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  1. I can’t believe that they just dumped everything on Nook at once. That five item limit is excruciating.
  2. It’s entirely possible that he keeps that stuff out of the office, works professionally with others regardless of gender and is good enough at his job that it simply doesn’t matter. Lots of people with genuinely terrible ideas manage to not let that interfere with their professional lives or negatively affect their colleagues.
  3. As a general principle Kensei that’s fine, but if someone’s political views are about how workplaces should operate,* then that invites some challenging questions about professional ethics and not very challenging questions about your HR department’s interpretation of your contract. If I was a senior creative who believed that senior creatives should get more leniency when they harass their colleagues, I would tread carefully in expressing that. *Explicitly or implicitly.
  4. Well, figuratively. I don’t think anyone is actually surprised when a tech conglomerate kicks itself in the face trying to walk up stairs.
  5. I think it might be useful to this discussion to describe him as “alt-right”, given that the subject matter of his YouTube channel is squarely in that wheelhouse and it avoids the unhelpful quantitative picture that “far right” suggests. (How far is far?) And we are all so very, very tired of the alt right.
  6. It’s absurd to suggest that someone is out to get him.
  7. Just going to take a deep dive in to this guy’s YouTube channel by watching one (1) very long YouTube video by somebody else entirely.
  8. Rumours going around that the Alien saga will be hitting Star this year after they finish doing a 4K/HDR transfer of the remaining movies, also coming to disk next year.
  9. In about five years we're going to be looking back on this and wondering how Google managed to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at the gaming equivalent of Spotify and not get any traction. It's such an innately obvious product if you can convince people to buy in. Not even literally buy in, just figuratively, there's a free version. There were so few ways to fuck this up with the resources at their disposal, but they really threaded that needle.
  10. Why would you actually say “my employer tacitly endorses my views”?
  11. Why would you name the movie this in a world where “Alien V Predator” exists? Is it a Michael Bolton “he’s the one who sucks” sort of attitude?
  12. So when Stadia was announced and we were having those arguments about who it was meant to be for and what it was, Google was also trying to figure out what it was and who it was for? Did they think they could just wing it and decide after it left beta?
  13. Okay, so after being stuck in a loop of being told how to download my games by about 8 different PSN support agents, one of them confirmed with me that “Control Ultimate Edition” for PS4 is just a bundle of the old base game and its DLC. There’s an all-in-one executable on PS5.
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