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  1. Spartan

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    I've owned a few overs the years. It's an irredeemable piece of crap honestly. Borderline unplayable games without a wired controller. As for games, Apprentice is supposed to be one of its best and the Nintendo licensed games are curios. It's got no copy protection so burn away. No games on it are worth their money
  2. I've managed to get 2 of the amiga 4000s to boot now, so all that's left is a 3000 and another 4000 that appear faulty. If I have no luck, they'll be the first to go
  3. Just stripped the Acorn A7000 down and cleaned it up, it works! (Whiney harddrive though, howbdid we ever put up with that?) I won't be keeping it though, not had much interest in acorns, it'll go up on the bay soon, see if someone else wants it as I need the space back
  4. The Mac is a Power Mac G4, has 3 harddrives, zip drive, 1.5gb ram, a sata card and an ATI card. It boots to a login prompt but I may be able to get around that from researching it
  5. Me posting somewhere else for info mostly and help cataloguing it
  6. Right, I've opened a few to look inside. Some are stuffed with cards and drives. A3000s have leaky batteries, one seems to have been repaired, the other I can fix as it's only just starting to go Cant seem to upload the photos weirdly Amiga 4000T had a mediator PCI expansion board, banshee 3d blaster, a3640 accelerator, SCSI harddrives plus a bunch of other cards Amiga 2000 has a scsi hdd, picasso 2 board, a2320 line douber and b5000 40mhz accelerator Amiga 3000 has a opalvision (?) card and supra a2000 memory expansion baord fitted Other amiga 3000 is empty and has a repair to its board as the battery leaked
  7. It was somebody I believe called John Hill. There was some old parcels mixed in with that name on it and the one Linux pc booted up with a user called John. The house clearance guy is a regular down at my local, bought stuff off him for years now. I've powered on the Mac and it's running osx but it's been tinkered with I think but I'm not overly familiar with their internals. I've been throwing some of the bits I don't want on the bay this afternoon, mostly the old pc stuff and Amiga video capture stuff as I want to recoup the money I've spent and free up some space. Honestly I'm over whelmed by it all. The one Amiga 4000 I opened from what I can work out has a 3640 accelerator and a few other cards installed as well as dual hdds. Probably keep that one to replace my 1200. I'll open the rest tomorrow. There was so much stuff there it was incredible really, spares for old Mac's, Teletext machines, crt monitors (no commodores sadly) and loads of custom built stuff in project boxes. Whoever he was must have spent an ungodly amount of money over the decades. I think the seller said he was in his 70s when he passed away. I had to leave 2 power Mac g3's and 2 hp server towers as I'd run out of room
  8. I'm gonna keep a couple of the rarer bits, I can't keep most of it tho, no space! I've just opened one of the 4000's, it's literally rammed full of expansion cards and upgrades. There's a CPU accelerator, ram, graphics, dual HDDs! What the fuck have I found!
  9. Guys and gals, I've probably just got a once in the lifetime find. House clearance van turned up at my hunting ground this morning. Recently emptied a now deceased gentleman's house, was a former navy deep sea diver with a love of electronics from what I can gather from the seller. Anyway, this lot just cost me £125 quid roughly and my back. That's 3 Amiga 4000's, 2 Amiga 3000's, Amiga 2000, Amiga 1000, Acorn A7000, Amiga One, big tower Amiga 4000, some modern intel pc with 16gb ram and an ocz sdd, IBM at pc turbo and a modded G4 power Mac, bags of Amiga keyboards, mice, spare parts for IBM at PCs and a fucking video toaster. NOBODY was touching it, not a single dealer looked at it, I had my brother screaming at me to get down the boot at 720am this morning with a wad of cash. Seller said he's got another van load to come next week. He also had 4 sgi workstations but somebody already bought them
  10. I remember the towers of boxed consoles and games they were trying to shift in my local Game. Nobody wanted them. Worth a small fortune now
  11. Guardian Heroes / Snatcher sold on for a pittance on eBay back around 2003 as a uni student, think somewhere around £30 for the two GAH, what was I thinking.
  12. Spartan

    Neo Geo Mini

    Mmmmm, clicky sticks
  13. I've preordered the controller off Amazon US. 30ish delivered end of February. Nice upgrade for my existing tower of power at least (Everdrive, 32x, Megadrive 1, Mega CD) That Megadrives been mine since 91!

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