 Tamiya Thunder Dragon RC car boxed, vintage 1989 £25 (find of the month for me!)
  11. There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube. Batocera can run off a usb stick but I installed it to a internal 2tb hard drive. Once installed, you can copy over any files / bios via a FileShare that's created, then just tell batocera to scan for new files and that's it. Some caveats are that you need the right version of ROMs for mame and specific machine bios's but its easy enough to work out. I fitted a gt1030 to help with the more recent consoles. Anything up to 32bit won't need much in terms of CPU but I've an i5 6500 and 8gb ram in mine.
  12. Orville is the best "Trek" style show if your after a TNG fix. It's a love letter to thought provoking sci fi now, having abandoned a great deal of the humour. I miss some of the lightness but this season is such a huge upswing in terms of the quality of writing and acting it's a whole new show. SNW I feel is more influenced by TOS, it's a much, much better show than either Picard or Discovery. It helps that the cast of SNW are genuinely excellent and carry the show over a few bumps. As soon as I saw Anson and Peck in Discovery, I was very confident they could pull it off on SNW.
  13. I want to know just how we've ended up with the best opening season of Trek despite a large amount of the production crew behind it being involved with the absolute turds of Picard and Discovery. By rights this should have been an outright disaster, yet it nailed it from the get go. Anson Mount, Peck and the rest of the actors FIRMLY established themselves within moments. Just a stark contrast to discovery
  14. We are being spoilt ATM. This season has been astoundingly good, half way done and not a single dud episode. Along with Strange New Worlds probably being the best opening season of any trek it feels like the 90s again
  15. I've a Dell SFF optiplex 3080 with a GT1030 that I cobbled together for less than £100. I've installed Batocera on it and suffice to say there isn't much it can't run up to and including Xbox / GameCube / Wii U. It devours mame
  16. This is absolutely awful. Stunned into silence at how bad honestly, being stuck in with covid and little else to watch we plowed through all of the wretched thing.
  17. My locals in South Wales are getting near normal levels but a few of the bigger ones have shutdown. Have heard that 2 at least were due to council interference or insurance costs. Other two big ones in Cardiff have shut or are shutting down due to the land being sold.
  18. Hands down, it's a great show. I'd said before, starting the show on a ring would have been a very bad move. The show has massively expanded the backstory, although I can take or leave some of the subplots. It really fires on all cylinders when focused on the chief and the larger plot points. Some of the action scenes later on in the series *chefs kiss*
  19. Well, this first episode blew most finales out of the water for cranking the tension up.
  20. It has its faults but I'd agree. It had a VERY steep crater to climb with me after Discovery and "shudders" Picard. It's not touching the top tiers of trek in the best of TNG or DS9 imo but whoever is writing it I feel is taking their inspiration heavily from TOS. It just finally feels like Star Trek again. Tight but concise stories, touch of ongoing character development and likeable characters. Christ, I can't stand or even name half the crew in discovery after 4 seasons.
  21. 6 episodes in and it's barely dropped a beat. Best Trek in years honestly imo.
  22. All off in South Wales. Did find a couple of bits off Facebook marketplace though. GT 1030 2GB DDR5 low profile GFX card for my emulation PC £30 20th Anniversary xbox one Controller £20
  23. I'm near sure its for a BBC Micro given the connector, I've powered it on but I just get a brief flash of the activity lights so think it needs a machine attached to do anything more. I'll throw it up on ebay soon I think as I've no use for it (no BBC and I've moved largely to using a Gotek on my other machines)
  24. Pic below. Weighs an absolute ton for its size, built in transformer Having no luck working out what it's for exactly. Uses a standard floppy connector. Leaning towards a BBC micro but given its 3.5" I'm not sure. Just nothing on the net like it
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