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  1. There were a lot of HDD-mandatory games, especially cross-gen ones. GTA5, Alien Isolation and MGSV (I think) come to mind, all of them using an “install” disk you needed to copy to the HDD, to let the game stream media from two places at once and make up for the 360’s limited optical disk bandwidth. I think the very first was a Football Manager game? PS3 had installs from very early on of course as HDD was included with each model. (MGS4... SMH.)
  2. Is the stuntman wearing performance-capture dots on his face? Are they replacing stuntmen's faces that granularly now?
  3. That really does go downhill fast.
  4. I wrote a bit (a lot?) about this after mulling it over for the past week or so. There's so much I could write about what doesn't work in the game, but in the end it was this one specific, unusual thing and I decided to focus on that: https://lapsedgamer.tumblr.com/post/190982148129/death-stranding-ps4 No specific spoilers but if you want to go in to the game without even the slightest clue what's going on in terms of gameplay and structure (like I did) then you might want to skip it. Although I imagine you may have already picked it up if you're that motivated.
  5. It matters less when the slower console isn’t more expensive than the other one. So both companies will anxiously wait out the other to make sure they have the same launch price, neither flinching, meaning the consoles launch on a barter based SKU.
  6. I just want to see Sony and Microsoft completely shit the bed on stage for once. Not one or the other, both.
  7. Turn off your portable heater (by putting it on your back) if you have one. I forgot I had one equipped... Edit - oh wait, you said that already. I screwed up so many jobs that way I jumped to conclusions. Maybe the cold is as bad as the heat?
  8. I’ve made this bad comparison before, but if you think of it in price per year of having the console in your house, then buying a PS4 at launch was no more expensive than buying a Slim one at £199 a few years later. If the PS5 plays PS4 games better due to system-level enhancements, say with far faster load times due to the SSD, it might be a sensible purchase as a “PS4 Pro Pro”. It’s not going to be £450 though.
  9. Bloomberg say their sources give a $450 “manufacturing“ cost, which the site then compares to the BOM of other machines - but I wonder if their source even meant BOM, or was simply referring to the wholesale price in the first place.
  10. Maybe they could bring back the aliens from Neil Gaiman’s short story though.
  11. There’s already a lengthy, apparently post-trilogy plot in the MMORPG that involved a civil war between people who wanted back in to the Matrix, people who wanted *everyone* out of the Matrix, friendly Agents, rogue agents, sentient programs and some other nonsense that... probably won’t be canon any more. Probably.
  12. You can get them hand-to-hand pretty easily with a bit of practice, but yeah, other tools become available. Bear in mind that invisible enemies become visible if you stay still and you’re not using your hands for anything.
  13. Given that... (ending spoilers) Fuck’s sake Hideo.
  14. Maybe go crazy and implement some FF8-style level scaling.
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