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  1. Saw the new trailer for this in the picture the other day and genuinely felt a stir of interest about how it’s going to show them beating humans using The Way of Water and some neat looking robots. SMH.
  2. Taking a song that’s a march and playing it slowly isn’t so much portentous as sluggish right? Edit - Seriously though it’s got Mads in it so I’m in day one.
  3. Well that’s 100 hours of 2023 spoken for then. Once more unto the breach, dear friends…
  4. “You just got Luigi’d”?! sake.
  5. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkies
  6. Much more of a caper than the first one but that made me all the more glad I went out to the cinema for it. Huge audience reaction.
  7. Certainly the bit in the mine at the very start of the episode could’ve gone and it would’ve drawn the viewer in more. You’ve got that lead just driving along in a car and you’re worried the audience isn’t going to stick around?
  8. Somehow that had completely passed me by. A high profile catch for Netflix but weird to have such a big sequel effectively be straight to streaming.
  9. Yeah, it’s a limited one week showing at I think Cineworld/Light and then straight to video later in the year. Baffling and feels like the distributor can’t be fucked with it.
  10. I loved Mean Guns when I was a teenager, and in hindsight I think I saw his Captain America on TV in the 1990s. Only recently rediscovered him and rewatched MG, sad to hear of this. I’ll have to try the rest of his work. @Spacehost
  11. Bezos proposed putting them in one of those “rapid aging” facilities for batteries and electronics where things are blasted with rapid thermal and mechanical shocks for weeks to simulate years of wear, but the union shut it down. Alternative joke:
  12. What an incredible story to end on. Some real duds in this but also some absolute gems, and such a wide range of style and content. A real gift.
  13. Yeah just give me Peter Weller and a big weird thing then just kind of vibe it out for an hour, that’s basically all I need. 10/10.
  14. Backstory in the Witch House feels like someone got stuck with it who didn’t particularly want to write a Lovecraft story. How do you make a one-hour episode feel this long.
  15. Thingmy’s Model was disappointing. It just didn’t build to that big final reveal that a Lovecraft story depends on. They let you see the monster was real far before the big finale! Also felt like they had more story than there was space for and they cut the wrong things. The whole business about him being a shell-shocked recovering alcoholic in the later half was not dramatised enough.
  16. (Outside) Absolute madness. The vibe is more Tales of the Unexpected than American Horror Story and I’m fully here for that.
  17. That’s a thought actually, silicon isn’t expected to drop in price generationally any more (ie there can be a slim PS5 or a cheap PS5 but the cost of making smaller chips is now too big to get both at once). Maybe high-end accessories like VR and fancy controllers are the new way of ensuring you have something that can trickle down in price over the generation, because those components still see steady price drops over time?
  18. I think Sony and MS both made big bets on there being a need for more power in this generation of systems, which in Sony’s case covers their whole ecosystem, and got caught out by economic stagnation. In this context it will be fascinating to see what Nintendo’s hardware release is.
  19. Maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome but I really like the final boss of a JRPG to be some absolute mad nonsense that I may never actually beat but which exists as a background for doing 20-50 hours of sidequests. For a more linear game it’s got to be a smooth continuation of the rest of the story which has more bark than bite. Preferably with some mechanics that appear nowhere else in the game and are desperately undercooked eg a fist fight or a car chase. Spot the guy whose first two big modern games were FF7 and MGS…
  20. It’s here. So much more of an absolute tome than I was expecting.
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