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  1. And if this is successful, maybe I can finally get to play the second two in the DS trilogy without spending PS5 game money.
  2. Sitting back on my couch, 100%-ing three of the greatest games of all time on a giant flat screen with pixels the size of Lego and crisp digital chiptunes. What a vision. Imagine if it used 4K to simulate the GBA subpixels.
  3. IIRC the LG TVs expanding the image from the ordinary RGB colour space to the whole HDR colour space by default. I don’t normally suggest image enhancements like that but for games, especially 2D games or something that isn’t trying to be photorealistic, it’s incredible. Don’t turn it off, once you’re used to it “ordinary” colours look like shit.
  4. You know what smooths out rough edges? DLSS.
  5. You’re thinking of trademarks, where it can be harder to dispute someone’s use of a particular mark if you knew they’ve been using it and you’ve not previously objected. That whole system is kind of a formalisation and streamlining of “we think people associate this term/logo/whatever with our business”. Copyright is more clear-cut, you get certain exclusive rights when you create a work and don’t lose them unless you explicitly relinquish or transfer them, or a certain amount of time elapses. Which isn’t to say that it can’t also be a shitshow but people have to actively work at it.
  6. They also have stock of the Special Edition.
  7. Here’s the article I’m thinking of: https://web.archive.org/web/20160614161804/http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/metalgear/jeremyblaustein.htm So he for these Japanese lines that were Kojima’s translations of American terms, or Kojima’s own inventions, Blaustein would go away and figure out either the original English military term or something which read military-like in English. But Kojima seems to have favoured more of a machine translation back to English.
  8. Am I reading right that this has cosmetic DLC? Odd but perhaps inevitable choice.
  9. Was there a step where it said it might fail and to keep trying it? I remember something like that.
  10. That wasn’t the editor but the English version’s translator, Jeremy Blaustein. A lot of the technical military chatter (“weapons and equipment OSP”, “five five sixers and pineapples”) was stuff he went out and researched and put in place of Kojima’s lines to make it feel more authentic. Also IIRC he punched up Snake’s one liners.
  11. That cutaway is fun: the Chad 1990s Samus versus our current Zero Suit vision of the character. In the Samus Returns art book they went back to a Samus who looks like she could kick someone’s head off without the power armour, and I wonder if it was inspired by that.
  12. That’s cute, but in MGS Snake mostly progresses by finding a key item that lets him advance past a boss or area.
  13. This is literally the backstory of a Hideo Kojima game. Are we actually Kojima characters? Is this even real? I don’t want Hideo Kojima to write me but the evidence (long expository speeches, terrible logic) is mounting.
  14. It would certainly make more sense for this to be some long con with a hidden meaning, than for me to be an actual person who posts this trash.
  15. Right, people seem to have conflated the Phantom Pain business and the Team Real business. Phantom Pain was a knowingly terrible cover-up where the “development team” were spending all their time at the Konami party, the trailer featured a Fox Engine logo, and there was a joke interview with a “director” whose name was a nonsense anagram of Kojima’s wearing bandages. There was no elaborate ARG - it was basically a coy joke. Team Real was some of the same sort of Pepe Silvia madness we see in this thread, convinced that the game’s director was a photorealistic CGI constr
  16. Everyone who is interested in Metroid or 2D translations of 3D games should play Other M. There’s a lot of absolute shit in there, but the way it moves the game in to 3D, in terms of minute to minute gameplay, is spotless. It’s really sad that we’ll never get another game that uses that well.
  17. Do names translate between languages? Google translate will do this, but it also thinks that “Hiro” translates the same way. It’s a notoriously naive unsupervised machine learning model. For years it thought the French translation of “French” was “Anglaise” because when you compared the English and French versions of a page that text appeared in the same place. Edit - It’s not even “Hiro”, it’s the Turkish word for “Hero”. It’s two different machine learning goofs on top of each other.
  18. Probably a coincidence? Those come from a random concept artist's Twitter profile and don't look like the artwork in the new game. Guy's got talent though.
  19. It's kind of like the game version of "slow TV" at times. You just have a whole lot of gentle walking to do.
  20. The spider boss (Yakuza?) was the one that drove me crazy. Samus Returns is a tidy little game in a lot of respects. I think I 100%-ed it. It’s not a hugely insightful tribute to the Metroid franchise or the eerie game it’s remaking, and some of its new combat ideas ideas make getting around a chore in the late game as you can’t just blast through, but it didn’t have any objectionable slack or a lot of pain points. 2D Metroid games are like restaurant meals, even if they’re not the best they’re over in a few hours and you feel like you spent your time well.
  21. Do you need to exchange friend codes with the cloud or…?
  22. I think it's telling that we're getting cross-gen games and nobody's making a bit deal out of the technical achievement. I wonder how many press outlets know about it but are under embargo. Edit - Oh, if it's a cloud game then never mind.
  23. Oh wait Samus actually has a last name, Aran.
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