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  1. Some world class trolling of the PS5 there. Why even have a paper craft Series S? I could tape the actual console to the back of my TV if I ran out of space.
  2. It (the DF thing) seems unlikely given that they literally just told the Washington Post 99% of the games would work and told another paper that they had put a strong focus on letting people play their PS4 games so it wouldn’t sadly do PS1-3. Actually the PS5 web page also now says you can play your PS4 games on there.
  3. That’s the one game that makes me think I need a next generation system.
  4. I’m gearing myself up mentally to buy an upgraded version of my Nintendo handheld, as is tradition. I’ll probably be preordering whatever the tweak to the Switch is. Plenty of exciting games on the way, but they’re mostly cross-gen and I am happy to enjoy them on my existing systems. The smol Xbox is very tempting as a cheap alternative to PS4 Pro but I need to inventory my Xbox 360 library first. PS5 doesn’t have quite enough there to justify having a cyborg spore pod staring back at me from beside my TV all the time.
  5. Dolby would licence something out to Vax if it got their logo on the box. PS5 will probably do it.
  6. Played up to the first star in all three and everything just feels nice, you know?
  7. They really just muted “R” from “R button” in the tutorial in Sunshine because it didn’t match any more huh?
  8. I think it‘s more a result of them insisting that there was a clear generational switch, and any time they spent acknowledging a current gen version even existed would’ve undermined that.
  9. They simply said the information in the article was false, so presumably all of it, and that their production plans haven’t changed since they started manufacturing them.
  10. Yeah, they wrote to GI.biz stating that the story was false, and adding that they’d not revised their manufacturing plans since they started mass production.
  11. I think they said that the HD rumble would tell you the direction that attacks were coming from as a kind of “Spider-sense”. And shiny puddles.
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