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  1. I imagine it's probably just a case of them sourcing parts from multiple suppliers. They'll have been given a space they need to fit in to, an amount of air they have to move with a certain amount of power, a certain noise level and so on, and two (looks like maybe three, possibly more) companies came up with fans that met the criteria. But yeah they were for sure picking the optimum, flawless units as review samples. That's just what happens. You don't think of consumer electronics as being these hand-crafted things with subtle item-to-item variation but that's closer to how it ac
  2. If I'm doing the maths in my head right, that means that I could come out of this having been paid £10 a year to have a PS4.
  3. It’s not a silly question, on the Xbox One there were plug ins to convert ordinary 2D surround sound to headphone virtual surround sound. So it would’ve been nice if the PS5 used its system-level equivalent of that plugin to convert ordinary 2D surround on PS4 games.
  4. The PS4 games have to actually support 3D audio. Some did.
  5. What could be simpler than scanning a QR code so your phone can connect to the Switch as a WiFi access point so you can scan a QR code to visit an HTML page with links to your game captures?
  6. Being able to ping your screenshots to your phone or plug in to your PC will be handy too.
  7. I’m not going to bother watching the whole YouTube Ads Minimum Ten Minutes of video there but it sounds like basically you want to run the calibration in the darkest environment where you’re actually going to play games, because otherwise you’ll set the black point too low and get mushy shadows.
  8. There’s nothing technologically stopping it switching in to SDR when it starts an SDR game though (except perhaps them needing to tone map the HDR pop-up menus back to SDR, or just design an SDR version of them).
  9. I do forget that the LG OLEDs are (with the correct settings) that mythical ideal TV operating under ideal conditions.
  10. Yeah, if it's like the PS4 "Automatic" just means "detect what the TV is capable of and do that", nothing to do with changing the setting on-the-fly.
  11. Maybe it would be simpler to invent time travel.
  12. PS4 would automatically enable/disable HDR depending on whether the game was using it. It sounds like it’s tone mapping the SDR games in to the equivalent part of the HDR colour space, which with a correctly calibrated ideal display in principle should give the same results as displaying in the SDR colour space. But displays aren’t ideal - on an HDR LCD in HDR mode for example, the backlight goes up to the maximum, even if the image isn’t using the full brightness range. That means backlight bleed that is avoided when the TV is in SDR mode, where the backlight is dimmed to
  13. It would work if, like, everyone in the planet plays it. Quite something to create a project that will only succeed at all if it’s the most successful thing ever.
  14. The thing about war bonds was that they eventually got paid out.
  15. Aren’t all graphical techniques gimmicks, by this yardstick? Should we all just cop to it and move to all-greybox design and save us all a lot of money?
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