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  1. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    Sure, I mean the plot of Calypso's got to pop up somewhere right? They already tied 2 of the 4 Short Treks in to the main story this season.
  2. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    oh no
  3. Why not just sit down and write this as a short story? Worry about Netflix later.
  4. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    I don't think anyone wants to watch a version of Star Trek where we know every week that the Enterprise and the main named crew members are definitely going to survive whatever peril it finds itself in. (I'd be shocked if "TOS again but glossy" wasn't on the table, and this gives them an approach that's recognisable to audiences without clashing with the reboot movies.)
  5. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    I think the studio has probably at this point concluded that the existing Star Trek timeline isn't a place you can tell consequential stories, because the setting is already very rigidly defined, from technology to politics, and even relatively small deviations are not acceptable to large swathes of the fanbase. Not me, but enough that they might as well not bother. The original pitch for this as a small-stakes, lower decks show was a good way of working around that by simply not being consequential, and the Picard show is probably going to be doing something similar, but future Star Trek is surely just going to have to be... Star Trek in its own future. I'm curious as to what that will look like if of course. It occurs to me that both DS9 and Voyager were, in their own ways, efforts to get as far away geographically, politically, socially and technologically from TNG while retaining the framework that the audience understood. They literally each picked a quadrant of the galaxy where things hadn't happened yet and figured out ways to put TNG ships there. I realise that the simple answer to this is always "tell a future Star Trek show long enough in the future that it's all different" but when you get that far away from ToS and TNG you might as well be setting up a whole new, original project and forget Star Trek altogether, right? You want to have phasers, transporters, shields and the warp drive.
  6. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    Didn't Star Trek start retconning all of those basically from the first motion picture onwards?
  7. Alex W.

    Star Trek Discovery

    This was, I think, a much stronger finale than this uneven season really led me to expect. It had a genuine sense of scale from simply giving each member of a big ensemble cast something to do that was dramatic, personal to them, and which contributed to the overall goal. It's simple writing but it really worked.
  8. Basically, the problem is the huge disparity between what MS saves by omitting a drive, and the value customers place on having one.
  9. UHD drive plus HDD is about $90 apparently, so in the region of $50 probably. https://technology.ihs.com/582313/ihs-markit-teardown-analysis-microsofts-xbox-one-s-brings-significant-value-gains-with-minimal-commercial-pain Edit - read more closely, $33.50.
  10. All of the truly hand tying stuff at the start gradually becomes less and less important anyway. Even its clunky old 2008 era cover system hardly matters.
  11. The whole business with is something I’ve longed to see a genre show like this do and it added so much genuine tension to that scene. And the way that the main family conflict kept simmering away in all the episodes between the set-up and this one was so realistic. Real problems like that don’t get wrapped up when the episode ends! Dang this is a smartly written show.
  12. IMDB gets most of its information from user contributions until formal announcements are made, which haven’t been made.
  13. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Nikkei: a small cheaper Switch is coming this autumn, a more powerful version is further off, and the old quality of life project is dead. https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/17/18450548/new-nintendo-switch-model-release-date-report-nikkei
  14. Pre-orders are being taken, I think it’s unlikely that they’ll be changing what you get for the money. More likely they’ll start with a small price gap and gradually widen it if uptake is poor; they can hardly do the opposite and will want to know exactly how small of a gap they can get away with. Hmm, is this just “two people in a boardroom trying to settle an argument over the value of an included optical drive: the games console”?
  15. Sony stopped printing game specific codes now too I think, just PSN credit.

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