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  1. Just the cart but that's good enough for me. Game gear was indeed faulty so that's gonna be sold on for parts Edit: in fact having dug out my game gear, the only duplicate is columns. I'll be keeping them all
  2. Picked up a game gear in a carry case for £5. Seller said the screen wasn't working, fair enough I said, can I see what games it's got with it Shinobi 2 Sonic Chaos Columns Taz Escape from Mars Alien 3 And Power Strike 2
  3. What I wouldn't do to find some of them cheap once again. Love a clamshell
  4. Some highlights over the years and recently at my local car boots Boxed Nintendo Virtual Boy with 2 games at a car boot in 2002 - £5 - it was a choice of that or a namco PS1 pad. Still have it. Guardian Heroes / Snatcher - £2 each - Stupidly sold them both on as I was a uni student. Last twelve months - Minty Amiga CD32 and Amiga 1200 with a load of accessories - £130 the two off the same dealer 2 BBC Micros - £5 each The motherload - Amiga 1000, Amiga 2500, 2x Amiga 3000's, 3x Amiga 4000's, Amiga 4000T, Acorn 4000, I3 based PC, 3 boxes of Amiga accessories, Keyboards / mice, IBM vintage PC - £170 off a house clearance dealer in one go.
  5. In a just universe, we'd be singing the praises of a great prequel series of star trek enterprise featuring Anson Mount as Pike But no, we get Discovery Season 3 and I die a little inside
  6. Gave up on my locals and went to a couple of one's I used to go too as I was sick of the dealers yesterday Picked up - Skull monkeys on PS1 £22 Witcher 2 on 360 for £1 Cabela's adventure camp PS3 £1 Battlefront 2 and Minecraft on Xbox one £10 Lego star wars force awakens and lotr conquest on PS3 £3 RoboCop trilogy, Jurassic world and alien covenant on blu ray £5 Samsung 1080 24" smart TV £10 2x g-con 2's in black £4 ( didn't know they came in black) Skull monkeys was an indulgence off a game dealer. Cheaper than eBay at least
  7. The sun is shining so the locals are back in full swing although I felt like dying from the heat NES in minty condition, no yellowing, 2 pads and leads, turtles 2 the arcade game, Tetris and Mario Bros carts in a carry case - £35
  8. I have an increasingly smaller feeling office room. I'm more of a hardware collector than software. The worst possible thing to collect for.
  9. *Highly* interested HDMI is a given, as long as the emulation is good I'll grab one. M2 is hopefully handling that side. They were involved with konamis recent retro collections I'd read. If it's hacked, it's a no brainer given their scarcity and cost in the UK
  10. No Kung Fu Chaos, Rallisport Challenge 1/2, PGR 1/2/3, Outrun, JSRF? I am disappointed
  11. I'm sorry for the distress this will cause (Some of the finds since January this year). I cant keep everything though, most of my big Amiga find has been sold on (The predictions I had for all its value were a little...low). That Vectrex is staying with me, the 4000 too and the 1230 expansion is now installed in the 1200 I found last year.
  12. Meager day at my locals, weather put a lot of people off. Usual packs of dealers being particularly desperate today, getting in the back of cars (I wont do that, bloody embarrassing). So I thought I'd raid the local Cash (Crime) Converters. Lo and behold, a Thrustmaster T300 forcefeedback steering wheel for PS4/PS3/PC with its pedals for £30. Works a treat on Dirt Rally
  13. The one thing I can't get over is just how damn smooth the vector graphics are. It has the usual hum which I'm going to see about fixing (bad grounding from what I've read briefly about it?)
  14. What I like about it the most is that the model I have has an accelerated CPU board, which you would think would make it the top choice to play games on. In actual fact it makes most games unplayable and introduces a host of problems. I have to stick to my 1200 or CD32 for actually playing Amiga games. I have a really weird fetish for failed or obscure gaming hardware
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