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  1. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Shopto has it now too. Tempted to wait until the Black Friday deals but also very tempted not to.
  2. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    The new Switch is now in the UK: https://www.game.co.uk/en/nintendo-switch-neon-improved-battery-2647588 I can get 8% off at PC World through my staff discount program so waiting to see what the deals are like before I commit, but I guess by next weekend I’ll own one. Some questions: 1) Is it worth getting a Pro controller or extra joycons (with a grip)? We may play Mario Kart etc quite a bit. 2) Aside from Mario Kart which I’m apparently required to buy, what should I get? There are so many classics right now. Maybe just go nuts with that Amazon/Game firstparty games deal?
  3. So PS5 either has: * No ODD * No USB or * No fans I’d put my money on Sony getting rid of USB or at least being on USB C. You could run the output for the PSVR over it for simplicity.
  4. It’s one image, from one angle (which doesn’t make sense for a legitimate filing), filed in Portuguese in Brazil by a local intellectual property law firm. I would put good money on it being a hoax that someone with a bit of cash to burn paid to have filed.
  5. There was so much good old nuts and bolts film-making in the original, and even the sequels for all their post-Phantom Menace CGI. Like their first idea for Bullet Time was to strap a movie camera on a rocket sled, but the camera and the film got disintegrated.
  6. Tantalisingly close to the finale in this. Great to have a relatable game protagonist for once.
  7. Fleet Carriers: * December * Buy for $$$ * bit like a station * 500 ly range but has its own unique fuel source (people?) * remote command it to jump * one per player * customise services offered and landing permission https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/gamescom-reveals-fleet-carrier-details.520110/ So you could have one for your Squadron/allies or something, or just rock around space with your stable of ships on board like a weird hermit, avoiding stations.
  8. In this day and age I imagine Warner will be happy to go all-out on tie-ins again. The sequels were ahead of the curve on that at least. Maybe volume 3 of the comics or something. Maybe they’ll finally have enough of an audience to release the other dang art books.
  9. I’d agree with most of that, although I think it’s pretty faithful to the needs of the story it’s trying to tell. Constantly introducing new characters as required by the road trip structure doesn’t lend itself to quite the same devotion and commitment as the first game.
  10. He wrote the afterword of the art book for the movie about how utterly dazzled he was by the film, why would anyone with any sense think he would be mad about it?
  11. The (canonical) plot of The Matrix Online, which I somehow did not waste my 20s playing but have read about, suggested that Neo’s corpse floating off on a barge at the end of Revolutions was not the end of him. Maybe Trinity is a ghost now.
  12. Yeah, I kind of knew that I might be gambling money for the privilege of actually playing it when I felt like it.
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