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  1. Too bloody cold this weekend. Still managed to pick some bits up on Saturday, skipped Sunday though Purple GameCube (boxed), black GameCube console only and a Halo 3 special edition 360 - £25 the lot, bit much but I wanted a boxed GameCube. I can sell my unboxed one on now.
  2. If that monitor fail's, Ive heard the most common faults are a firmware chip cooking itself or PSU cap's blowing, both easy fixes to swap out with a soldering iron. Did you get any 3D glasses with it?
  3. Back to old habits today, slim pickings but some gems Wii Console with 3 wiimotes, 3 games and all cabling £10 Official 360 Wireless Pad £4 Lumines, Echochrome and Smash Tennis 3 for PSP £3 Dear Esther for PS4 (Limited Run published game) £18 - Over paid but I'll never see another Big bundle of HDMI and Power cables £3 - Spares for me Master system joystick and megadrive pad / console manual £3
  4. Yeah I think its a Pickford game. It's got a lovely asthetic to it, almost Nintendo / Sega like, bright colours and cheery tunes. Been playing it on and off the last few nights. Definitely a keeper this machine. I've managed to find a source for some of the software for it. The games are ridiculously expensive on ebay. Only 14 retail games though!
  5. I got it working finally! Found a charger that uses the weird barrel sizing and left it charging all day. Managed to find a software update for it and got some games running on it. Sticky Balls is a surprisingly good little puzzler
  6. Cardiff Haul this weekend SNES with official controller but no psu + PSP GO £30 - SNES is yellowed so I'm going to try to retrobriten it as an experiment, PSP GO is marked but its for trading on, wanted the SNES and the PSP GO has paid for it almost PS Move and Navigation Controller - £5 Panasonic 4k upscaling 3D blu ray player - £8 Boots are thinning out but the stuffs still out there, just less competition now
  7. Found a Gizmondo Sunday for £2.50. Had that horrible soft touch rubber finish on it though that had decided to melt, so I'v had to clean it all off it carefully, leaving it bare shiny black plastic instead. An improvement if you ask me. Now to find a charger
  8. Rescued a filthy Atari 2600 for £5. And I mean stinking dirty. Took me an hour+ to clean it and its various controllers and leads. Other than looking the business with its faux wood panelling its for selling on now to pay for other things. Never had much love for it. Also picked up 3 game boys for £20, an sp, a color and an original. Going to bivert mod and backlight the original as it needs fixing up.
  9. GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    I see the off topic forum is back up but with a lot of major political and current affair threads having been wiped out or being deleted as they are created. The forum as a whole is pretty lifeless now though. Comparing the Mario Odyssey thread on neogaf to resetera is night and day. Neogaf is dead. It's been fascinating to watch a such large community implode and resurrect elsewhere so quickly. Quite heartening really as the community as a whole largely took a moral stand against the owners actions.
  10. GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    And it will be an apposolute shit show to behold. They've also banned any political and current affair talk it seems. How that's possible I've yet to work out.
  11. GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    Trump voters / Gamer gaters A hive of scum and villainy basically
  12. Your Favourite Game Pad (or other controllers)

    Not my favourite but it feels damn nice, even if it makes no sense, just like the machine
  13. The Wii U - Future Rarity?

    I didn't own a Wii u or Wii games 3 weeks ago. Oh dear. In my defense I didnt pay a lot for them

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