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  1. Spartan

    Doom Patrol

    Shes amazingly good in this, probably the standout. The show on the whole though is fantastic, there's just nothing else like it. It'd better get a renewal.
  2. £15 for a PS3 slim, black Wii and fat PS2, 4 dual shock 2s and a GameCube pad with a clear back in a crate? OK!
  3. My stomping grounds (South East Wales / Cardiff) seem to be a hotbed of treasures lately. Ive have a lot of dealers / house clearers dumping stuff for next to nothing for 18 months / 2 years now. I've got competition mind you, mostly my own brother and a few other guys. Somebody nabbed a big stack of boxed N64 / SNES games last week. Ironically, I haven't seen a Dragon 32 in a decade despite being built an hour down the road from me.
  4. The size and weight of it would have made it almost impossible to post mind. I knew it was worth some money but let someone else have some fun with it. I'd already picked up a BBC Micro that morning.
  5. Saw this amazing thing Saturday. Commodore 8096 SK. Seller wanted £50 but I had no real use for it other than it looking like something from space 1999. No keyboard either. The same seller the weekend before had a space helmet Philips TV last I missed out on for £30
  6. Second BBC micro of the year today. £10!
  7. There's a guy on Facebook that's selling a turbo grafx for £100 boxed. Any good for that?
  8. Some rarer Megadrive titles today, all 3 for £10 Thunderforce 2 The Offifants Risky Woods Conditions a bit iffy but otherwise intact. Up on the shelf they go
  9. Another Amiga from my regular stomping ground. Yellowed 500 with a mouse, stick, TV modulator, PSU, 512kb ram expansion and 3 boxes of floppies for £30. Taking advantage of the sun today to retrobrite it back to its former glory.
  10. Spartan

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    See, another man of wealth and taste like myself. (I also own a Jag, GX4000, a CD32, Gizmodo, ngage and have owned several CDI's. Love a failure me)
  11. Spartan

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    I'd say it's a UK problem due to lack of availability for Amiga stuff driving prices high. Stuff on the continent is generally a lot more fairly priced. I mean, for my own example as I sold one back in January, in what world is an Amiga 4000 tower ever worth £1200 quid? Sure, it's rare and pretty uncommon to find in working order but there is nothing it does that a 1200 or even a bloody raspberry pi can do. It was just a massive heavy machine I couldn't justify keeping for that sort of money. It's just the prestige of owning something that exotic I guess. Hence why I still lust after a neo geo AES after all these years. The cartridges out me off buying one though.
  12. Spartan

    Doom Patrol

    Ill add to the chorus of praise, it's an amazingly good show. Everything justs works so perfectly, how they pulled this off defies believe. I came off the back of watching the umbrella academy, which has similar themes, hoping to find something good to watch as I'd finished it up This show destroys it. When the hell is it gonna turn up on Netflix UK so I can start pestering everyone to watch it.
  13. Spartan

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    I managed to find a CD32 (with a honeybee pad) and Amiga 1200 at a bootsale 2 years ago (and paid a fairly large amount for them). First time I'd seen either in years, the first and only time I'd ever seen a CD32 at a bootsale and I've been going to them for almost 3 decades now. They are indeed stupidly rare these days outside of eBay. The honeybee pad alone goes for £70
  14. Spartan

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    It's mostly a collector's item. Ironically, as it's a souped up model with an accelerated 68040 CPU fitted it's compatability with whdload and Amiga games is pretty spotty. The 1200 I have running a 1230 iv accelerator is a better machine for gaming and the CD32 even better with a tf328 expansion as I can just hook it up to a TV like a console and play any game off the CF card If you've got a commodore / Philips monitor, they are worth some money too. Check those 500+ models though, they have an onboard battery that likes to eat the boards when they leak (and they will)
  15. Spartan

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    I sold off a few rarer Amigas recently The prices are indeed ridiculous but it's the rarity in the UK that's driving them high. I sold off 2 standard Amiga 4000s and an Amiga 3000. 800+ quid each selling via an auction! Kept an upgraded 1200 and 4000 back for myself along with a CD32. Although that may change if they go much higher. Saw a 4000 go past £1200 with a similar spec to mine.

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