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  1. I questioned the logic of Sony spending money on industrial design for a console only developers would see, but now I can see they spent no money on the industrial design.
  2. "Multi-tasking" mode on this is lovely, not so much the gamification but the little Tamagotchi doot-do sound it makes as you do reps. It means I kind of do want to put in ten minutes while I'm watching TV.
  3. Alex W.

    Gamer or lamer?

    Yeah I’m a gamer. Great At Making Everyone Regret
  4. Oh, one other thing I thought was worth mentioning - the joycons click crisply and then vibrate as you move the ring (or your leg) to the necessary position, and then past it, which does an amazing job of selling the connection to the game compared to “waggle”. It’s really tactile, even if my right joycon rattles like hell when I’m going all out.
  5. Alex W.

    Playstation Now

    And I thought Dragaux from Ring Fit was the only swole reptile I was going to see this year.
  6. So it turns out you could play through the battle parts of the game OK but it’s hard to make out what’s going on in the running sections, and much of the dialogue from Ring is hard to make out from the colour scheme of his text boxes. I expect this will be fine when I’m familiar with it and just using it for exercise but I don’t think it really works for the main game. Today’s discovery was that it tunes your cool down stretches to suit the exercises you focused on most that session, and it’s pretty good at estimating when I am going to need to stop. Oof.
  7. I think that’s another one of those areas where the film is a real mixed bag (stereotypical depictions of mental illness and particularly its effect in families vs condemnation of lack of support and resources) largely because they didn’t really know if they were trying to say anything.
  8. I genuinely didn’t care about any of that, I was just on board with what the movie was doing for its own sake. The idea that the character might have some preordained destiny as a nihilistic joke-obsessed supervillain would’ve completely undermined the whole thing for me. And if that’s what it’s meant to set up, well, it doesn’t. Not even remotely. If you could look at that ending and say “ah, yes, this man will take over an abandoned fairground and fill it will ironically deadly rides” then you’ve got a better ability to join the dots than me.
  9. I think that comes with the day one patch so make sure you have that. And I think it only applies to “multitask mode” (hoop-only, console-off) reps.
  10. I think this would absolutely still work without the licence. Honestly the fact that he’s supposed to be the clown-themed DC comics villain at the end is the only really unconvincing part of it.
  11. I’d say you could follow the actual combat and story dialogue but not the advice videos and warm-ups/downs. I’ll probably try tabletop tomorrow and see.
  12. Maybe things like Goose Game will have given them the confidence to take out the boring bits this time. A lot of LM2 was good, there was just a lot of... not.
  13. Yeah I was hoping for more of a grounded and realistic Luigi’s Mansion game lol
  14. There was a whole stack of “Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion” in TK Maxx for about £4 down from £12, so I gave it a shot. It’s a tiny two person strategy/bluffing/blackjack sort of game which is simple to understand but quite intricate to play. Apparently it’s an adaptation of a well-received CIA vs KGB game but I thought it was fine on its own merits.
  15. I like to think that the tutorial character in this is like the Wii Fit Trainer’s lazy cousin or something.
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