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  1. I’ve got “The Race for a New Game Machine” in my to-buy list.
  2. There’s stuff in it that would probably give the kid weirdly abstract nightmares when it’s not boring them in to disinterest.
  3. Parasite’s not a low budget movie though. It’s just not a Blockbuster Summer Movie Event, which seems to be the only type of game that gets the time of day as a major event. The bread and butter of the Oscars is movies like Parasite but gaming’s equivalent are all Marvel movies.
  4. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    I think it’s just this dongle.
  5. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I just tried a wired headset off USB and there’s no lag. So the dongle for some reason picks up more lag with whatever format the Switch USB port is laying down than the PS4. Weird.
  6. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    You mean like a Switch home console? The console is half battery so it could be pretty tiny but I don’t know that anyone expects them to.
  7. Alex W.

    Nintendo Switch

    I got one of those Switch Bluetooth earphone adapters and I’ve been getting a lot of delay on the audio. I thought it was just how these are. I don’t have aptxLL earphones. But when I connect it to the PS4 (it comes with an adaptor) there doesn’t seem to be any lag at all. Is this normal for these kinds of adaptors? Could it be because the Switch is a handheld and has no display lag, whereas the TV lag on the PS4 matches up to the headphone lag? Edit - I forgot I could check that last thing with the Switch docked. Definitely the same audio lag as handheld. Hmm.
  8. I googled to check that the section I was checking actually had cats so I wasn’t wasting my time, but it was mostly me I like to think. Just doing a Castlevania-style mosey about and poking at anything conspicuous got me most of them without any meticulous exploration but the last 3 were pretty rough.
  9. Ah crap I forgot to do the rest of the expeditions. That will tide me over to AWE at least.
  10. Time to give this a little bit of a rest. What a game. (Foundation spoilers)
  11. Any other lapsed 360 owners looking forward to the Series S? If the price is right I might get one for my 360 library and to catch up on Xbox One titles, while I wait to make a decision on which 4K console to buy.
  12. You want a copy of this? I found one at a charity shop many years ago and bought it on a whim, it’s just gathering dust.
  13. I miss when Ken Kuturagi was in charge and we could count on Sony really shitting the bed in some inventive way. Like on the PS3, not only were developers expected to make games using only the Cell (no GPU) until Naughty Dog showed it was impossible shortly before the planned launch date, but Ken Kuturagi decided late in the chip’s development that it needed 8 cores, not 6, completely obliterating IBM’s ability to turn a profit manufacturing it. And so IBM used literally every bit of contractually permissible thing they had learned in also developing an Xbox 360 CPU for Microsoft, to salvage the situation. Just outstanding bullshit. Whatever happens with the PS5 it will sadly be too similar to the Xbox Series X to really screw things up.
  14. It took me far too long to realise who was playing his nemesis.
  15. I think it might be worse than that for the consoles. Apple can adjust their pricing on phones every year and tablets and laptops every 18 months. Sony and Microsoft will be living with the RRP for these consoles for at least two years. They have to hedge for further losses in the value of the pound.
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