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  1. They will however stop dust and foreign object ingress., which is the main purpose of the outside of a console. They should sell clip on filters as accessories.
  2. Well obviously they want to leave that until the game is actually finished.
  3. Emulation back then isn't what it is now, they would've been more worried about flash cards. I think they genuinely believed they were on to something with that. They could do a DS collection with side-by-side screens maybe, and a virtual stylus for when the Switch is docked. And patch the sigils to be an analogue stick mini-game.
  4. To underline this, "AAA game" is like "Blockbuster movie", "hit single" or "major drama", it's a marketing pigeonhole, not a measure of a project's actual quality, importance or prospects. "John Carter of Mars" was a blockbuster; "Paranormal Activity" wasn't. There are a lot of people whose hardcore gamer self-image centres on their devotion to the equivalent of top 40s music and MCU movies. There's some great content there, I'm not trying to be pretentious, but it doesn't make you an elite consumer. That might be tautological though; "hardcore gamer" is the market segment for whom AAA games are made and marketed.
  5. If I could sum up the item hunt in a sentence it'd be "You want me to Shinespark where?"
  6. They found "Thunderbirds Complete", a 90-minute movie Anno edited from the series, in a warehouse. It's now being restored in HD for release. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-10-20/hideaki-anno-supervises-remastered-shin-complete-thunderbirds-tv-compilation/.178683
  7. I’m amazed it’s not a tracked stat TBH.
  8. It’s the only thing I remember about the show and I remember it with the perfect crystal clarity of my own most cringeworthy moments.
  9. “What if flying a space ship was karate?”
  10. Thomas Happ has revived one of the blogposts about his metaphysics, which underpins AV. It’s basically what I assumed from my reading of the game but it’s a nice lucid explainer of it. https://www.thomashapp.com/omniverse/a-simple-example
  11. Having very recently jumped from a 2016 SE to a 13 Mini, can anyone recommend any games for showing off either the new technical power or the OLED screen? Especially on my Arcade free trial. I'm thinking that I'll play Sayonara Wild Hearts last because the neon-on-black will burn my retinas off. I went through my old purchased iPhone games list and was disappointed at how few of the really splashy ones like Dead Space even run any more. Mobigame's Edge, of trademark infamy, of all things, is still working and looks very nice on OLED.
  12. The script in this continues not to scan at all, but kudos to them for I think it's mop-up-before-the-final-boss time.
  13. Someone said "legal alien", she heard "sequel to Aliens" and signed up.
  14. If you're not doing chilled fluorinert immersion what's the point?
  15. "The Trip" is a really amazing black comedy they just added about a man who takes his wife away for the weekend with plans to murder her which quickly gets completely out of hand. From the director of Nazi zombie movie Dead Snow?!
  16. Boozy out there ruining his Youtube algorithm so we don't have to. Heroic.
  17. Not to take us too far off topic but the only reason Marvel movies don’t have themes is because most of their scores are just quick redos of the temp track. When they do actually get someone to write a soundtrack from scratch it’s always strongly thematic.
  18. Yep, Amazon is all about growth in their customer base, not how much money they make on any given sale. Even at the outset when they were just starting to dabble in CDs, movies and games they'd often just let you keep something instead of returning it because it wasn't worth the inconvenience to you, so they could be the only place you wanted to shop.
  19. I don’t understand why more games don’t have because it always looks and feels amazing. Put that shit in Dark Souls even, it’ll work.
  20. Love a boss fight that takes about 30 seconds once you understand it.
  21. Is it just me or is the backdrop in the Ghavoran-Ferenia transport just a whole lot of 2D paintings turned in to parallax layers? Gorgeous.
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