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  1. So that was you that bought it. I was halfed tempted
  2. CSYNC mod done as it wouldn't work on my little samsung lcd TV via scart and i had the lid off, works great now, cracking picture
  3. I've had success using a Samsung evo 64GB SD card. I'm using a stepdown converter with mine to power the original Japanese PSU but I'm thinking of modding a HDD power brick to run it, just need to find one that supplies a 10/12v and 5v rail. Other thing I've read is that it doesn't work with a OSSC via RGB scart as there's no CSYNC, seems to be a quick mod you can do to fix that though.
  4. Mines still reading discs so i opted to have the version that can install alongside the CD drive, there is a slighter cheaper version that does away with the CD drive entirely though, looks to be easier to install.
  5. Anyone else pick up a Neo SD Loader? Fitted one last week to my Neo Geo CD top loader I've been waiting months for them to become available, bit nerve racking to lift the pin on the bios chip and solder in two wires. Didnt like the thought of removing the CDDA socket so ordered a sacrificial JST cable to make a neater install. Panicked though when I couldn't get it to read the SD card after the firmware update but found it was down to a piece of metal on the slot being bent slightly, causing card not to be detected, bent it back and it's working like a treat. The load t
  6. It was actually the first time I'd ever tried to do a SMD recap. Why I picked an Amiga 4000 board which is worth silly money to learn on beggars belief even to me.
  7. Some big hints are being dropped that they are going in a different direction for the last 3 parts i.e 3 part trilogy of movies?
  8. I've done a battery clean up and SMD recap on an Amiga 4000 desktop a couple of years ago. NOT FUN
  9. Why are those converters so damn expensive?
  10. Directed by David Twohy weirdly enough, who went onto direct Pitch Black / Chronicles of Riddick / Riddick and another b movie favourite of mine, The Arrival. Took me years to track down a copy of Grand Tour, pretty good overall.
  11. I see trivial pursuit goes for cheap on ebay, think that will be my sacrificial lamb for its case
  12. Ive an unboxed copy of wonderboy in monsterland im gonna try getting a box for, somebody on ebay is selling replacement covers for it
  13. Are the 8bitdo wireless controllers for it any good? Grabbed a mini on Friday when I noticed it back in stock
  14. If your looking to get one on the cheap, I built an Neo Geo stick pretty easily, it uses no encoder chips, buttons and stick are directly attached to the cord. Failing that, a Neo Geo X controller can be modded quite easily to work with an AES by doing a cable swap or by buying a conversion kit off ebay.
  15. I dont get the hype for this. It's a hobbled 1080p next gen console. Half a terabyte is nothing these days for installs (the state of Cod MW) and the lack of a disk drive kills it stone dead for me. I've got a load of Xbox one / 360 and original titles on disk, I'm not buying them all over again digitally and I suspect there will be loads of unwitting parents and buyers buying it in error and returning when they find that out.I mean how well did the digital edition of the Xbox one sell?
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