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  1. They don’t put the disk slot right at table level though.
  2. I reinstalled on a whim after last playing it back when it came out on PS Plus; I had got up to a bit where you’re helping a guy in a clock tower and have visited the fallen bit of Traveller for the first time and everyone’s just living on a farm. The third or forth mission I think. When I loaded it up I got a cut scene about how a bunch of stuff I’ve not done yet is going to be undone by time travel, I was skipped up to level 20, and none of my quests exist any more. And I’m in some completely different hub. What did I miss? Am I going to have to just manually load up all of the story missions in order to go through the base game or what?
  3. You can use it sideways. I want to know, if you eject the disk does it just roll out along the table or what.
  4. I keep catching myself thinking the name is “Xbox One Series X” which is weird.
  5. Yeah, I think pre-launch we weren’t too sure whether it would be less powerful or not given that it had that embedded RAM that was supposed to make up for things. Post-launch when people started testing it that crystallised to the perfect storm of “it’s a slower PS4 for $100 extra with a Kinect you can’t unplug” that we all now know.
  6. All credit to Microsoft for injecting a bunch of imagination-firing madness in to the design, services and ecosystem of their next console. It’s a shame the controller’s so boring because otherwise this would be all the implausibility of a 2005 pre-E3 hoax brought to life.
  7. If the Xbox logo doesn’t rotate I’m not getting one. Does it really make a green glow inside the vents like in the video?
  8. Well, the name's confusingly similar to the Xbox One X but the box sure isn't. I'm kind of curious as to how everything's laid out in there given that it supposedly works horizontally too. I guess the two different models will be differently named consoles in series X?
  9. 16th place in 99! I think I’m actually getting good at Tetris. Appalling spin game tho.
  10. I don’t *need* a BB Con but boy that’s tempting.
  11. It sounds like this will be a standard feature for those themes going forward, so you can always either win them in events or grind for them later. I hope! It’ll take me about 2 weeks to get the points together for the GB one.
  12. Alex W.

    Google Stadia

    Similar results for Metro Exodus today too. The consistent message from the only outlet bothering to keep up with the service is that it isn’t as good as you’ll get on a console. However unfair that take may be that’s probably not what they were hoping for. They’ve got to get the mainstream/convenience service out before the middle of next year because its high-performance bonafides are only going to look worse as next-gen systems start to get demoed.
  13. These answers aren't going to get any better with more thought so I might as well post them now. Game of the Year A1. Untitled Goose Game "A delightful execution of a delightful idea." A2. Death Stranding "An indie-game pitch with a corporate budget and sensibility. I still don't know what to make of it." A3. Observation "Finally some good fucking writing." A4. Life is Strange 2 "A major, episodic game release with a specific thematic purpose in mind and a willingness to throw out what worked so well in its predecessor to get there." A5. Ring Fit Adventure "Executes its RPG-but-reps-are-grinding mechanic so well that it seems absurd nobody had done it before." Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Life is Strange 2 "Its swerve away from the tight social drama of its predecessor was a shock, although ultimately a successful one." Z2. Death Stranding "'Indie' development hasn't reined in Hideo Kojima's worst excesses in the least, although the gentle rhythm of Death Stranding has at least diluted them." Z3. Stadia "Its launch seems set to prominently demonstrate all of the downsides of streaming games for months before any of the format's unique selling points show up." Z4. Elite Dangerous's big 2019 patch "Which introduced a new lighting engine paints over the game's elegant, haunting aesthetic with full-screen colour filters and mid-2000s overcooked tone mapping, and made the underlying game experience buggier and more cluttered than I've ever seen it. The down-side of getting the "big new free OS update" experience with GaaS is getting the "big new free OS update" experience, I guess." Z5. Mario Kart Tour "A well-executed but obvious and cynical answer to how you'd move the franchise to mobile. A stark contrast to the new trail Nintendo have been blazing with the Switch and a haunting reminder that there are some game design problems bigger than even Nintendo can solve." Sound Design of the Year S1. Observation "The game's spare audio owes a lot (inevitably) to Alien Isolation, and is equally effective in selling the desolate mechanical landscape of this more realistic space station." S2. Untitled Goose Game "A brilliant interactive soundtrack that makes you feel like the game is noticing - and laughing along to - your antics." S3. Life is Strange 2 "What can I say, they still know how to pick the right tune for a mood." Visual Design of the Year V1. Observation "Mood-setting visual texture." V2. Death Stranding "Game terrain so perfect it's making me crave a drizzly picnic half-way up a cliff." V3. Life is Strange 2 "Every time I swap from a more realistic game to this one, I'm struck by how crisply but effectively stylised it is, vividly painted but cautiously sculpted." Writing of the Year W1. Observation "The rare game that seems to have been written by an actual storyteller, with deliberate pacing, rising and falling tension, and perfect conclusion." W2. Life is Strange 2 "Unexpected changes in almost every aspect of the storytelling made this a hard one to figure out, but eventually it became clear that this slow burn road trip was focused on a specific thematic purpose. Throwing out everything that people loved about the previous game in order to better serve the new one's themes is the sort of creative decision that deserves to be rewarded." W3. Ring Fit Adventure "It's got to be hard to come up with entertaining yet motivational prose for a reader who is an exhausted, sweaty mess, but Ring Fit's mixture of earnestness, genre savvy and neon absurdity pulls it off." Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Nintendo Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo Best Supported Game (released pre 2019) of the Year B1. Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2018 or earlier) X1. Super Mario Odyssey. "If it looks like you can do something interesting, you probably can - and you'll get rewarded for it." Best game character of the year C1. Goose (Untitled Goose Game) "Fuck you, I'm a goose" C2. SAM (Observation) "It's fun to embody a game character that has no body, and no clear sense of its own agenda." C3. Daniel Diaz (Life is Strange 2) "It's one thing being responsible for your own character's morality gauge, quite another to try to manage another's." Game of the Decade D1. Mass Effect 2 "The adventure of a lifetime for the fate of the galaxy." D2. The Last Guardian "A touching and beautiful journey." D3. Life is Strange "A rare example of a clever game mechanic and storytelling working well against each other." D4. XCom: Enemy Unknown "As good as Advance Wars." D5. Fez "It was a hard choice between this and The Witness, but Fez' strong sense of mood and space, and greater thrill of stumbling across its secrets, made it my clear choice." D6. Dishonored "In my first few hours with the game I was disappointed to realise that I was basically playing a mash-up of Arkham Asylum and System Shock 2. Then I realised I was playing a mash-up of Arkham Asylum and System Shock 2." D7. Gone Home "An affecting story told in exactly the correct amount of time using some of videogames' best but least-appreciated narrative tools. So few games have such an exact focus on what they're doing creatively." D8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture "Haunting and humane." D9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain "A fitting finale to the series that got me in to console games in 1998, combining the best gameplay innovations from Peace Walker, the most Hideo Kojima writing ever, and an Ouroborus twist ending that wraps up the series timeline once and for all." D10. Alien Isolation "Some part of me is still mortally terrified of the Alien. I occasionally get anxiety nightmares about it. This game's version of it got so completely inside my head that I spent more time holding the controller and not playing it, than I did actually progressing in the game."
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